After drinking the little aunt’s tea, she fainted, and then she was pregnant with a stranger’s child 7

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After drinking the little aunt’s tea, she fainted, and then she was pregnant with a stranger’s child.

Story profile: Mu Xiaoxiao, who was in his hand, was put on a little aunt and threw it to a strange man. She was pregnant with her baby.L for undercover … (have nothing to do with graphic, picture source network)


In a word, her hot heart was cold. I did not expect that Xuanyuan Lie was still playing really. If she wanted to escape, how could she escape without saving her son?

He walked out of the room with his head.

"Hey, did you bring a child back today? Why didn’t you see it later?" She tried to ask the cat.

The maid shook his head and said he didn’t know.

Xiaoxiao spit a sigh of relief, so depressed, I don’t know if the cat was still in this house.It ’s really not as good as heaven, and the plan cannot keep up with changes.

"Sir, please come in, the host is waiting for you." The woman led Xiaoxiao to a room and left.

Standing at the door, Xiaoxiao hesitated for a long time before putting her hand in the door handle. Does Xuanyuan Lie really want her to wait for him to take a bath?After hesitating for a long time, she opened the door with a scalp.

As soon as I opened the door, a steady face came.Soon, she saw the pattern in this room, a large bath like a hot spring in the middle.On the side of the bath, Xuanyuan Lie was lying on a lounge chair.Seeing her coming in, I waved my hand: "Come here."

Xiaoxiao froze for a few seconds before reacting, walking slowly.

He sat up from a lounge chair, opened his arms unwillingly: "Take off my clothes for me."


It was a moment of time, the cold hair on her back was erected: "Lord, you? OK? Isn’t such a thing looking for a maid?" Xuan Yuanlie’s taste is too heavy, right?Want to take a bath for him?Wipe … Although she is not a real man.

"Didn’t you say to serve me?" His eyes were cold and stared at her tightly.The doubts in the black eyes were a little deeper.

"Yes!" Xiaoxiao lowered his head and lifted his hand towards his collar.Restraining the trembling of his fingers, putting together his collar, and began to solve his button …

In addition to her son, how can she have helped others to take a bath.But even if Xuan Yuanlie has a heavy taste, she has to hold back. Who calls cats in his hands?

The buttons were unlocked one by one, and Xuanyuan Lie’s strong chest shocked her eyeballs. I didn’t expect this guy to be so good?

The little hand that was unbuttoning couldn’t help shaking, his fingers touched his chest directly.When the heat came from his skin, she immediately shrank back to her hands.

"You are a big man, why are you so maternal?" Xuan Yuanlie’s tone was still plain and cold.

But this sentence was so scared that Xiaoxiao’s heart was straightforward, did she really move?Looking up at Xuan Yuanlie, he still looked like a hundred and eight.No, she must have a majestic show!Right up his head.

"The small one is pressed by the momentum of the Lord. It is my honor to help the Lord to do things." As he patted it, she picked up Xuan Yuanlie’s top with a lot of shots.

Staring at the person in front of him … swallowed a sip, his body was so good … Copper skin, strong muscles, this figure, really sorry for women in the world without a photo.

"What are you looking at?" He pulled Xiaoxiao back from his god in a word.

"No, no." If Xuan Yuanlie knew what she was thinking in her heart, it was estimated that she would vomit blood.The eyes slowly moved … the clothes were taken off, and then … thought of this, she couldn’t help taking a breath, she could bear to take off her clothes, and she could bear it. If she took off her pants …


Xiaoxiao hesitated, and couldn’t reach out.

Xuan Yuanlie didn’t speak anymore, just cold face.

In the hot bathroom, she just felt sweaty, not only because of the heat here, but also forced by Xuanyuan Lie!

The more a second passed by, the atmosphere became more and more embarrassing.No, Xiaoxiao is not only sweaty, but also sweaty!If hesitant, even a fool will doubt it.

Forget it, it’s out!The little hand shivered and began to unlock Xuanyuan Lie’s belt.

However, it was just a belt, and she did not solve it for a minute.She was so anxious that she couldn’t wait to open it directly.

"OK! You go to the cabinet next to you." The cold voice came.

Xuan Yuanlie opened his mouth impatiently, and Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately turned to the cabinet aside.

In fact, it is no wonder that Xiaoxiao shakes his hands. On the underworld, she is a frightened underworld, but in the relationship between men and women … there is only one experience.Now that she wants to help people undress, it is more painful than killing her.

When she found the yukata and took it out, Xuanyuan Lie was already in the bath.Alas … The eyes are not pure, and the eyes are not clean. Xiaoxiao lowered his head holding the bathrobe.

I don’t know how long it has been … she heard the sound of water, as if Xuan Yuanlie stood up.Lowing his head and seeing only a pair of barefoots coming towards her.Stopped in front of her.

Xiaoxiao raised his head subconsciously.I saw a bloody scene in front of me, from bottom to top, there was no reason!She stared straight at him …

One second …

Two seconds …

Three seconds …

"What do you do?" The cold voice sounded again.

She suddenly reacted, and immediately put the bathrobe in her hand and covered Xuanyuan Lie.

Xuan Yuanlie put on the yukata upside down and said to her indifferently, "Go, go down."

Nodded, Xiaoxiao walked out of the bathroom calmly. At the moment of the current door of the foot bathroom, her whole body softened.It was too painful. Today, this matter is more scary than she encountered all difficulties when she broke into the underworld for many years.Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but touch her hot face, so hot and hot …

The next day, Xiaoxiao got up early in the morning.The first thing to wake up is to hurry up and wash and go downstairs to find a son in the house.

Take a look at the left, right look …

At least she had turned around three or four times in this huge house, and she didn’t see the shadow of cats.

Strange, obviously the cat came here yesterday, why did you never see the cat?Isn’t it just that Xuan Yuanlie went to a toilet yesterday? Can it still fall into the punch?

It wasn’t until the evening that Xiaoxiao gave up completely, and the son really didn’t have been in this house.Damn Xuanyuan Lie, where did he hide the cat again?

Just thinking that Xuanyuan Lie seemed to be going out.Running immediately: "Lord, I’ll drive."

Xuanyuan Lie stopped and looked at Xiaoxiao’s back shoulder.

Realizing what he meant, she immediately said, "There is no problem driving, I will take office one day, and I can’t always lose my job the next day."

Xuan Yuanlie didn’t speak and threw the key directly to her.

Starting the car, Xiaoxiao turned his head and glanced at him: "Lord, where are we going?" Actually, her wound was still painful, but she couldn’t find a son in this house.It’s right.

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