After ovulation, do you want to know if you are pregnant?These 3 pregnancy tests may help you

For women, pregnant and having children are the first major in life. For many married couples, they hope to have a child who belongs to themselves, and most of the pregnant couples knowIf the husband and wife live, it will increase the chance of conception, but after ovulation, many women especially want to know if they are pregnant.In fact, if you want to know if you have a successful pregnancy, there are some ways. The following three methods may help you successfully detect whether you are pregnant?Let’s take a look with the editor together!

After ovulation, do you want to know if you are pregnant?These 3 pregnancy tests may help you

1, pregnancy test stick

In fact, women want to know whether she is pregnant successfully, she can test with a pregnancy test stick after getting up in the morning.At about 3-5 days after the ovulation period, you can use the first urine for testing after getting up in the morning. You can wait a little time when testing. If two bars are displayed on the pregnancy test stick, this means youIt may be pregnant.If the pregnancy test stick is shown in a deeper and shallow, this may need to wait for a few days before testing.If you test in a few days, the pregnancy test stick still shows a deep and shallow, which means that you are pregnant successfully; if the pregnancy test stick shows a bar, it means that you are not pregnant.

2. Blood HCG examination

The test results of this test are generally more accurate.It will show whether you have a successful pregnancy, of course, you can also detect whether there is an ectopic pregnancy.

3. B -ultrasound

If you use the pregnancy test stick for testing, there may be problems with inaccurate test results. If you want to accurately test whether you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound. Generally, you can be about 7 days after menstruation stopGo to the hospital for examination. The general examination results will come out in a few hours.About about 45 days of menstruation, you can see that there is a small embryo on the uterus or the pulse of fetal heart.After one and a half months, you can use ultrasonic probes to detect whether there are small blastocysts in the uterus. If so, it means that you have successfully become pregnant.

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