After pregnancy, I will soon usher in the "drooling period of drooling". I want to vomit as soon as I swallow, is it you?

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Seeing delicious drool, this is a normal response, and in general, you will not feel that the saliva is secreted into the process of swallowing, unless the saliva is too much …

But there is a special period that it will be a peak period of saliva as a whole, which is early pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers will find that after pregnancy, they have more saliva than before, and they think they are the cause of appetite after pregnancy and the cause of gastrointestinal discomfort.It will also find that more secreted saliva, if you swallow it, will cause a nausea to nausea, as if it will aggravate pregnancy. I do n’t know if it is your own problem or a problem with everyone.

In fact, excessive saliva secretion, medicine is known as polyiture, one of the main manifestations is that saliva becomes more.

There are two types of saliva and pathological, and the physiological salivation. One of the reasons is that the salivation during pregnancy is often coexisted with vomiting during pregnancy.It is physiological.

There is also a saying that the pregnancy outlet becomes more water, and it is more exciting to the baby’s long teeth.

During pregnancy, it usually occurs within one and a half months after pregnancy, that is, in the early stages of pregnancy. It is usually accompanied by vomiting during pregnancy and is one of the reactions during pregnancy.At this time, due to the increase in saliva glands, pregnant mothers will feel that saliva becomes more and becomes thicker than before.Come to a day of overwhelming pregnancy.

And spit out the secreted saliva will be much better.How about, is it get to a cold knowledge again? It seems that the mothers who are pregnant in the future will take a paper cup to interface …

The pathological salivation is mainly caused by oral diseases, digestive diseases, or side effects of drugs, such as oral ulcers, oral inflammation, duodenal ulcers, etc. These diseases are also easy to appear during pregnancy.

Because it is easy to digest well during pregnancy, HCG hormone secretion becomes higher, affects gastric acid secretion, causes digestive disorders, and has more saliva.In the middle and late pregnancy, because the uterus becomes large and compressed the area of the stomach, indigestion will also occur, resulting in more saliva in the middle and late pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, there is no need to take out this problem alone to deal with it, because it is a natural phenomenon during pregnancy, but if the secretion of saliva has many affecting the pregnant mother, for example, I have received the selfishness of the prospective mothers before, saying that I am selfish, saying that I am selfish, saying that I am selfish and saying that I am selfish and saying that I am selfish and saying that I am selfish and say that I am selfish.Salva is nauseous and nauseous.So what should I do?

1. Diet

Starch foods can easily lead to too much saliva and eat less. In addition, soy milk and desserts should also be eaten less. Fruits can be eaten more, which can relieve excessive symptoms of oral water.

Alkaline -based foods can neutralize gastric acid, which can reduce saliva secretion to a certain extent, and tension, biscuits, and gum are also available.

In the middle and late pregnancy, in terms of diet, it is to adopt less food and more meals to alleviate indigestion and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort.

Second, care

In addition to diet and excessive saliva, the mouth also needs some daily care.

The saliva becomes more. Pregnant mothers can use mouthwash to keep their mouth fresh, brush their teeth in the morning and evening, pay attention to oral health, and prevent inflammation and swelling of gums.

If you are at home, you can try to spit out excessive secretion of saliva at any time. This can reduce the pregnancy reaction.

For pregnant mothers with sensitive smell, you also have to smell the smell of oil fume and make you feel uncomfortable.

In addition, excessive saliva secretion, including strong pregnancy reaction, will cause the loss of body moisture, so drinking more water and replenishing water in time are also important.

Third, stop vomiting

Paled saliva is not necessarily a problem, but it is really uncomfortable in pregnancy.

When you feel like you want to vomit, you can contain a piece of ginger in the mouth, or use the inner acupoint to find the inner line of the inside of the wrist to the middle of the three horizontal fingers inward. Press it with your fingers.Essence

Four, emotions

Tension and other emotional factors are also one of the reasons for the increase in saliva during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers should relax, and do not have to worry about whether it is not too worried that it will affect the nutritional supply of the fetus. The nutrition stored in our body is enough for the early pregnancy needs.

Ah, today is a day when I am not easy to get pregnant again ~

Fortunately, every level will pass, relaxing the mentality, and actively face pregnancy life is the most important thing!

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