After my wife was pregnant, she made an amazing decision. She said that I can’t give me a chance to marry my second wife.

Wei Xiaoqing was 23 years old and was always cared for by the three aunts and six wives.

Time is like a greedy snake. She is still single year after year.

Her father Lao Wei said in the past, not in a hurry, slowly picked.

Later, it was changed. Alas, the girl did not look good before.

Both parents are getting old, wouldn’t she grow up?

The weather in the New Year was very cold. The classmates met at the third day of the new year. In the past, she asked her if she could go at the same table. She still wanted to hibernate.

Tell her at the same table: "Xu Huan asked me to ask me, annoying, let’s tell him yourself!"

Xu Huan?

She turned out of her junior high school graduation photo and had remembered him.

At that time, she was lying on the desk and asked Zhou Gongzi on the desk.

Xu Huan rushed to step into the classroom, kicking her stool to wake her up.

When she did off the class, when the teacher looked over, she was poked back by Xu Huan with a pen.

As a school student, she often watched TV at the same table who often slipped out of her lunch.

In the afternoon, he in the classroom in front of everyone and said to her that your dad sent it to eat. Remember to go to my dormitory after class.

Xu Huan’s ambiguous tone and smile at the time made people feel itchy.

In the third day of the promotion, he moved away, and he also transferred to the school.

On the day he left school, she quietly shed tears and was caught by him.

After so many years, will he be disabled and blessed?

Lao Wei laughed and probe entered the door: "There are handsome guys come to you, hurry up!"

Who?Can you cut your eyebrows?

But she seemed to see someone pinching the pottery in front of her.

High nose, thick eyebrows, curved eyes and thin mouths, even squeezed into Xu Huan!

With a smile, the familiar dimple appeared on his left face: "Wei Xiaoqing, see me for a long time, can you recognize me?"


In the eyes of Lao Wei and Ms. Yang, when she looked at her future son -in -law, she ate three bowls of rice and two bowls of soup without changing her face.

She sent him out.

Walking on the road full of red artillery paper, I really want to ask what, and I don’t know how to speak.

There was a motorcycle whistling and approaching. She was worried that she was going to be flashed by the car lights, and his hands overwhelmed in time.

Xu Huan helped her block, laughing, Qiang Guang passed on his face.

There was the sky in his eyes.

She trembled and thought immediately, did he have a girlfriend?

He suddenly asked, do you have a boyfriend?

As a result, it can be imagined that Xu Huan did not spend much effort, so she captured her.

It turned out that after seeing her photos in the circle of friends of her former classmates, she had already inquired about her.

I was interested in her when she was a teenager, and now the male unmarried woman is not married, just right.

Later, Wei Xiaoqing went to Shenzhen with Xu Huan.

In the house they rented, she turned to the page of her classmate Xu Huan.

For the message, he also wrote the first secret poetry poetry for her, and each sentence was connected in each sentence: Xiaoqing cheer!

She read the poem that year, and rushed happily and kissed him.

Xu Huan had a partnership with others and opened a few pet clinics, which was late from get off work.

She often stepped on the dark sky alone, went to the vegetable market to grab a variety of dishes to cook for Xu Huan.

The night was cold, and the kitchen light was bright. The bowl was in Xu Huan’s hands. In his arms, the faucet was rushed.

Her arms were hung around his neck and asked, "There are so many beautiful younger sisters in your shop every day, and there is no one to hook one?"

He explained sincerely: "Unfortunately, they don’t call Wei Xiaoqing, and you are my unique baby."

Their mouth couldn’t help but touched a few times.

Xu Huan said: "I always remember that the day when I transferred to the school, some people were red like a rabbit. Actually … I cried that day, haha."

She hugged him tighter, and lamented that he was a little late.

Xu Huan said that if you meet you, you really have a fate. If you do n’t save some wives, how dare you chase you?

He is her eyes and wings in this city, love and sneak, and a angel who is late in her life.


On the day they got married, the former classmates came better, and the teacher also invited a few.

Time is stubborn, leaving deep creases on everyone, and they can be together, it must be said that the fate is destined.

They have no house in Shenzhen, but they have lovers.

There is no difference in renting, and Xu Huan’s career is booming.

On December 7, 2017, the lunar calendar, heavy snow, at the age of 31, she hid surprises in the cabinet where she put in chopsticks.

In the evening, Xu Huan returned home, washing his hands to help placing dishes, but he did not dare to move in that day.

He turned around and squeezed the pregnancy inspection stick to show two red bars, and he was so happy.

What’s this?


Am I going to be a father?Tell me, this is not a dream!

She was sitting in front of the table, and the dishes were having a meager mist.

I wanted to tease him again, but I turned out to tears as soon as I spoke.

