After pregnancy, why is someone sick seriously and some people have no response?It really has something to do with the fetus

Girlfriends are pregnant and vomit doubtful life every day.I have always comforted her: "It’s almost almost, it’s fine after 4 months." But every time she spit, she was desperate: "Is it really good to be in 4 months?Is it fast? "

Uh, this, Buu Mom can only say, different from person to person.At that time, I was pregnant and vomited from the second month.And there is a little friend around him who does not know what pregnancy vomiting is from his conception.

It is really more popular.

It is also pregnant. Why are some people vomiting seriously, but some people have almost no response?

The Canadian Research Institute has published an article in the Pediatrics Magazine, which mentioned that more than 100 children aged 3-7 years old have been tested and found that children who have reaction to mothers who have reacted their mothers have been in IQ and memory.On the other hand, it is much stronger than the children who did not give birth to mothers.

Therefore, researchers believe that pregnancy vomiting may have a certain relationship with children’s IQ.

In this way, a mother with a pregnancy reaction, the baby is smarter?But from the perspective of big data, there is not much basis.After all, there are too few samples tracked by the Canadian Institute of Research and cannot represent the whole.

What about the pregnant mother’s pregnancy vomiting?

Dr. Sils, a well-known American pediatrician, believes that the main reason for the nausea and pregnancy of expectant mothers is that there are two major substances in the body that are rapidly increasing-thyroid hormone and HCG (chorionic gonadotonin).

As for the sensitivity of these two hormones, it is the same as whether they are motion sickness, which varies from person to person.Because these two substances are mainly sensitive to the smell and food of pregnant mothers.

Some pregnant mothers have a strong ability to adapt. They have no feeling when they smell what they eat during pregnancy, and the degree of natural pregnancy is mild.Some pregnant mothers are particularly sensitive to the smell and taste, and they are uncomfortable in the distance, so she vomits more seriously.

Although pregnancy vomiting can make expectant mothers disgusting and emotional, it is not a bad thing.

During pregnancy, the fetus needs healthy nutrition.And some progesterone is operating in the mother’s digestive system to help mothers improve food’s digestive efficiency and store more beneficial energy for the body.But because these progesterone directly affects the intestinal hormone, most mothers feel sick and vomiting.

For the vast majority of expectant mothers, the worst of pregnancy is 4-7 weeks.By 12-16 weeks, the thyroid hormone returned to normal, and the pregnancy stopped.

Just say that when you know the above points, the mother who is pregnant will feel better.Thinking of the cute and loved child after conceiving in October, it is worth it to experience such a time.

Bao’s joke said, "If you Wai Niu, you will be survived by steamed buns and milk."

It is not exaggerated at all. From the beginning of pregnancy, my sense of smell and taste is super sensitive.To cook in the kitchen, I have to cover the door of the room tightly, for fear that there will be a hint of oil smoke running in.When my family eats, I have to hide far away, because as soon as I see the dishes, I can’t help but want to vomit.

The only thing that can be swallowed is milk and steamed buns.Bao Da has been worried that nutrition can’t keep up, and several times boiled millet porridge to persuade me to drink.Unsurprisingly, it is also "drink for 5 minutes, and vomit 2 hours."

I can only eat it until the fourth month, and I lose a few pounds. I was worried that the baby in the belly would not be able to keep up with the nutrition.However, my friends of the pediatrician told me that if you can’t eat it, don’t worry too much.

Because pregnant mothers generally have a period of pregnancy, their appetite will become better.At that time, when the baby developed rapidly, there was a lot of nutrition that needed, and the mother would be hungry when she unconsciously, and the nutrition would keep up.Even in the pregnancy period, the pregnant mother has less nutrition, and the baby will get nutrition from the energy of our body reserves, and it will not really be "hungry".

Having said so much, what pregnant mothers are most concerned about is how to relieve pregnancy, and it can be a little easier to spend this difficult period.Parenting expert Dr. Syls provides some suggestions for expectant mothers. The mother -in -law will sort out, hoping to help you.

✔ eat less meals

At the special stage of pregnancy, three meals a day are obviously not suitable for pregnant mothers.Specific mothers can eat more a day and eat less each time.Because eating too much at a time is easy to be nauseous, and long -term empty stomach may also be pregnant.

You can prepare some nutritious snacks at hand. When you feel that you have appetite, you can eat it a little bit to maintain your energy supply.And in terms of food selection, remember the following principles:

Eat more nutrition and digestion does not cause foods that are uncomfortable, such as soup, yogurt, and low -fat snacks.Avoid high -fat, fried and spicy foods, which will increase the burden on the stomach and cause pregnancy.

Eat more food with high nutritional density.Sears list the following, and pregnant mothers can try: avocado, fish, whole grain noodles and tofu.These foods have high nutritional density, high digestive efficiency, and more nutritional supplements for pregnant mothers.

Eat more fruits with more water content, such as melon, grapes, apples, pears, etc.These fruits are easy to digest in the stomach, which has a sense of satiety and not easy to cause pregnancy.

Try these stars

Studies have shown that the smell and taste of a type of food can disperse the attention of the disgusting area in our brain.They are ginger, lemon and pepper.

When I was pregnant, as long as I felt nauseous, I quickly cut a piece of fresh lemon slices in front of my nose.Stick a few times, smelling the fragrance, it is really comfortable.In addition, I have tried fresh ginger and apple slices, and the effect is also good, and it can hold back the uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.

✔ Relax emotions

Emotional fluctuations or stressful pressure will also cause pregnancy to a certain extent.At this stage of pregnancy, it is actually a physical work for pregnant mothers.Pregnant vomiting makes people feel uncomfortable, plus a bad appetite, especially consumes the physical strength and energy of expectant mothers.At this time, if you are mood badly, the pressure is heavy, it is also very easy to get pregnant.Therefore, pregnant mothers should consciously relax and slow their mood.

Of course, if the pregnant mother has seriously affected her life, she must go to see a doctor to avoid affecting the fetus.

Well, for those things for pregnancy, the mother of Buu will talk about this.What else do you want to say, leave a message in the comment area ~

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