After I was pregnant, I told my husband that my husband said that it was not his. After the parent -child identification, I decisively returned to my mother’s house.

After discovering that I was pregnant, I immediately informed my husband.Unexpectedly, her husband’s face changed greatly after listening. He said that pregnancy must not be him so soon, and he accused me of messing outside.After I heard it, I was anxious, and I slapped my husband directly.We have been married for two years and have lived a normal sex life.I have no chance to derail at all, and my husband’s randomly denying attitude is really angry.I argued with my husband that the child must be him, but he did not admit it, and even ordered me to go to the hospital for a parent -child identification.In order to prove my husband’s crimes, I had to go to the hospital for testing.As a result, her husband believed that the child was really him.He apologized again and again, asking me to forgive his distrust and doubts.I can’t understand my husband’s thinking. Once he faces trouble, he can’t avoid it, and even shirk responsibility to sprinkle dirty water.

I decided to go back to my mother’s house to quiet, and the problem with my husband also takes time to clarify.Her husband kneels down and begged me, but I have been deeply hurt by him.Pregnancy is difficult enough, but he still has to bear this psychological damage, which is really unprepared.Back to her mother’s house, her mother was angry after learning the incident.She said that this kind of thing is indeed unbelievable, but her husband shirk responsibility at the beginning and blame me at will.She suggested that I consider whether my life with her husband can continue in the future.I hid in the room all day and thought, and I just wanted to bless the children in the belly.My husband apologized on the phone every day, but my trust and attachment from my heart have been disintegrated in his doubts.I don’t know if I still have the courage to continue the next marriage, because I can no longer believe my husband’s commitment.My mother told me that I had a baby to raise a fetus after returning to my mother’s house.She said that children are the most important responsibilities of my now.I understand my mother’s words, and now I don’t need to find my troubles.

I just need to concentrate on raising the life in my belly. As for the problems between my husband and me, I will make another decent knot.Life still needs to continue, and I gradually get used to the days without her husband.He occasionally visited me once, and apologized to me that he would work hard to restore my trust, but I was indifferent to this.My world now has a new life, and the former important people have been put behind me.I understand that this marriage has come to the end, and after the child is safe, I will be logical with the old man.There are too many accidents and disappointment in life waiting for yourself.What is important is not whether they happen, but whether we can continue to move forward in a rational way.After this incident, I finally grew up and knew what I really needed and who I needed.At this moment, the precious life I have is the whole force that supports me through all of this.After the child was born, I officially divorced my husband.Her husband once apologized at the hospital, hoping that I would give him a chance to rebuild the old good, but I did not move.I understand that the trust between us has been completely ruptured, and only if we live separately can we regain ourselves.

When my husband saw me iron -hearted, he had to accept this fact.We agree to maintain a friend relationship in order to raise children together.The child will take turns to live between me and my husband every week, so that the husband has the opportunity to participate in the child’s growth.I took my child back to my mother’s house, and my mother was willing to help take care of the child.When my husband often came to visit, it should be said that we got along well.Just when the husband and wife are together, we all know that it is impossible.After a year, my husband told me that he met Xinhuan and planned to remarry.When I heard it, I felt happy, and my husband found a new life. We also made us have nothing to do with each other, and we could move forward.I wish my husband a happy second marriage life as soon as possible, and the bride can also realize the good of her husband.The changes in life have no warning. Today you are still in love with each other, but tomorrow can be far away from each other.The drama I experienced made me a new understanding of people’s producers.I know how to cherish my eyes and live in the present, because the next second is waiting for forever.I focus on work and take care of my children, and my life is full but tired.Friends introduced me to remarried, but I laughed without saying a word.I have learned to live independently now, and I no longer eager to rely on whom.I have to concentrate on raising children and let him experience a complete and happy childhood.As for feelings, I would rather rely on my own power and no longer believe in anyone’s commitment easily.The divorce made me lose too much, but at the same time became more intelligent and wise.I understand that, in fact, everything is just a short -lived passenger in life, and only it is the ultimate reliance.I have the ability to have the courage to raise children alone to grow up. This self -confidence is not easy, and it is also a valuable wealth that life suffering.To this day, my husband and I have a friend -like relationship.We tried my best to perform well in front of my daughter and gave her a well -like family.I naturally never forget the pain that my husband gave me at first, but I am also glad that this pain has made us become more mature and wise on the road of life.The arrival of daughters, let us regain the original intention of love at the beginning. This may also be the wonder of life.

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