After marriage, men and women, can’t have the sense of boundary


On the seventh anniversary of the marriage of Lan Jie and Wang Han, the in -laws picked up the grandson and said that they asked them to have a candlelight dinner at night.

After a long time, the two worlds have not been!Lan Jiemei set the table early at the hotel.But near noon, Wang Han called and said that he asked for leave in the afternoon and wanted to make a few dishes at home and wait for his wife.

Yes, know how to perform!Lan Jie’s heart was happy, and she was glad to cancel the ordering.

In the afternoon, Lan Jie got out of get off work, Xing Chong rushed to the cake shop, took the scheduled cake, drove all the way, humming the song, imagining Wang Han’s food and wine with flowers.When the car drove into the community, she stopped the car in a happy mood, hugged the cake, and went upstairs.

As soon as he entered the door, Lan Jie was stunned, and his heart sank instantly!The imagination scene does not exist.Wang Han was not alone at home, and he and Liu Lin were busy in the kitchen.

The two said and laughed, discussing the ribs to stew soup or braised, and the shrimp should be stir -fry or boiled …

Wang Han put the oil and splashed on his body with a drop of oil, and he frowned.Seeing this, Liu Lin was skilled in a drawer, found a placket to put on Wang Han, and tied his belt on his back with his waist.

When she turned around, she found Lan Jie standing at the door of the kitchen.

"What are you standing stupidly? Wash your hands and change clothes, let’s have a meal for a while." Liu Lin was calm and greeted Lan Jie enthusiastically.

For a moment, Lan Jie had an illusion that it was not her own door.At this house, she seemed to be an outsider.

Soon, the five cuisine and one soup were put on the table: steamed pork ribs, oil stir -frown, spicy fried fish head, dried bean horns, cold mixing slices, Sanxian mushroom soup.For a while, the fragrance of vegetables was full of appetite.

Wang Han picked up the chopsticks, couldn’t wait to taste the fish, picked up the spoon, and took a soup: "Fresh, delicious, delicious! Think of this mouth for a long time. Lan Jie, you also tasted, Lin LinThe cooking skills are really good! "

Lan Jie clamped his mouth and gave it to his mouth, chewing slowly, but he couldn’t taste it.She silently thought about her mind: When did Liu Lin come?Wang Han wouldn’t ask for leave because of her?


Wang Han asked for leave in the afternoon because of Liu Lin. This was Liu Lin’s leakage.

After a few sips of meals, Wang Han later realized that Lan Jie was unhappy.He patted his head and said to see me, patronizing food, and the commemorative day forgot to give his wife a gift.

His mysterious secret took out a delicate small box and opened it, it was a shiny diamond ring!Lan Jiexin moved and hadn’t responded yet. She had taken the diamond ring in one hand around her.

Liu Lin put the diamond ring on her fingers, and looked at the left and right. "Not bad, so beautiful!"

Lan Jie’s face changed, and she glared at Wang Han fiercely.Wang Han was still interesting, grabbed Liu Lin’s hand, and politely took the diamond ring: "I am for my wife, you like, let your husband buy it for you."

Seeing the diamond ring on his fingers, the gas in Lan Jie’s heart finally went smoothly.She brought the cake and cut it to eat.

Liu Lin’s lips: "You have cakes and diamond ring on your wedding anniversary. My husband is a elm. I ca n’t remember the day of the anniversary, let alone a gift.Jie, you are so happy! "

"Why didn’t your husband come today?" Lan Jie asked along Liu Lin’s words.This question was fry the pot. Liu Lin put the chopsticks and was angry!

Liu Lin said that she and her husband made a noisy with her husband last night. The reason was that her mother -in -law was eccentric. She helped her brother to see the baby not helping them to see it. She also said that she would cook deliciously. The guests at home asked her to cook.Essence

This time she didn’t want to go, but he said that his brother -in -law was busy at work. Liu Lin was okay at home. It was nothing to help me, but not outsiders!

"Lan Jie, do you say that there is no such thing as a daughter -in -law? When Wang Han picked me at noon, I planned. I live in your house in the past few days and don’t go

"Are you here at noon?" Lan Jie asked again.

"Yes, I came at noon, and I went to buy food with Wang Hanyi in the afternoon." Liu Lin cared about it, but he didn’t notice that Wang Han blinked at her.

Lan Jie’s heart was terrible, and she ran to the bedroom with an excuse to get full.She was lying on the bed, and her tears flowed unknowingly.Knowing that Wang Han and Liu Lin are really nothing, but when they see the closeness of the two, she is uncomfortable.


Lan Jie remembered that she first met Liu Lin, and she was stubborn in her heart.

At that time, Lan Jie and Wang Han had just been dating for half a year. Wang Han said that he had to see her when he sent him a little, and the three of them ate a meal.

After meeting, Lan Jie knew that Wang Han was a girl.When Liu Lin saw her, she looked from scratch to the feet, and she took a look at Wang Han, saying that she had a good vision and looks pretty.

Start ordering, Lan Jie is still looking at the recipes. Liu Lin has already cooked the dishes. It was all Wang Han loved it. Just say that, the three of them eat it, and the order is waste!At the end, she told the waiter that the soup should not be added, and the ginger should be cut large, and the peppers should be sufficient.

