After pregnancy, the body temperature is higher than dumping#怀 怀 怀#

Questions of netizens:

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the body temperature was 36.7 degrees. Is it necessary to have a miscarriage?

Normal human armpit temperature is 36-37 degrees, the oral temperature is 0.2-0.4 degrees higher than the underarms, and the rectal temperature is 0.3-0.5 degrees higher than the oral temperature.

There are certain differences in body temperature. For example, the external temperature, gender, physiological cycle, hormone level fluctuations, age, emotional changes, etc.But the amplitude of normal fluctuations generally does not exceed 1 ° C.

After women’s pregnancy, the luteal production is elevated, which stimulates the temperature center of the body and keeps the body temperature at high temperature.High temperature is not the body temperature of fever. It refers to the body temperature between 36.9 ° C-37.2 ° C. This high temperature period, if the luteal period of menstruation, the body temperature continues to increase for more than 21 days, and there is no other abnormal response.Early pregnancy reactions can generally be identified as a manifestation of pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature during pregnancy is slightly higher than that of the normal human body. It is normal within 37.5 of the armpit temperature. This situation is related to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.Basically, the temperature of the whole pregnancy will probably be the same, that is, slightly higher than the usual body temperature, but it does not reach the degree of low fever, but there is also a person who will drop to normal during the third trimester, no effect on the fetus, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry.

Because the body temperature of pregnant women is lost than the average person, pregnant women sometimes feel hotter. That is because the thermal effect produced by the increased lutein in the body during pregnancy is expanded.The amount of food is relatively large, and the body temperature will be higher than when you are not pregnant.

Generally, the body temperature of pregnant women is about 0.5 ° C higher than that of not pregnancy. Most pregnant women have a body temperature of about 37 ° C. Although the temperature of pregnant women is high, each person’s constitution is different. It cannot be said that the body temperature is not normal than 37 ° C.

It is recommended that you do n’t have to be too nervous. As long as the birth checkup is normal, the body temperature fluctuates within the normal range. It may be possible to change the weather in the near future, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, which may cause body temperature fluctuations in the human body.Your body temperature has a deviation of 0.3 ° C, and it is also within a reasonable range. Relaxing your mood is good for your mother’s tire!

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