After pregnancy, is the pregnant mother "upper" or "down"?The difference between the two is here, come and understand

During pregnancy, as the pregnancy increases, the baby in the belly is gradually growing. The most obvious one is that the belly is getting bigger and bigger. Although the pregnant mother’s belly will grow, the shape is different.

When you are pregnant, the pregnant belly will show a different form, which has a certain relationship with the position of the fetus.How to distinguish whether it is "upper" or "down", you need to see the time.

It is obvious to observe the abdomen, it is very obvious

During the pregnancy, due to the different shapes of each expectant mother, according to their characteristics, it can be divided into "upset" and "lower Huai".The upper abdomen is high, so the upper arms are mainly reflected in the abdomen, with obvious bulging state, and in a relatively high position.

The next heart is the opposite, judge by time

There must be "down" with "up". You can see that the lower abdomen is raised obviously.If you want to judge that the pregnant belly belongs to "upper" or "down", it is actually necessary to see the time.It is usually about 20 weeks of pregnancy. Seeing the upper part of the pregnant belly through the shape is more upper, called the upper arms, and vice versa.

The pregnant belly is different, and naturally there will be differences in many aspects.If you understand it in advance, you can prepare for it early to help pregnant women solve difficult problems.

Different shapes are related to the location of the fetus

The part of the belly bulge is close to the upper abdomen, and it will naturally look more round, and the location will be relatively high.The shape of the pregnant belly is obvious, like watermelon, which is the main characteristic of the upper heart.

In contrast, the position of the lower arms will be relatively low, the belly seems to move down, and it will have a clear feeling of falling during action.The natural belly will be different from the shape of the upper arms, like a sleeve.This is related to the position of the fetus, and the pregnant mother who is in her arms will be more sharp.

The stomach effect is different, and the amount of eating is different

The pregnant mothers who are pregnant will feel the oppression of the abdomen. As the pregnant belly increases, the fetus will have pressure on the lungs and stomach.At this time, the amount of pregnant women’s eating will be significantly reduced, and even if they eat very little things, they will feel full, and they will be accompanied by gastric acid reflux.

The stomach of pregnancy is relatively lower, and naturally other organs are not easily squeezed, so the upper abdomen will be easier.Pregnant mothers will not have problems with poor breathing, and the amount of food will increase significantly.Eating is not a problem, but it will squeeze the lower abdomen, causing frequent symptoms of urination.

Different urination conditions and frequent urination

At the time of reaching the second trimester, the frequent urination of pregnant mothers will decrease, because the uterus is beyond the height of the pelvic cavity. Until the pregnant belly in the third trimester, the belly will gradually increase, and the pressure of the bladder will occur again. At this time, the frequent urination will be caused again.The phenomenon.

The belly of the lower arms will be relatively lower. The baby in the uterus will have more bladder compression of the pregnant mother. Therefore, the frequent urination of the mother’s mother during pregnancy will also increase.matter.

The perception of the pelvis is different, and the attention weakened ‍

The pregnant mothers who are pregnant may gradually expand the factor, which causes some organs to be squeezed and often cause poor breathing or abdominal distension.However, when the fetus enters the basin, many symptoms will be reduced a lot, and the symptoms of frequent urination will increase a lot. Therefore, pregnant mothers can feel the case in the pot.

The pregnant mothers who are in her arms will not feel too much. At this time, the stomach is in the place where she is lower, and even if the fetus enters the pot, it will not change in shape.

The upper arms and lower conceptions of pregnant belly are normal.The shape of the pregnant belly can be regarded as the upper warmer, and some of them belong to the lower heart.

The location of the fertilized eggs is different

After the sperm and egg are combined, the fertilized eggs are formed, and then returned to the uterus to bed.If the position of the fertilized egg is more upset, it is easy to form a phenomenon.In contrast, if the position of the fertilized egg is relatively lower, the phenomenon will be formed.

The pelvis of pregnant women is different

The situation of pregnant mothers is different, and there will be many differences in physical fitness, and the form of natural pelvis will be different.

The direction of pelvic growth is different

The growth of the uterus is different, which has a certain relationship with the physique of pregnant mothers.The abdominal muscles of pregnant mothers are weak, and the bottom of the uterus is relatively wide, so it is easy to form horizontal growth and gradually become a state of arms.

The most important thing during pregnancy is the health of mothers and babies, so many novice mothers don’t have to care too much about whether they are upper or down. As long as they ensure that their nutrition is sufficient and stable.important things.

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