Looking at Lan Jie’s hair, Liu Lin asked, Wang Han did not eat coriander or ginger, but he could eat spicy. This habit would not know if you were your girlfriend?

Lan Jie really didn’t know not to eat coriander. The reason was that they ate together, and Wang Han had never said it.I know my boyfriend, and there are no outsiders. This cognition makes Lan Jie unhappy.

Wang Han said that he would not tighten the coriander, and he could not eat it.

As soon as the vegetables came up, Liu Lin gave Wang Han’s vegetables, the fish picked, and the soup was like a mother.Wang Han noticed

Awkward, remind Liu Lin again and again, eat himself, don’t care about him.

After meals, Liu Lin was sent away, and Lan Jie fried!She asked Wang Han, why did Liu Lin know him so much?Be so close to him?

Wang Han explained that the two parents had gone close since the memories. He grew up with Liu Lin since he was a child, and he knew each other.

Liu Lin was particularly fascinated by him for a while, and the parents also intended to match, but Wang Han didn’t feel it. He only looked at him as a sister in his heart, so he slowly put it down.

Wang Han repeatedly guaranteed that he and Liu Lin had nothing to rest assured.

Later, Lan Jie and Liu Lin had a lot of contact, only to find that this person was straightforward, what he said, he didn’t hide his mind, it was really good for Wang Han, and he loved her house and black.

Slowly, Lan Jie was relieved.

She married Wang Han for a year, and Liu Lin said that she was married to her husband now.Half a year later, Lan Jie and Liu Lin were pregnant one after another, and the child was only ten days away.

The two often had a meal because of their familiar knowledge. At that time, they got along well with each other.

As the child grew up day by day, Lan Jie’s family was calm and quiet, and her mother -in -law got along well, but the Liu Lin’s family jumped with chickens. She couldn’t see her mother -in -law, and she was not satisfied with her husband.

Liu Lin regardless of day and night, as long as he was unhappy, he asked Wang Han to complain.Often a phone call, it can’t be complained for an hour.Sometimes the children were sick. When they quarreled the two of them, Liu Lin asked Wang Han to ask for leave and accompany them to the hospital.

Wang Han was embarrassed to refuse and had to accompany him.Lan Jie’s heart was gradually dissatisfied, but he had nowhere to vent.

And Liu Lin became more and more outrageous. Not only did he often say in front of Wang Han, Lan Jie’s life was good, he would not cook, but also had a pain in her husband. After quarreling with her husband, she did not go back to the Lan Jie’s house.

Lan Jie was thinking about these annoyances. Wang Han came in and touched his stomach.


Looking at Lan Jie’s squeak, Wang Han stretched her neck and came over, only to find that she had red eyes, and asked what was wrong?

Lan Jie became more and more depressed. What do you mean by Wang Han?A good wedding anniversary, let Liu Lin stir?Why are you asking for leave in the afternoon?Where do we put things in our family, she is more familiar than me?

You see, do you think too much!I said, I saw Liu Lin as a sister, I can’t ignore her!When she is upset, let’s come.

She will cook. It happens to be a commemorative day today. Let her come over. It does not need to go to the hotel to eat for a lot of money. Dinner is also solved. Isn’t this a matter of beauty?Wang Han didn’t think there was any problem.

Don’t bother you!Lan Jie was even more angry. As soon as he dragged his quilt, he stopped talking.

Wang Han was also angry. He murmured and said that Liu Lin came to our house, cooking and cleaning up housework. Of course, she was clear.

He fell to the door and went to the study next door, but did not return one night.Lan Jie was crying and crying in the middle of the night before falling asleep.

In the early morning, Wang Han came in to shake Xing Lan Jie, and asked her if she had brown sugar at home?Lan Jie asked what brown sugar was doing?He said that Liu Lin came to be good, and his stomach had a bad stomach. He wanted to boil her ginger sugar water to drink.

It’s gone!You have to drink to buy in the supermarket.As soon as Lan Jie’s words fell, Wang Han put on his coat and went out.

During breakfast, Wang Han was holding a bowl of hot air, and he urged Liu Lin to drink.Lan Jie’s heart hurts, and the meal didn’t take two sips, and he went to work with a slippery bag.

That night, Lan Jie went to her girlfriend’s house.She sent a message to Wang Han: When will Liu Lin go, I will go home when I leave.Wang Han replied: Are you sick?Love to return!

How can a man with no boundaries get along!Lan Jie’s divorce heart has all!

Since I’m not good at it, don’t think about it, Lan Jie has made a fierce hair, and he made his mind.


The next evening, a tall and handsome man knocked on Wang Han’s door and looked for Lan Jie.

Wang Han recognized him that Lan Jie was small and called Li Zhiming. He accompanied Lan Jie back to his hometown several times before.People are here, and they can’t be cold outside.

Let people enter the house, and Wang Han called Lan Jie.Less than half an hour, Lan Jie rushed home.

At first sight Li Zhiming, she was happy like a child, and the two had a big hug.Lan Jie held Li Zhiming’s chest and said, "Let you come early, how do you think about it now?"

