After confirming that you are pregnant, you need 9 things you need to know, so that you can calmly face the entire pregnancy period

At the beginning of this year, we finally decided to have a second child.After eating folic acid for half a year and after doing a pre -pregnancy medical examination, when you started formal pregnancy with joy, he was notified to inoculate the new crown vaccine.

For safety, two months after vaccination, I confirmed that I was pregnant.Because I have experienced once, I can do it in my heart how much I have during this pregnancy.

In order to prevent the first pregnancy sisters, I share it today. After confirming that pregnancy, you need 9 things you need to know:

1. Is it necessary to keep the secret of pregnancy?

In our customs, I can’t tell others for unstable fetal discomfort before pregnancy, but it is necessary to see the wisdom in life.

I just confirmed that my grandfather died after pregnancy.According to our customs, women who are pregnant cannot attend the funeral, so after I just confirmed that I was pregnant, because of this special timing, almost all relatives and neighbors knew.

In addition, my son is just 4 years old. He is a child who loves coquettish, sensitive and energetic. He usually likes to let me chase him and run, and occasionally lying on me "riding a horse."If I suddenly change our usual habits and do not explain reasonably, his psychological probability will be uncomfortable.

For this reason, when I was preparing for pregnancy, I began to tell him intentionally or unintentionally that after my mother Huai Huaibao’s precautions were confirmed, I told him the first time.

So in my opinion, whether to keep secrets in the first three months of pregnancy, mainly depends on your family structure and your own thoughts.

In my opinion, expectant mothers do not need to worry about whether to keep secrets, because if the fetus stops, this itself means that the fetus is not good. Although unfortunately, it is not a bad thing to think about it.And tell people who are close, you will be taken care of and understanding in many things.

Of course, if you taboo this can not tell others at all, this is right or wrong.

2. Necessary exercise

After pregnancy, in addition to physical reasons, the doctor told that expectant mothers must engrave the exercise in their hearts.

In 2002, the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecologists began to suggest that women during pregnancy and menopausal women performed at least 30 minutes of medium -intensity aerobic exercise per day, and it was also recommended to start exercise during pregnancy during pregnancy, because exercise can greatly reduce during pregnancy during pregnancy.The risk of diabetes, hypertension and eclaose.

Exercise during pregnancy can also help expectant mothers quickly restore their health after production.Of course, many exercise is not suitable for every expectant mother, and exercise must also be forced.

If you have no habit of exercising before pregnancy, walking for half an hour a day is a good choice. Of course, this must also evaluate your physical condition.

3. Emotional changes

During pregnancy, because of hormone changes, your emotions may be unstable. A little thing may make you "firecrackers" and make you fall into a thoughtful thinking. This is a normal emotional response.

You can do more things that make yourself happy, such as watching a movie you like, chatting with friends, etc. These can help you stabilize your mood and maintain a happy mood.

4. Calculate due date

Knowing that you are pregnant, or others know that you are pregnant, one word is always mentioned: due date.If your menstruation is regular and you have the habit of recording menstruation on the APP, then you can easily calculate your due date. If your menstruation is irregular, the doctor will also measure the due date according to the size of the B -ultrasound baby.

Of course, the due date is only a rough date of birth. Many babies, especially the second baby, will be born in advance or exceed the due date. This is normal, so you’d better have all related production and production and all related production andThe baby’s things are ready and put them in a suitcase. When the baby shows signs of launching, he will not leave.

When I gave birth to a child a few days ago, I did not prepare these things in advance. I called us to help clean up when I was in the hospital. We did not know where she was placed and what she took for her, so that the whole scene was very chaotic.

Attachment to the production period calculation method:

Based on the first day of the last month menstruation, the month decreases 3 or plus 9, and the date plus 7

For example, the last menstrual period is July 22, the calculation method is the month: 7-3 = 4, the date is 22+7 = 29, and the due date is April 29.

5. Choose the place of delivery

After confirming that you are pregnant, you have to choose a delivery hospital in advance.Nowadays, most cities have several hospitals. Which hospital is selected for delivery, you need to consider economic reasons and actual situations.

My boss was produced by a people’s hospital, so we also chose to produce in this hospital. In addition to being familiar with, the hospital strength is also considered.

6. Construction file

After pregnancy, the establishment of files is a major event. After doing a series of examinations, the doctor will help you build files to record your physical condition.

After choosing a delivery hospital, the future archives and check -up can be performed at the delivery hospital to facilitate the doctor to understand your information.

7. B ultrasound

After pregnancy, there is a necessary examination that runs through the entire pregnancy, which is B -ultrasound, which can help us understand the health of the fetus.

Generally speaking, the first formal checkup was checked every 4 weeks during 12-28 weeks, every 28-36 weeks was checked every 2 weeks, and every week after 36 weeks.During this period, there were NT, Tang Si, and Dragon Favorites.

8. From now on, a healthy life

After pregnancy, your state directly affects the health of the fetus. From now on, healthy life is very necessary.

Eat less or even eat food, refuse tobacco and alcohol, go to bed early and get up early, eat more vegetables, drink plenty of water, and exercise in appropriate amount to keep yourself in a more comfortable state.

9. Read more books and participate in prenatal training courses

After pregnancy, it is really easy to think about it. Sometimes a little thing about the fetus is easily enlarged into a big thing.Children will be anxious in their stomach, and the child will be anxious after birth.To eliminate this "curse", you need to read more gestational books, understand the status of each stage. The more you understand, the less your anxiety will be, and the stronger the sense of control.

In addition, many hospitals now also have prenatal training courses, and prospective parents who need them can also participate.

Pregnancy is not a matter of one person. It is a happy thing to bring a small life to a small family, which also requires the care of each family member.Finally, a picture of the little knowledge that expectant mothers care about during pregnancy, I hope to help everyone.

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