After breaking up, what responsibilities should the man bear?

If the male and female friends are pregnant after breaking up, whether the man must bear legal responsibility depends on whether the child is really born behind, because only when you are born can he determine the rights and obligations.Specific Sweet Potato Chicken Services APP to learn more about the relevant regulations of parents and children in marriage law?

The law can not help but have a relationship if there is no marriage between men and women, and it is not forbidden to stop the non -marriage children. On the contrary, Article 1071 of the Civil Code stipulates that non -marriage children enjoy the same rights as children of marriage and life. Any organization of any organization.Or individuals must not harm and discriminate.

1. Principles

The relationship between parents and children is not eliminated by their parents.After breaking up, the children are still the children of both parents, regardless of their father or mother.After breaking up, parents still have the right to raise, educate, and protect their children.

2. Raising regulations (under certain circumstances, the man can also advocate raising children)

After breaking up, children under the age of 2 are raised directly by their mother.If the children who are 2 years old, both parents do not agree with the raising issues, and the people’s court will be judged in accordance with the specific situation of the two parties in accordance with the specific situation of the two parties.Those who are 8 years old should respect their true wishes.

3. If you do not raise, pay the support fee

After breaking up, the children are raised directly by one party, and the other party should bear part of the part or all support fees.The amount of the burden and the length of the period shall be agreed by both parties; if the agreement does not, the people’s court will be judged.

The above -mentioned agreement or judgment does not hinder the child’s reasonable requirements to make a reasonable requirement to any of the parents when necessary.

4. Detective right

After breaking up, the father or mother who does not directly raise the child has the right to visit the children, and the other party has the obligation to assist.The way and time of exercising the right to explore the rights shall be approved by the parties; if the agreement fails, it shall be judged by the people’s court.Father or mother visiting children is not conducive to their children’s physical and mental health, and the people’s courts suspend their visits according to law; after the suspension of disappearance, it should be resumed to visit.

The above is the relevant content compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. The child is born. The man has the obligation to raise.If you want to know more about relevant laws and knowledge, you can download the service apps, use investigating regulations and case retrieval tools for free to check the relevant regulations and cases you want to know.

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