After pregnancy, the progesterone is low, don’t just worry about it, you must know about these methods of food supplement

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Some pregnant mothers always be told that the progesterone is informed during the birth check, which makes expectant mothers worry about the safety of the fetus.Breeding progesterone, pregnant mothers are blindly worried that it is useless. The following should be able to do it early, and it will match food to supplement progesterone.

1. What is progesterone?

Periations are a natural progesterone secreted by women’s ovaries, also known as progesterone hormones and luteum hormones.It plays an important role in women’s conception and pregnancy. Prophenone promotes the growth of endometrium and plays a promotion of fertilized eggs in bed.

Reference value of progesterone: (unit: nmol/l)

7 weeks of pregnancy: 52.7-100.1, 8 weeks of pregnancy: 64.6-113.8

9-12 weeks of pregnancy: 78-159.2, 13-16 weeks of pregnancy: 98.3-185.7

17-20 weeks of pregnancy: 153.8-241.2, 21-24 weeks of pregnancy: 234.6-457.4

25-34 weeks of pregnancy: 403.4-626.2, 35 weeks of pregnancy: 483.6-776.8

2. What is the impact of progesterone?

Peridone plays an important role in the process of conception and pregnancy. Low progesterone may occur in women who are not easy to conceive, or tire discontinuation, threatening abortion, habitual abortion, etc. after pregnancy, etc.

The causes of low progesterone are::

Uachin dysfunction; adrenal glands, thyroid dysfunction; insulin resistance in the body.

After pregnancy, the progesterone is low. Do n’t worry blindly, but you need to pay attention to it. Except for the medicine supplemented by the doctor, the pregnant mothers do this in their diet, which helps to match the progesterone.Essence

Third, there is a way for food supplemental ketones

1. Eat some fruits -containing foods and rich foods.Such as grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, etc.

2. Food containing natural VE and soy isoflavones.Such as nuts, soybeans, black beans, eggs, lean meat, squeezing vegetable oil, etc.

3. Eat foods rich in high -quality protein and VC.High -quality protein and VC are good for pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers with low progesterone should pay attention to the supplement of these two nutrients.Such as fish, shrimp, lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.

After pregnancy, the progesterone is low, and the pregnant mothers need to pay more attention to it. They are done in the following aspects, and they are good for themselves and fetuses.

4. What should pregnant mothers with low progesterone need to pay attention to

1. Don’t be tired.Specific mothers with low progesterone should exercise less, take more rest, not be tired, and do a good job of fetal protection.

2. Don’t eat spicy foods in your diet.Avoid spicy and irritating foods to induce uterine contraction and have adverse consequences. Pregnant mothers with low progesterone should pay special attention.Diet focuses on nutritional matching and does not eat spicy food.Of course, you should avoid smoke and alcohol during pregnancy.

In addition, pregnant mothers should not panic when they check the progesterone low. Blindly, the mood will only help.Pregnant mothers should follow the doctor’s advice and cooperate with doctors according to the specific situation of the birth check. In life, rest, diet, etc., pay more attention.

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