He ran over and hugged her, hung on his body, and was so excited that he would think of the child’s name immediately.

She believes that Xu Aiqing is good and tells his love for her, reflecting their love for children.

Because her mother -in -law brought her grandson in her hometown, she did not want to toss the old Wei and Ms. Yang who had not been far away, and did not let the elders take care of it.

Xu Huan is worried about his work to contact small animals, and he will bring bacteria home, decisively throw the clinic to the partner, and be a family cooking husband.

In the evening, when Huang Mo’s street lamp was shown in the tree salamander, Wei Xiaoqing saw that Xu Huan stood under the blue -gray sky.

He waited for a lot of dishes at the entrance of Shang Xiamen and smiled at her two tiger teeth. He said, wife, go home for dinner!

On the road, he put all the vegetables aside, her fingers clasped his hand, and they grasped happiness before grasping.


But happiness and peace seem to last for only five months.

She first had a cold and fever.

Because she was afraid of affecting her children, she didn’t dare to take medicine and burned hard.

There was no strength to go to the toilet, and he hugged her and went.

He was worried, but his mouth said, "Life is suffering, and the mother -in -law is really coquettish."

Later, I had a cold and fever, and she was weak and sleeping.

They thought it was because of the heavy moisture in the body, and they cooked a lot of soup.

But people were lying on the bed so, but their bodies were inexplicably thin, dizzy, bone headache, and small red dots appeared on their bodies.

Xu Huan panicked.

The blood test was detected that her white blood cell hyperplasia was up to 900,000, but the platelet value dropped to poor single digits, and the acute marrow leukemia was diagnosed.

Doctors advise them to give up children, save adults, chemotherapy, and save their lives.

They don’t seem to understand those ten words.

With the doctor asking, do you have no way to save it?

Doctors cannot answer.

Wei Xiaoqing originally liked that dusk.

When the beam slowly entered the clouds, Xu Huan would pick her up.

Their ten fingers were intertwined, representing the three people holding hands.

But she could only sit on a wheelchair that day, and the body temperature of the two was separated by cold metals.

He pushed her into the crowd of the hot, and didn’t know where to go.

After arriving at home, she sat on the sofa.

Seeing those cute infants and young supplies, I cried suddenly.

She cried straight, and he hugged her tightly.

Feeling the tragic tremor and crying at a loss.

She cried until she was tired and fell asleep.

Xu Huan hid on the balcony mobile phone and called the ears to get hot, and the world was full of help.

In just a few days, she warned him many times, less than the last moment, the most dangerous situation, and the child was not allowed, otherwise she would die with the child.

He promised that he would never give up, firm and frightened.

She held his face with a thin finger, and tears were cold.

They quickly rushed to Guangzhou.

She took off her flowers and green skirts and put on thousands of white diseases.

He looked at her empty and stubborn eyes, and it looked poor.

There is also a child who doesn’t know anything in his stomach, and his heart seems to be dug a deep pit.

The road was unparalleled, and the difficulty and danger were obvious.

Only the faith insists on the stubbornness in my heart.


Allex disease in the middle of pregnancy can still be cured.

After a bunch of people dazzled.

Pediatrics, obstetrics, blood transfusion department …

Doctors gathered to meet to discuss specific chemotherapy plans.

After watching so many people busy because they were busy, they were not so scared and cheered each other.

Speaking of Xu Huan, did you remember the blackboard behind the classroom?Pat potholes.

You are a propaganda member, and a person comes out of the blackboard.

Draw the petals and turn each pit into sunflowers.

You will never forget that you are beautiful, hopeful, and powerful.

"For me, for our baby, wife, I begged you selfishly, come on! I want you to exist in my life.

They embraced each other on the sick bed.

She picked up his arm and was so sad.

Looking at Xu Huan’s pale lips, and talking about firm expectations, she suddenly felt that she had damn cowardice, and she didn’t do anything yet, so she went to the brutal separation.

She tightened him to apologize.

"I’m sorry, I’m so reluctant to be reluctant, so scared, but I will not give you a chance to marry a second wife!"

"Okay, pull!"

He stretched out his little finger and hooked her, shaking hard.

Power swims from her finger to her heart, shaking her soul.

She asked her parents not to tell her parents for the time being to kill her heart and bleed.

It’s really not … what’s going on.

Xu Huan listened to her.

Chemotherapy lasted for nearly two months.

Her blood is still poor, and white blood cells continue to affect hematopoietic, and even gums begin to bleed.

Lares, fever, pain at all times, and took away the less strength left.

She can only be resolved by Xu Huan’s help in a medical toilet chair.

He was separated by two pots, and he meticulously cleaned up meticulously.

She was unable to watch him run around with a bowl, and poured it once.

