After pregnancy, my boyfriend will test DNA!I was ridiculous, but they said: This is responsible for each other

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Pregnancy may be a great luck for husbands and wives.But for men and women who have not yet concluded marriage?This may be able to achieve a marriage, or it may create a disaster.

Friend Tingting suddenly found out some time ago that he was pregnant.She immediately informed her boyfriend and planned the next life without excitement.What your house should be renovated!Where is the baby going to school?When will we get a certificate?

She said endlessly, but did not find her boyfriend’s face change.After Tingting shared her thoughts, her boyfriend was silent for a moment, pursing and pouting hard: I said, don’t be angry!Although there is a good thing for children, I also believe you in my heart.However, in order to be responsible for each other, I hope you can check DNA first.

DNA?At the moment of hearing, Tingting was still a little confused.But think about it, what does this mean?do not trust me?I don’t think I am pregnant with his baby?

Tingting was immediately furious, she scolded her boyfriend ridiculous!Do you not want to be responsible, so use this as an excuse!Examine DNA?Do you think I am not your child?

That’s hard to say!Who can I know who have you followed this time?Moreover, you have been ambiguous with other boys before. I think let you check DNA, which is just responsible.I can guarantee that as long as it is mine, I will definitely marry you!The boyfriend vowed to promise.

Tingting couldn’t accept his statement. How could he think that this was a manifestation of his boyfriend and unwillingness to himself.And this kind of behavior is simply the insult of red fruit, questioning his personality.

So she decisively refused and told her boyfriend that you wouldn’t want to get married.

And here, her boyfriend can’t understand Tingting.He thinks his concern is normal!What reason do you not check?This is about the happiness of his second half of his life, but he doesn’t want to think of the green hat man in the news.

In this way, the two have always been consistent.Tingting is still unwilling to proof of his innocence!Because she felt that she went, it was guilty.At the same time, she couldn’t accept it. Her boyfriend had no trust in herself, suspecting whether he loved herself.

But from the perspective of her boyfriend, the more he was unwilling to Tingting, the more he explained the possibility of his doubt.Of course he wanted to believe his girlfriend, but he did not stay with her for 24 hours. How can he prove that he would not wear a green hat except scientific means?

After that, the endless dispute lingering, the lives of the two.Their feelings also changed a little bit, and in addition to disbelief, they were full of doubt.The more Tingting looks at her boyfriend, the more I feel like a scumbag.

The boyfriend’s side, the more I think, the more I feel Tingting, I must conceal it.

Under the impulse, Tingting chose to break up. She listened to the advice of her family, but she did not want a child in the end.And her series of behaviors made her boyfriend more firm in her own conjecture. You would rather not want children, and do not want to test DNA!Does it mean everything?

After hearing their stories, I also felt surprised.How could there be such a couple like each other without any trust at each other.If Tingting usually does not usually go to the third and twilight, why is her boyfriend so paranoid?This kind of person may leave earlier, it may be a good thing.

However, on the other hand, if Tingting does do something!Then her boyfriend also fled a fire pit.

Therefore, pregnancy is good or bad, sometimes not necessarily.

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