After pregnancy, some pregnant women do not vomit, and some vomit doubtful life. Is it "picking people" in pregnancy?

The reason why the mother is great is because they have experienced various "suffering" since pregnancy.Everyone knows that delivery is very hard. In fact, how easy is it to talk about the process of conceiving in October?

This level of pregnancy makes many pregnant mothers feel worried.Strangely, when some pregnant mothers vomit their eyes dark, they secretly doubted that when they doubted life, some pregnant mothers did not react in the slightest pregnancy.They were comfortable and comfortable during pregnancy, and their appetite was completely unsolved.

Seeing this, those pregnant mothers who vomit death may be unbalanced in their hearts: How can you "pick people"?They are all mothers. Why do you have a thorns on your pregnancy?

At this time, the older generation may stand up and express their own point of view: "Pregnancy and vomiting look at children, pregnancy vomiting is a good thing. The more powerful the vomiting, the better the child develops!"

Is pregnancy vomiting really a good thing?

Pregnant mother Miao Miao was skeptical.Miao Miao has lost a lot recently, and she participated in a party with a panda eye.

Xiaoyu, who was pregnant at almost time, was shiny, and she could not see a pregnant mother at all.Miao Miao originally thought that Xiaoyu was like herself. She was tortured torture in the early pregnancy. She did not expect that Xiao Yu was so lucky without any pregnancy reaction.

This time, Miao Miao’s heart is even more unbalanced, and girlfriends have a food dinner.Miao Miao smelled the scent of hot pot like a disgusting smell, and couldn’t help vomiting.

The girlfriend Xiaoyu is very fast, and it is not happy to eat.Xiaoyu also said a little "Versailles": "It is said that pregnancy is very hard, and I think it’s okay."

After listening to Xiaoyu’s speech, Miao Miao became more wronged.She felt that Xiaoyu’s stomach was pregnant with a "angel baby", and her belly was pregnant with a "devil baby", which was a "behind -the -scenes black hand" of her pregnancy.

So, is pregnancy spitting really related to the fetus?

If there is a relationship, as the old man said, the fetus developed well, and the pregnancy vomiting would be great.Or, as Miao Miao thinks, the fetus is troublesome, and the pregnancy vomiting is serious.The fetus is sensible, and the pregnancy vomiting is light.Is the fetus the "behind -the -scenes" of the pregnant mother’s pregnancy?

If the fetus is to be named "behind the scenes", the baby may be aggrieved.In fact, pregnancy is indeed related to the development of the fetus.

Could it be said that those pregnant mothers who are infertile vomit are relatively slow in the abdomen?If you want to know the answer to this question, it is necessary for pregnant mothers to first understand the reasons for pregnancy.

Factors 1: Hormone changes in pregnant women after pregnancy

Starting from bed in the uterus, the pregnant mother’s body hormone has changed quietly.At the beginning, the changes in hormones in the body were not easily perceived. With the development of the embryo, the hormone changes in the pregnant mother’s body were even more obvious.

After pregnancy, the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin, which is the growth of hormones such as HCG, estrogen, and progesterone that we often call HCG, estrogen, and progesterone, which can cause the discomfort of the stomach of the pregnant mother.Therefore, pregnant mothers will have sickness such as nausea and retching.

Factor 2: Pregnant mother’s own constitution

If pregnancy can cause hormone changes, then this change should be the same for each pregnant woman.Why do some pregnant women have severe pregnancy reactions, while some pregnant women have no response?

In fact, this also has a certain relationship with the pregnant mother’s own constitution.Some pregnant mothers are sensitive, and they are more sensitive to hormone changes in the body, and they will have a strong response in their bodies.

Some pregnant mothers are less sensitive. Even if the hormones in the body have changed tremendous changes, they will not affect their daily life.

Some infertile pregnant mothers found that their mother was not pregnant when they were pregnant.Infertility vomiting is sometimes inherited, but this is not absolute.

Factors 3: The psychological hint of pregnant mothers

Generally speaking, infertility pregnant mothers account for a few, and most pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy.With the end of the early pregnancy, the stable hormone in the body will gradually fade.

Some pregnant mothers will be more miserable. Their pregnancy front is pulled very long. Some of them are not pregnant until they give birth.

In fact, pregnancy vomiting is also related to the psychology of pregnant mothers. If the pregnant mother’s work is busy, the reaction of her pregnancy will sometimes be weak, and she may be uncomfortable at a meal.

And those pregnant mothers who are recuperating at home, they have a lot of free time. When they smell or eat, they can’t help thinking of their identity as a pregnant woman.

If you think too much, the response is great, and sometimes pregnancy is also affected by psychological suggestions, even if this hint is not subjective.

Factors 4: The development of the fetus

The view that the old people say "the more powerful the pregnancy is, the better the fetus grows". In fact, the fetus is growing rapidly as the hormone in the body increases.If the pregnant mother vomits badly in the early pregnancy, and suddenly there is no pregnancy reaction, at this time, you must be careful.

Prematurely disappearing for pregnancy, sometimes not a good thing.Early pregnancy is a critical period of pregnancy, and the probability of fetal stopping in the first trimester is also high.

Some pregnant mothers found that they suddenly didn’t vomit, and they didn’t take care of them. In the end, they caused a tragedy of "fetal death".In the early pregnancy, if the pregnant mother found that she suddenly didn’t vomit, it was best to go to the hospital for a examination as soon as possible.

Don’t worry too much about those pregnant mothers who have not had a pregnancy reaction.No pregnancy vomiting has something to do with physical fitness, and it is not sure that the fetal development is not good.What needs to be alert is the sudden disappearance of pregnancy vomiting. You have never reacted for pregnancy, and it does not belong to this range.

Regardless of whether there are pregnancy, pregnant mothers must insist on doing pregnancy tests on time and do a responsible "prospective mother."After the "pregnancy vomiting" level, there are many levels that need to be broken in the back. During this time, the pregnant mothers have transformed and grew up, and finally successfully upgraded into a great mother.

Although this process is difficult, when the pregnant mothers have giving birth, they will look back, and they will find that each "suffering" is of extraordinary significance.

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