After pregnancy, these three detection methods are the most accurate and can "report good news" to Baoma in advance

Pregnancy is a good thing, but for Bao Ma who is on the road, often because of lack of experience, he does not know if he is pregnant, and then do something dangerous.The most classic case should be the little swallow in the third part of the TV series "Returning Pearls". Because I do n’t know that I am pregnant, I often jump up and down, causing the baby to have an accident, so I regret it.In order to prevent this tragedy from happening on ourselves, Baoma must understand what signs will be in advance, and then respond in time to give the baby the safest guardian.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

1. Menstruation stops.Menstruation stopping should be the most obvious change. If Baoma and her husband have room in the same room, when the menstruation should not come in the second month, you must consider whether you are pregnant with your baby.Answer.

2. Change appetite.We all know that after pregnancy, due to changes in body hormones, Baoma’s taste will change greatly. It may particularly love sour or spicy. At this time, you must consider whether he is pregnant.If Bao Ma often feels disgusting and wants to vomit, then it is estimated that eight or nine is not left.

3. Frequent urination.After pregnancy, due to the increase in the uterus and compressing the bladder of Baoma, Baoma often feels like going to the toilet, and there will be leakage when sneezing or force. This is also a sign of pregnancy.Essence

4. Breast changes.It is said that the breasts of Baoma will develop secondary development during pregnancy. This is not fake at all. This change will be caused by the changes in hormones in the body of Baoma. ThereforeWhen the pain of the nipples and areola is gradually deeper, it means that it is already pregnant.

5. It is easy to feel fatigue.In the early stages of pregnancy, most Baoma would feel tired. This is not caused by work, but a signal sent by the body. I don’t want to move and want to sleep.But this feeling will not last for too long, and Baoma is generally easy to ignore.

How does Baoma judge whether she is pregnant?

1. The most common method is to go to a pharmacy to buy a test strip to check whether you are pregnant. Generally speaking, 3 to 5 days after menstrual period, test strips can be detected whether pregnancy is detected.If you are pregnant, there will be two red lines on the test strip. If you are not pregnant, the test strips will not be displayed.

2. Go to the hospital to check the blood.This method is also the fastest way to test pregnancy. Generally speaking, you can go to the hospital for examination after 10 days in the same room.

3.B super check.This kind of inspection time is slow. Generally, it is necessary to wait for Bao Ma’s menstruation for nearly a month before it can be checked.

The above is the content of today. Do you have a good notes?Feeling that after you are pregnant, you must go to the hospital for a specific examination.

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