After pregnancy & postpartum, what do you feel that "fortunately" books, lessons, dramas, and apps that make me feel "good"

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Readers often raise their hands in the mother and infant.


Today, through this topic, I share my books, post -production, postpartum, parenting, read books, listening lessons, chasing dramas, and apps.

First, read the book

During my pregnancy, I only watched the majority of "Syls Pregnancy Encyclopedia", providing information and soothing mood.

I generally look at the next month in advance, and predict what reactions and changes are in advance in advance. Some are related to me. I look more carefully and feel that it has nothing to do with myself.

I have been shrinking for a few days. At home, I was holding this book and trying the degree of pain reduction of various poses one by one. I still remember those methods and strengths for me.

Disadvantages are because it is a book abroad. It may be limited to the current situation of Chinese pregnant women and the latest pregnancy technology.

During the confinement, I took advantage of the institution to help me see my children, and bought "After the Nomads of the Nomads of 6 Weeks", "The Postpartum Recovery of the Union Expert/Xiehe Mom Circle", and "Postpartum Physical Revolution".

Every time I read a book, Yueyue reminded me to use less.

I have said that a large detours I have taken before are to study the postpartum and parenting books during pregnancy and pregnancy. I have lack of postpartum knowledge and run into the wall everywhere. I am too short. I hope everyone can learn from my lessons.

Don’t think that after giving birth, the real thing has just begun.

After giving birth, you have to take care of your children. The key is not very good at it. There is really no time to make up for his homework.

"Postpartum recovery" I quickly finished it, because it was a smooth delivery, I did n’t look at the caesarean section, because there was no side cut, I did n’t look at how to recover on the side cut.superior.This bookbag is wide. Each point is just the same, and it can be used as an entry -level book.

To be honest, "Postpartum Body Revolution" is not finished. The physical sorting and abdominal breathing in it in it helps me, but it has a lot of anatomy knowledge. If I usually have time, I will read it carefully, but I will look carefully, butAfter giving birth, I just want ready -made answers, and I can’t see many academic and systematic systems.

"Life for 6 weeks after giving birth" has not been read. The author’s experience in breastfeeding has benefited me, but many graphics movement, I just can’t learn.

In the book of parenting, I started "German Parenting Encyclopedia" and "Cui Yutao Parenting Encyclopedia".

I originally looked at the German style. This book focused on every month of German babies within a year. I read it. The advantage is that Chinese mothers are very relaxed. I remember how to bring 2 weeks of children to go out. I think China thinks in China. I think ChinaThe mother -in -law came out first.

Later, I felt that the data/habit was different from China. I wanted to buy another book. I did not choose the American version, but chose the Chinese version.So I bought Cui Yutao.

How to say, about baby books, some foreign countries have detailed research and clear data, but may not be in line with our situation.And most of these books are very thick, basically they can only be used as dictionaries.

I have noticed that the reader asked me to recommend books, but to be honest, I couldn’t recommend it. The big and comprehensive books were unsatisfactory.I got information from each book, and I was comforted by some of the author’s words, which was warm, but I had a lot of my own situation, and I didn’t mention it in the book.

Second, listen to the class

During my pregnancy, I bought a paid class at Himalayan. It was Dr. Ma Liangkun from Beijing Union Hospital. I listened carefully in each section.

I bought a course in the early pregnancy. As soon as I came up, I listened to the content before the early pregnancy, and then I often listened to problems.To better integrate into life.

The language of the doctor is restrained and rigorous. There are scientific content. If you do, I can listen best and liberate my eyes.

Third, the app used

The same type of APP may have its own advantages, highlights, and focus on.

However, I have been recording the menstrual period with Meiyou APP.

I upgraded to the new gestational week during pregnancy. Look at its small cartoon, my husband also downloaded it, we witnessed that "our baby is as big as peanuts now" and "our baby is as big as cantaloupe."

What problems I have every time I check in, and go to the forum to search for similar situations as soon as possible. For example, there are "liquid dark areas" in the early days.

However, every time I checked, I was particularly frustrated, and I accidentally saw the title with "fetal stop", which was even more panicked.

It is recommended to use less forum functions, what, listen to the doctor, don’t scare yourself.

Four, chasing dramas

I just chased the 8 -episode TV series in South Korea, "Postpartum Conditioning Institute".

It is about a 42 -year -old female executive. She has a successful career and a child. After birth, she lives in the postpartum conditioning institute equivalent to the confinement center after birth.

In the play, the embarrassment of naming children, producing no dignity, breastfeeding, mother circle contempt chain, husband and wife relationship, mother -in -law relationship, workplace mother and full -time mother discussion make me feel quite deserved and late.

One of the most impressive plots, there was a mother, her child was gone when she was born, but she still lived in the conditioning home to restore her body.She feels that the heroine is not worthy of being a mother.

The most impressive is a line, "The so -called good mother is the mother who feels happy when I get along with my children." When I heard it, I felt that there was a current through my body.

In fact, if you are your own choice, you can enjoy it.

These are my sharing, and you are welcome to share good information channels for me.

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