After eating 2 pounds at a time, the man was rescued urgently!This kind of fruit is just season, these types of people are careful …

In June, to Yangmei Ji again

A sour and sweet bayberry makes people love

However, it tastes beautiful

But not everyone can "open open"

Recently, some people have suffered from suffering

Eat 2 pounds in one breath

The man entered the rescue room

Recently, Mr. Bai from Ningbo, Zhejiang received a basket of fresh bayberry, and greedy he had eaten 2 pounds in one breath.It didn’t take long for him to feel breathless and had difficulty breathing.The family immediately sent him to the hospital.

During the examination, the doctor found that his blood potassium was as high as 7.2mmol/L, which was a severe hyperkalemia, which may cause deprivation of arrhythmia at any time.

When I asked the medical history, it turned out that Mr. Bai had diabetes and is currently in the period of uremia. It is necessary to do regular abdominal permeability.

Mr. Bai was quickly sent to the rescue room, and after treatment, he turned to safety.

"Barbelon has a high potassium content, and the potassium content of 100g bayberry is 149mg. Under normal circumstances, general people eat 2 pounds of bayberry."

The doctor introduced, but if the renal function is damaged, hyperkalemia is prone to occur.Mr. Bai, who is in the period of uremia, has no comprehensive kidney function and weak potassium exhaust ability. Therefore, for him, 2 pounds of bayberry is a fatal danger.

"Bayberry is delicious, but not everyone can eat it at a time." The doctor reminded that although the bayberry lift the sugar index is low, there is still sugar, and it contains more citric acid and oxalic acid.Citizens with diabetes should not eat a lot.

Eat more than 50 at a time

High school students also entered the hospital

In the same way, there are Kobayashi who just finished the college entrance examination.

Recently, Kobayashi came to the aunt’s house in Ningbo, Zhejiang to make the door. Coinciding with Yang Meiji, his aunt took out the freshly picked bayberry to entertain him.The sweet and sour bayberry conquered Kobayashi’s stomach in an instant, and he ate a large bowl one by one.

Not long after, Kobayashi began to feel uncomfortable with the stomach and bloating.He had a stomach disease since he was a child. He thought that it was an old problem, and the forbearance passed, so he didn’t care much.

Unexpectedly, on the next day, the symptoms of stomach discomfort not only did not alleviate, but even severe stomach pain, which hurt him with cold sweat.This was anxious, and immediately sent Kobayashi to the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of Ningbo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

Dr. Wei Dongmei who took the consultation passed the gastroscopy, and the result suggested that gastric ulcer caused bleeding.Kobayashi is very puzzled. He said that he has a history of gastric ulcer for many years, so he has always been taboo in diet, and too spicy food will not eat.

Dr. Wei carefully asked about Xiaolin’s recipe for nearly two days, and the word "Yang Mei" suddenly attracted her attention.After careful questioning, Kobayashi ate more than 50."The reason is here! People with bad stomachs can not eat so much bayberry."

The doctor reminded that bayberry is rich in organic acids and is an acidic fruit.Eating a small amount has an appetizer, but if you eat too much at one time, you will cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, which will cause acid reflux.

For patients with gastric disease, a large amount of gastric acid is secreted, a large amount of digestive solution is charged in the stomach, repeatedly stimulated the inductance of the digestive ulcer, and it is prone to ulcer bleeding, which causes stomach discomfort such as stomach pain.

Therefore, for patients with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers, when eating bayberry and other fruits, it is best to eat too much after meals, and it is not advisable to eat too much at one time. Just eat a few briefs.

How to eat bayberry to be healthy?

Doctors suggested that Yangmei’s shelf life is short, and it usually does not exceed 2 days at room temperature. It must be eaten fresh.

In addition, bayberry has nuclear leather, and the flesh is the head column shape. The special fragrance is very easy to attract the fruits to lay eggs on the surface, so it is best to soak it in light saline for 5 ~ 10 minutes before eating.Essence

Finally, try to avoid eating bayberry in an empty stomach.After eating, remember to rinse your mouth with cool white.

From: Wen report

Source: Harbin News Comprehensive Channel

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