After pregnancy, stay away from these four electrical appliances, and radiation can easily hurt the fetus

During pregnancy, in addition to paying attention to diet, sleep, and environment, pay attention to the radiation of electrical appliances around you.Because now it is a high -tech electronic product, radiation is definitely there.When the fetus grows, if the radiation is too large, it will affect the fetus and may cause malformations.Therefore, for the health of the fetus, expectant mothers must stay away from these electrical appliances.

1. Printer.

Some expectant mothers will still go to work after pregnancy. Generally, they will only start maternity leave until eight months.When working, it is definitely inevitable to use a printer, or closer to the printer.The radiation of the printer is very large. Like us, when we are printing things, open the window, which is far from the printer, or it will avoid itself because the printer has a lot of radiation.Therefore, expectant mothers must avoid using printers, and even if they are used, they should be farther away to reduce radiation.

2. Microwave oven.

In fact, many people don’t like to use it, especially some elderly people in the family.Because the operation of the microwave oven is working by microwave, the radiation ability of the microwave is very strong, so the expectant mothers try not to use it.Even if you use it, you have to stay away from it. When the microwave oven stops working, there is a "Ding" sound. Do not open the door immediately. After waiting for the residual microwave for a while, you can open the door.

3. Electric blanket.

Now that the weather is hot, I do n’t think of electric blankets, but in winter, the weather is cold, and many people will choose to use electric blankets.It is convenient to use, open the electric blanket before going to bed, and it will be very hot when sleeping.But in general, electric blankets are used for babies, elderly and pregnant women.Because after pregnancy, when using an electric blanket, electromagnetic wave pollution may be produced, which may have little impact on adults, but the fetus is relatively fragile and severe may cause miscarriage.And the temperature of the electric blanket may be very high when I fall asleep, and the fetus does not like this high temperature environment.

4. Computer.

Now that the computer is going to be a computer, it is almost inseparable from everyone.As young as two or three years old, old people who are old to seventy or eighty will use computers, or use computers to watch TV and listen to music.However, there are also computer radiation, especially some pregnant women. The starch cannot be facing the computer for a long time. It may be working normally. For the fetal radiation, it is relatively small, but if you are facing the computer all day, you will play your computer when you go to work.To pass the time, the influence of radiation will still increase.In addition, some expectant mothers may also play games, so that it is not good for vision, there will be systemic pain, and they are unwilling to move.

There are also mobile phones, TVs, etc., which may not be very radiation, but if you watch it all day, it will also have a certain impact.During pregnancy, it is still necessary to move appropriately, and it cannot be used on these electrical appliances.

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