After divorce 1: The woman is pregnant, but was informed by her husband: She is back, let’s divorce

This story is purely fiction, please do not get a seat.

Because the month was not late, I took time to the hospital for examination in the afternoon, and I was pregnant.

I am very happy. For five years, he has always been cold to me.

Although there are a lot of rooms in the same room, every time he uses a "raincoat", saying that he does not want to have children, saying that the child is too noisy.

I’m sad, I want to ask if he doesn’t want me to give birth to his child?Do you still miss Luo Xiaowen?

But I was afraid that if I torn my face with him, the two of us would not go.

This time I was a successful pregnancy. I was also careful. I secretly tied a small hole in the "raincoat" in the bedside table.

I know he doesn’t love me, but I love him, I dream of having a child who is exactly the same as him.

Back to the unit, I have no intention to go to work. It is full of his mind that he knows my reaction after pregnancy. Will he lose his temper?Or overjoyed, or forced to accept.

But no matter what, I was going to make this child. I stroked the flat abdomen, and the motherly love in my heart flooded.

After get off work, I went to the vegetable market to buy some dishes that I like to eat. Now my belly has a baby. I want to eat better and add nutrition to my baby.

After I made the meals, it was seven o’clock. He has not returned yet. This is not normal. He will come back at 6:30 in the past., Eat yourself first.

I picked up the phone and saw it without the information he sent.

When I was about to call him, I heard the door opening. He came in with a briefcase and changed shoes at the porch.

"Come back! Eat" I smiled at him.

His eyes flickered and said, "I’ve eaten it"

I stunned for a moment and said, "Oh, I have eaten it, then I eat it myself."

I went back to the table and picked up chopsticks to eat.

"Yaqi, I told you" he came over and sat opposite me and said seriously.

I put down the chopsticks and said, "Oh, I also have something to tell you, I …"

I was about to take out the pregnancy checklist, but he interrupted me: "Yaqi, you listen to me first, let’s divorce!"

I stunned and almost didn’t believe my ears. I looked at his eyes, and his eyes clearly told me that he was not joking.

"Why?" My hand was as if I was stuck with a knife.

He touched his hair decades and said, "Xiao Wen is back, I find that I still can’t forget her"

I pointed at him emotionally: "Ding Yuanwei, because she returned, would you divorce with me? To continue his forefront with her?"

"Well, I’m sorry." His eyes were so decisive that it made me understand that I couldn’t save it. I was abandoned by him ruthlessly.

"Yaqi, I’m sorry for you, we divorce, this house is given to you with the deposit at home, I will have the house in Tianyu Bay"

"Okay, I agree, I will go to divorce tomorrow, but I won’t bless you." After that, I ran back to the room and locked the door.

I cried in my bed, and my heart seemed to be dug away.

Luo Xiaowen was his first love. During the college period, the two of them were a pair of golden boy and jade girl recognized in the college, and I just had a crush on one of Ding Yuanwei.

Later, I heard that Luo Xiaowen went to the United States with a rich man. Ding Yuanwei started drinking all night and all night. One day he drunk on the lawn of the college, and I helped him to the boy’s dormitory.

Since then, he knew that there was a person in me in the college. I brushed a sense of presence in front of him every day and studied his preferences. People in the entire college knew that I liked him.

He should also know that he did not respond.

One day, I gathered the courage to ask him, "Can you be my boyfriend?"

He froze for a moment, nodded and agreed. After that, we fell in love. During the love period, I took the initiative. I didn’t find him, and he would basically not find me.

The roommates are not worthy of me, but I am happy, I love him, even if I can only look at him from a distance, I also think it is a kind of happiness, not to mention that he is now my boyfriend who is right.

One year later, we graduated, joined the job, and after another year, I told him, "Let’s get married!"

He hesitated for a moment and said, "I think about it"

After a few days, I asked him again, "Do you think about it?"

"Consider it, get married!"

Listening from his tone, he seems to have made a big decision, but I am happy, he is finally going to be my part.

After that, he saw his parents, received a certificate, and organized a wedding. From beginning to end, he did not show how happy he was, let alone active participation.

At that time, I was caught in the sweet vision of the wedding life, and I didn’t expect so much.

After marriage, he respects me like a guest, and he has never quarreled. The neighbors said that we are not like a husband and wife.

Only when I felt his enthusiasm when I was lingering at midnight, I felt that he had me in his heart, although it felt likely to be my illusion.

Everything is clear now. It turned out that he didn’t love me at the end of the end. It turned out that what he wanted was a vigorous love, even if he married me, it was forced by reality.

Poor me spent seven years and couldn’t cover his heart. As long as Luo Xiaowen beckoned, he still abandoned all of her to run towards her.

That night, the two of us fell asleep for the first time.

The next morning, he took out two divorce agreements and asked me to sign. I sneered: "I can’t wait!"

"Yaqi …" He looked at me with a tangled expression.

I stopped looking at him, and picked up the name of the brush.

After that, the two called the company and the unit for leave. They actually used the same excuses in a tacit understanding. They caught a cold and needed leave to rest.

After hanging up the phone, the two of us went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. After the divorce certificate arrived in one hour, he was ready to part ways.

He called me: "Yaqi, I’m sorry for you, we will still be relatives in the future, if you can use it where you can use it,"

"No, I have a loved one, I don’t need you." I rejected him, turned away, and I didn’t want to cover it. Sister, I can afford it.

Unexpectedly, he called me again: "Yaqi, what did you tell me yesterday?"

"Nothing, I just tell you, if I come back late in the future, tell me, but now I say these boring," I said with a smile.

To this day, I don’t plan to tell him what I am pregnant. I am willing to want this little life. I want to give birth to him alone. I can afford him. He is my own!

He looked at me fixedly and didn’t speak.

I walked to the side of the road, drove home, and suffocated along the way.

When I got home, I found that Ding Yuanwei had already arrived home first, and he was packing his things.

Without each other, the atmosphere was depressed.

"You slowly pack up, I went out to buy something and came back." I found an excuse at will, and fled.

Before continuing.

Want to know if Zhou Yaqi gave birth to a child?Please look at the decomposition.

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