After hearing the stinky winter melon, I found the upper limit of the smell

Those who have eaten traditional smelly winter melon in Ningbo will clearly understand where the limits of the smell can withstand.

The closer to the waiter in the vegetables, the more thorough the world view will be refreshed. The gradually enhanced suffocation will make the time start to stick to sticky. When the moment it is served, even the surrounding air will solidify together.

After I escaped the private room, I understood this truth.

In the hearts of the old Ningbo people, it is an irreplaceable human flavor and an important example of the harmony between man and nature. However, for most foreigners, its function is more about exploring physical limits.

Among them, the hidden mysterious machine is far more than the field of smell and taste. When facing it, he can already feel that complicated emotion.

It is clear and clean, like the crystallization of courage to condense; it is just overbearing, enough to penetrate all olfactory cells; it has a long charm, so that the acquaintances fall into the feces pit many times in the midnight dreams in the future.

Ningbo friends around me told me that this is the real old school. Now the popular version is popular, although it is better to enter, but after all, it is not essential.

He said that the full -body smelly winter melon should be like a grenade. It must be fried from the nasal cavity into the brain.

Each breath is a practice, and consciousness will flip back and forth in the sublimation. People are enlightened and found that canned catfish is really average, not very smelly.

"For the first time I went to the restaurant in Ningbo that year, I thought that the sewer had exploded. Later, I learned that it was because of the smelly winter melon on the table."

"That taste is like abuse of myself. The stinky brain hurts. I doubt that the shopkeeper brings up the toilet without rushing. I eat it with dinner."

Legend has it that countless people have re -understood their limitations through it. They may be determined to eat all over the world, but in front of this overlord, even opening their mouths will become difficult.

Some people describe the old houses returning to their childhood rural areas, which evoked their memories of the distant toilets, and some people said that it was a barrel that had been fermented for decades, and was gently blown by the summer night wind.

"On the day I ate this dish, I vomited the Rainbow Bridge in front of my friends."

Of course, winter melon is still the winter melon, unlike beef soup, living beads, and water cockroaches such as high thresholds visually, its roads are more abstract.

Some diners comfort their lives for the first time before ordering, and then realize that life is only once.

They praised it as the unpaid peak of kitchen art, giving a constructing area between people and biochemical weapons. Although their identities were food, they revealed the cruelty of war.

"In order to give Sichuan classmates a long knowledge, I deliberately asked my grandfather to help me pick a piece of smelly winter melon marinated for a year. When I opened it in the cafeteria, the crowded dining table was spacious instantly."

"Don’t underestimate the piece of melon. Once I put it in the refrigerator at home, the whole refrigerator was stinky.

Even a Ningbo son -in -law had a warning publicly, and sincerely warned everyone who wanted to try. This is a high -dimensional specialty that even the locals may not be able to surrender, and it can smoke from the first floor to the third floor.

At the same time, it has crushing in the absolute sense. It is a taste after eating a bite, and its strength is quite stable.

"You have to eat, but pay attention not to stuff your teeth, otherwise you may be misunderstood when talking."

"My grandmother was marinated when I was a kid, and the taste caused permanent damage to me. Later, I didn’t even eat the normal winter melon."

It is rumored that the stinky winter melon contains sufficient diverse functionality. It allows the first attempt to be as absence and poetic hair. It smells that the nasal congestion that can dredge for 20 years, and smell the sense of smell.

Maybe this is why it evolved in two versions. After all, even local sellers will marked the difference, for fear that the guests will buy it wrong.

In the introduction of the locals, the real traditional smelly winter melon is stinky, and it is not very easy to buy now.

"In the past, people had a jar specially marinated melon melon. Winter melon went to peel and cut into about ten centimeters.Add water and stinky. "

"Among them, stinky is the essence. It is best to have old halogen to make old brine. Generally, it will be borrowed from the neighbor’s house. Take it back and seal and ferment for a few days.

"High -quality stinky halogen brings high -quality transformation. When the melon is marinated, open the jar. There is a layer of white flowers floating at the top.It’s. "

Only the old lady who knows her charm can gently remove it without changing the color, like a gentle caress.

In their hearts, eating directly is a storm, but the cooking technique does not need to be complicated. It only needs to pour semi -oil. Steaming is a lot of money.

"As a person who loves to eat stinky tofu, the first time I smelled the smelly melon, it was shocked by heaven, it should be the taste in heaven"

You can easily find their evaluation on the Internet, and those in -depth explanations are like a soul -level invitation:

"A ray of refreshing, crispy stinks in the tenderness, dissolved in the tip of the tongue, soaked in Dantian, like a cloud driving a fog like a fairy, and the deficiency is unable to know the smell and fragrant."

It is difficult to say how much those who know how to love it, but it is certain that they have already turned their attention to more things.

You must know that the smelly winter melon is just one of them. As long as there is that stinky, everything can be smelly.

"The juice fermented by amaranth stalk is excellent stinky stinky, which is directly used to pickle the smelly melon. In theory, all fruits and vegetables can be soaked in it."

Ningbo’s three stinks include stinky winter melon, stinky stalk stalks, and stink taro.

However, in fact, there are more than three stinks, and there are stinky peas stinky pumpkin stinky tofu eggplant. Basically, if you want to stink, you will smell.

Thanks to the concentration of the entire Ning Shao area, they have made a composite stink, and there are ruthless dishes such as steaming double stinks and steamed stinks.

"I have eaten a dish named after the one, with at least four or five species, which is delicious, but smells like a hot pit."

Shaoxing and Zhoushan are also stinky temples

It can be said that the people here have already held the essence of the stinky. Those dishes are stinky, such as the stinky amaranth stalks to eat the core in the middle, the taste is like jelly, and the entrance is soft.

Zhou Zuoren also praised the smelly winter melon, saying that it was "stinky and fragrant, there was no rich smell; the taste was long and unique."

They also developed a stinky winter melon without stinking, which belongs to the stinky ki industry feathers, which is like providing everyone with an entry opportunity.

"You can try its variants if you don’t get used to stinky winter melons. Only salt marinated winter melon. Put the ice in the refrigerator in the summer, take out sesame oil, and go with bowl of white porridge, absolutely the best."

"I can’t eat meals during pregnancy, play with relatives’ house, pickled winter melons, I ate two large bowls of rice"

In the past, a classmate in Ningbo told me that Lao Ningbo’s favorite three products: smelly winter melon, salty crab, yellow mud snail.

Seafood is a natural gift, and the melon is the choice of the people, and the two run through the life on this land.

When it is unable to distinguish whether it is a faint or mellow atmosphere, the nasal cavity is a heavy hammer. The softness and refreshing taste hit the roots of the tongue. It can make many people feel furious, and it is another group of people who can’t wipe the taste memory.

Therefore, if you do n’t eat three stinks in Ningbo, it is a bit regrettable. Everything must be dialectical. When the smell is to a certain extent, it becomes a fragrance.

As for the actual experience, it is only the matter.

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