Washing, disinfection, and drying, she has no shame and embarrassment, but only moves and encourages.

Guangzhou was very hot, but his hands became dry.

The hand cream she wiped for him was washed away without staying on her skin.

At 31 weeks of pregnancy, her weight dropped from 108 pounds before pregnancy to 86 pounds.

Fortunately, various indicators are close to the normal value and can do caesarean section.

She is particularly confident that Xu Aiqing, who is healthy, has a lot of blood loss during the operation.

The blood bag hung one after another, and almost changed her blood to the blood three times before rescue.

He was notified of critical illness due to infection.

The daughter of three pounds and six two was lying in the newborn department, but Xu Huan could only hurry up and look deeply.

During that time, he was like a soldier who was lying in the snow for too long, and finally destroyed a wave of enemy soldiers.

He has two babies, but dare not have a humble joy.

I don’t know how to live if you lose one of them.

The difficult mountain is the same as the mountain.

He rolled down from a mountain, and immediately climbed the next peak.


The child was born and couldn’t hide it.

What parents and sisters saw were couples who bite their teeth in front of evil diseases.

And a baby who is pity at a glance.

The support given by loved ones also brings hope.

9 days of chemotherapy, killing tumor cells, destroying immunity.

Immediately, the hematopoietic stem cells in Xu Aiqing’s umbilical cord blood, together with her grandmother Yang’s peripheral hematopoietic stem cells, jointly returned to Wei Xiaoqing’s body.

Two loves work together, like a long -footed seed, slowly and endless, running through the cardiopulmonary, arteries, veins … all over the body.

The devil of leukemia finally spit her out of her mouth after more than half a year.

The day when the family walked out of the hospital, just like the prisoner released by the sentence, we were tired, fortunate, and cheered.

Xu Huan sold the pet clinic’s own shares earlier, and there was little savings.

But they still have home, and they can return to the countryside.

Escape from death, his wife and daughter were safe, Xu Huan felt that everything was worth it.

There are high eaves on the roof of the house of the house, and it will hang into a large transparent bead curtain when it rains.

The new and old tiles are mottled like the past and the future, and the fine water slowly slows down.

Xu Huan opened a veterinary clinic in the village.

Every day, when the rooster, the rooster just bought from the chicken vendor, will complete the castration surgery in his hands.

The red chicken crown loses the blood color, and after recovery, it can grow quickly, growing into a large fan chicken at least six or seven pounds.

Every day, noisy in my ears is the face of the owner’s worries, and the animals scream in stunning.

It is also necessary to heal pet rabbit, pet duckling, quail.

Hurry up, and the messy day was finally used up. Xu Huan took a shower in the clinic and went home refreshing.

The journey always meets the warm and beautiful sunset.

The same is true of life.

The wooden fence was waiting for a child, and when he saw him from a distance, he jumped hard, giggling, and screamed his father with a sharp voice.

He was urged to go faster and faster, and his face was getting bigger and bigger.

Their daughter Xu Aiqing rode around her father’s neck.

He raised his fingertips with his daughter’s fingertips, walking across the bamboo pole around the courtyard, climbing green festivals.

There was only a row of sunflowers next to it, and the plant was more than two meters high.

Gua Peng was covered with seeds, and his dark face was under his face.

One day Xu Aiqing looked up at her head for a long time, tilted her head and asked, "Dad, the teacher said that sunflowers will turn with the sun. Why don’t they turn?"

He and Wei Xiaoqing glanced at each other, one was responsible for dragging time, and one quickly Baidu.

Later, because it was too complicated to explain, another row was planted.

The father and daughter played into the house. In the mist of the kitchen, Wei Xiaoqing raised a vibrant face, showing a gentle smile.


Their home is always warm.

Big wooden tables are often filled with a few meters of picture books.

Xu Huan likes to hold Xu Aiqing on his knees.

"I love you, love you so much."

"I love you too, I love you so much."

"I haven’t heard this for a long time."

"I haven’t said this for a long time."

They stopped and looked at each other seriously.

The daughter was next to Xu Huan’s cheeks, and they continued to read again.

"What do you dream of? Dreaming of you."

"I am by your side, do you have any good dreams?"

"Different. You in your dream are more cute."

Xu Aiqing immediately jumped down, gripped, widened, and her waist: "No, can, can!"

Xu Huan quickly leaned back and avoided her daughter’s anger’s claws.

Wei Xiaoqing pondered those words, infinite emotions.

From love to getting married, the two of them didn’t seem to have spoken too much of love words, but they died and loved each other.

They don’t want to demand anything, the happiness they got after escaping, and the ordinary life feels unlimited luck.

Every day is happy, full of overflowing -love.The family lives well, facing the future, towards every morning.

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