After my wife is pregnant, my neighbor is happier than me, and I still give it every day to eat

My wife and I fell in love when I was in college, and I did not separate after I came out of my social work.

Coupled with the time of college, the two of us have been in love for nearly ten years. When we were working hard in the society, we often broke up because of no money to quarrel.But just like children are awkward, we have reunited in a few days.

Some time ago, we both celebrated their 28th birthday. I felt that the money and salary of our two now started to ask for children after having the ability to have a child.

After a period of hard work, my wife was pregnant and gave birth to a boy.I told the parents who waited for a long time, and they both were happy and made noise to say that they came to hug their grandsons.

But I always feel that my neighbors are happier than my parents. On the day my wife gave birth to a child, he boiled a pot of chicken soup and bought a large bag of fruit for me.

My neighbor is the pork guy who bought pork in the vegetable market. We are also too lazy to go to the vegetable market. They all told him to help buy some vegetables back.

The reason why my neighbor was so kind is that when his son had a car accident, no one borrowed money to save his children. The two husbands and wives helped each other. He was grateful to our two husbands and wives.And we often do not collect the money of our two husbands and wives, so we are embarrassed, let him eat on our side, after all, he has returned the money.

But when I talked to my friend about my neighbors, my friend asked me, my neighbor was a male or female?I told my friends that my neighbor was a divorced man. Now there is no wife, he has raised the child alone.

As a result, my friend made me be careful, maybe my wife had a leg with my neighbor.I said this is impossible, after all, I have a deep relationship with my wife.My friend said that everything is not necessarily, so I should beware of them and secretly settled a monitor at home.

As a result, I did not shot anything, and my wife showed no signs of derailment at all.Now my child is born. My friend who came to celebrate suddenly suddenly said to me: "If you are your wife, you will choose to be so dangerous in your home? If your wife derails, it is your neighbor to your neighbor.What about home? "

His words scared me, after all, he said.If it is me, I will definitely not call my neighbors to derail at home. What is more likely is to go to the neighbor’s house.And if my wife is derailed to my neighbor’s house, even if I come back, I can’t see them derailed.

I am stupid now. I don’t know what to do to determine whether my wife is derailed. Do you have any good ways?

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