After pregnancy, do not do the mistakes of these four things, and the stomach is not good for the fetus

Text 丨 Youyou

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are prone to stomach discomfort. Pay more attention to the health of themselves and fetuses.Do n’t do it wrong in the following 4 things, especially the last one is easy to ignore. If you do n’t pay attention during pregnancy, it ’s not good for the fetus.

1. Overbathing and hurting the stomach

After pregnancy, the influence of hormones in the body, the secretion of gastric acid are suppressed, and the digestive capacity of the stomach is reduced compared with the previous.If the pregnant mother is overeating and increases the burden on the stomach, it is prone to stomach discomfort, causing the stomach to "strike".

Pregnant mothers, eat less meals after pregnancy, do not overeating to increase the burden on the stomach.When there is no appetite in the early pregnancy reaction, we must also work hard to adjust myself, insist on eating in appropriate amount, and don’t let the stomach be hungry. When the appetite in the middle and late pregnancy is large, you must also control your mouth.Stomach discomfort and easy to accumulate fat.

2. Cold cold affects stomach health

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have a hot heart in the stomach, and always want to eat some cold during pregnancy.However, the stomach is afraid of cold, and diet during pregnancy cannot be greedy.Especially in the hot summer, pregnant mothers can’t live a cold diet often.

The cold diet causes stomach discomfort, and the pregnant mother is uncomfortable.And the cooling diet stimulates the body and can easily cause contractions. Pregnant mothers also need to control their own diet.

In addition to the cold drink products such as ice cream, iced drinks, like ice watermelon, and fruits of large cold attributes, pregnant mothers cannot be greedy.For the health of yourself and the fetus, you need to pay more attention.

3. Stomach stomach of irritating food

After pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers should be light, with vegetarian and meat, and eating less meals is more healthy.Stimulating food hurts the stomach, pregnant mothers should not be greedy.For example, pregnant mothers such as chili, coffee, wine, etc. stay away.

The health of the stomach needs to be kept. Pregnant mothers have more intentions to care for the health of the stomach and are comfortable in their bodies. They also reduce the burden on hard pre -pregnancy life.In addition, after pregnancy, the pregnant mother bear the health of themselves and the fetus, and can not only be willful from the mouth in the diet.

4. Emotional is not good for stomach health

It is said that "angry stomach pain", I believe many people have also experienced the body pain after angry.Emotional hurts the stomach and wounds the internal organs.There is also a saying that angry is the "source of all diseases". After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not be angry.Strive to regulate your emotions and be a pregnant mummy with a peaceful emotion. It is good for his own health and is also a good prenatal education for the fetus.

Pregnant mothers, do you often feel angry after pregnancy?If you have any mistakes, change it as soon as possible.In addition, the prospective dad should care about the more care of the pregnant wife. In the process of breeding a small life, the role of the prospective dad is also very important.

Stomach discomfort will not only affect the health of the pregnant mother, but also the fetus will also be implicated. Do you pay attention to expectant mothers, do you pay attention to the above four things?Pay more attention.Here are several types of stomach nourishing food to help pregnant mothers better care for stomach health together.

Millet porridge

Xiaomi porridge is a good product for nourishing the stomach. Xiaomi porridge has spleen and stomach. It also is easy to digest in liquid food, and Xiaomi is also a very common coarse grain, especially suitable for drinking during pregnancy.Pregnant mothers, drinking millet porridge in dinner and soothing to promote sleep.If you feel that drinking millet porridge alone is too monotonous, you can also match porridge with pumpkin.


Compared to other foods, pasta belongs to the stomach, especially the pasta after the fermentation process, which is easy to digest and nourish the stomach.After pregnancy, pregnant mothers insist on eating pasta, and the staple foods are mainly healthy.

Common stomach -raising foods include yam, raw peanuts, lotus seeds, white fungus, porridge.In addition to eating stomach foods often, pregnant mothers also have a good habit of eating breakfast on time.

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