"I am in love! I will start again. I have to find a job in the past two days. I have no problem to live in your house?" Li Zhiming asked.

no problem!Lan Jie answered simply and refreshing.

Wang Han’s eyes were stunned. He pulled Lan Jie and said that Liu Lin lived here now.Lan Jie asked, you can live in our family, I can’t live when I get a young?What logic?

Wang Han said with a moment, Li Zhiming left smoothly and checked into the study.

In the evening, Wang Han couldn’t sleep.He poked Lan Jie and asked Li Zhiming how long can he live?

I don’t know, live and watch.Lan Jie was a bit impatient.

He is not young, why haven’t you got married?Wang Han muttered.Lan Jie ignored, turned over, fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Wang Han got up and saw Liu Lin’s sitting on the sofa in the living room, and saw him, his fingers fingered at the kitchen.Wang Han saw that he saw Li Zhiming is busy.

Are you all up?Look at my cooking skills?Li Zhiming greeted everyone.

On the dining table, Lin Liang was full of eyes.Fried steak, bread, boiled eggs, hot milk, and fresh small fruits.Seeing Lan Jie, Li Zhiming fart and handed a glass of honey water, saying that it was a glass of water in the morning, beauty and beauty.

Liu Lin hummed coldly and was attentive.Wang Han pursed his mouth tightly and ate silently.

After a meal, Lan Jie went to work. Li Zhiming took the car away on the grounds that he went out to find a job.

Seeing the two of them went out, Liu Lin murmured and was inseparable. How do you feel that the relationship is not ordinary!

None of your business!After dinner, you go home quickly!I have been out for three days, and I do n’t care about my own children!Wang Han issued a guest order.

He wanted Liu Lin to leave, and then rushing Li Zhiming, it was a natural thing.But he did not expect that Li Zhiming was in an accident.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, Lan Jie helped Li Zhiming, who was loud, returned home,

It turned out that when Li Zhiming was looking for a job during the day, he just looked at the mobile phone information. The underground pipeline maintenance was not covered. When he stepped on the empty, when he was rescued by passersby, his legs were put away with a large piece of skin, and his feet were also stunned.Essence

Lan Jie asked for an afternoon vacation and accompanied him to the hospital for bandage and dripping.In the past few days, go to the hospital to change the medicine and hang the needle.

Wang Han was in a hurry as soon as he heard it. Why not hospitalized?Is it inconvenient to run around every day?

Lan Jie returns, what is inconvenient?I will accompany him without working!Sending a little brothers and sisters, how can you ignore something?Isn’t this what you said!

Wang Han stopped.

In the next five days, Lan Jie took a half -day vacation every day and accompanied Li Zhiming to the hospital.Seeing that she took care of Li Zhiming to take care of the place, the two of them were intimate, and Wang Han’s heart was straight.

He was weird to remind Lan Jie: There are different men and women. Pay attention to the size. Don’t be too close.

Lan Jie asked: "Did you and Liu Lin pay attention to the score? At two o’clock at night, do you still call, have you considered my feelings?"

Wang Han was panting straight, but could not refute.

He couldn’t sleep at night. He ran to the study to read a book and saw a sentence in the book: a good marriage relationship must have a sense of boundaries.The best way to judge the cross -border is whether your behavior hurts the other half.

He stared at this sentence, and for a long time.

The day was lost in Wang Han, and slowly flowed slowly.

After half a month, Li Zhiming, who was able to walk on the ground, proposed to return to his hometown.He laughed that he was not good at his teacher, and he was in trouble as soon as he came. It seems that he won’t welcome him here, not the place he should wait.

As soon as Li Zhiming left, Wang Han was easy to feel.He carefully prepared a table of dishes, bought flowers, and prepared red wine.

Lan Jie went home to see the potential, and thought that there were important guests at home.

Wang Han laughed and pulled her to the table to sit down, saying that there were no outsiders today, so we were both.

He poured two glasses of red wine and sincerely apologized to Lan Jie: "Wife, I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what the border was before. I did all my wishes and accidentally hurt you.

In the future, I promise to think about it before doing things, focusing on your feelings, and not doing things you don’t like."

Lan Jie was surprised, and even said that her husband had grown!In fact, it has long been happy in my heart.


Lan Jie had been harmed because Wang Han and Liu Lin had no boundaries.

After all, in a period of intimacy, no one will tolerate his partner and the opposite sex too close, unless you don’t care about each other at all.

On a good wedding anniversary, because of Liu Lin’s arrival, she was very unhappy, so she did not want to return.

It happened that Li Zhiming called and listened to her emotional, and asked the reason.After knowing the original committee, he joked that people are young, and you have a small!He just happened to have nothing to do with it recently, and he could come to help and let Wang Han recognize the reality!

It is purely an accident to fall to the underground pipeline, but it is enough to be fake.

It turns out that Wang Han is not a generous person.This can make him recognize the border of heterosexual interaction, this gains!

A good marriage relationship is to think and communicate more in other places. Based on the bottom line of the other party, give respect and understanding, and restrict themselves.

Lan Jie has long understood this, and now, Wang Han finally realized!


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