After fertilization, if your underwear shows such a sign, it means that you have succeeded in conceiving

Pregnancy is a very happy thing, and it is also a magical thing.A seed slowly took root in her mother’s belly.Since then, there has been a person in the mother’s stomach, which is connected to her blood, becoming the fetters of the mother.After the fertilized eggs are successfully landed, there will be some changes in hormones in the mother’s body, and some changes will occur in the mother’s body.Experienced mothers can judge whether the bed is successful based on these symptoms.

After the fertilized eggs are combined and bed, a large amount of estrogen produces in women.Under the influence of these hormones, a certain change in women’s reproductive systems.The increase in secretions on the underwear is an obvious signs.

There is a special pregnancy test technology to confirm whether she is pregnant, but as a clean woman, underwear usually changes every day.Careful women can perceive the baby’s arrival through the changes in traces on underwear.

【Features 1】 Reduce body temperature

This is the most obvious change after the mothers land.After the embryo is landing, the development of fertilized eggs will have a certain impact on the body temperature of the mother.In the early stage of development, the body temperature of the mother is generally 0.5 ° C lower than the normal body temperature, and the body temperature will rise slowly in the later stage, 0.5 ° C higher than the normal body temperature.

[Feature 2] Breast change

After women are pregnant, a series of changes will happen to prepare for the arrival of the baby.Among them, breasts have changed the fastest and most obvious.If you feel soft and tender after sexual intercourse, you may be pregnant.

【Feature III】 frequent urination

Many women believe that only when the baby grows up and compresses the bladder, there will be frequent urination.But this is not a fact.After the fertilized eggs, the hormones in the body will change, and the changes in hormones will also stimulate women’s bladder, so there will be frequent urination ~

[Features 4] Similar to a cold

Many people have some symptoms like colds after pregnancy, such as nasal congestion and cough.These are caused by changes in hormones in the body.You don’t have to worry about it, and you don’t have to rush to take cold medicine.This is the body’s resistance, making some preparations for the baby’s birth.After a while, there is no problem.

[Features 5] Mild bleeding

In this case, not every mother will encounter, and everyone’s situation is different.When the fertilized eggs are just in bed, some women will find that the vaginal secretion is slightly bleeding when she goes to the toilet.It may even be just light pink, sometimes there is a slight tingling sensation.It is very likely because of pregnancy.


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