After pregnancy, these snacks are prepared in advance, which can play a big role during delivery

It is not only a painful thing to have a baby, but also a very time -consuming thing.If you have a second child, it is okay to produce faster.But for those expectant mothers who are initially produced, at least 2 hours can be taken to give birth to babies.In this process, expectant mothers can bring some snacks to supplement the energy in the body, but also help to give birth smoothly.

One: Eat nuts when Gongkou just opened

Can the role of nuts be great?Eating nuts during pregnancy is good for baby’s body development, and eating nuts can supplement energy during childbirth.Anyone who has experience in childbirth knows that Kai Gongkou is a very long process. The palace mouth can only enter the delivery room to prepare for production when it is opened to 7 or 8th finger. At other times, you can only stay in the production room.At this time, eating nuts can quickly replenish energy and keep pregnant mothers physical strength.

Two: Eat eggs and meat when the pain becomes frequent and regular

When the pain of expectant mothers starts to become frequent or regular, that is, when the stomach will hurt every few minutes, it means that the palace mouth is still opening, but it has not opened to 10 fingers. The expectant mother still has to wait.This process is very long. Expectant mothers need to eat high -protein foods such as eggs or chicken, beef, and beef. These foods are resistant to digestion. After eating, they can effectively support the difficult time for expectant mothers to spend the open palace.

Three: Eat loquat powder after promoting the delivery room

To a certain degree of pain, the expectant mothers will be born one step away. If the doctor checks the palace mouth of the expectant mother, the expectant mothers will enter the delivery room to prepare for production.Don’t think that production can be completed soon, and the baby’s body takes a long time from the mother’s belly.In this process, the maternal physical fitness is easily consumed. After consumption, there is no enough energy to give birth to a baby. At this time, the maternal can eat ravioli, because the powder is easily absorbed by the human body, and then quickly generates energy.The expectant mothers are full of energy to give birth to the baby, so that the baby will come out of the belly faster, and the expectant mothers will suffer a lot of sins.And the lotus can also excrete the congestion in the body, which is good for the mother’s body.

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