After being pregnant, I forced me to give up, and I sent her directly to jail!Alas, my mother is the daughter of the treacherous appearance

The name "Tian Zong Wizard"

"Three million two snowflakes, first filial piety to the prime minister."

My father couldn’t get together, and agreed that the promotion was covered on him.

Everyone in the world knows that my father is greedy for money. He is the first -class traitor of the court. The plague god of the people of the worm in the society. Only I remember that my father had been iron -bone, and his legs were never kneeling to the nobles.

I had a sister. When I was in the cold winter, I was rolled to death by the carriage of the county master.

My father was unsuccessful, and he smoked a dry tobacco outside the house. He was not lit with the complaint he wrote into Beijing, but he was intercepted as soon as he went out of the city gate and was intercepted in the name of the adulterer.

My dad was humiliated in prison and broke a leg, just to coincides with the new emperor to be released from prison.

Since that day, he has never been able to live in others. He wants to be an official and a big official!

He paid for the heirs left by Grandpa Tai. After countless hands, he was repeatedly deducted, and finally bought a sesame -sized official.

My dad was five years old in the side.

One day, the prince of Weifu came to our house, and he froze for a full time when he stepped into the grassy courtyard.

He stayed for a few days. After half a month, a imperial decree came to my house. My father was promoted and worshiped five grades.

Since then, my father’s promotion is getting faster and faster.Finally, the prime minister told the old to return to his hometown, and my father should not be pushed to that position.

On the day of the movement, my dad red eyes and touched the crown over and over again, putting myself into the spiritual hall with a tablet with only one tablet, and passed.

It was also on that day that the county magistrate who had killed my sister was violent at home, and there were countless evidence of corruption and bribery. The female family members were sold as official prostitutes, and the male Ding was assigned to the army.

Our father and daughter finally lived a good life, and I also grown in the years in Jinyi Yu.

Those who asked for a relatives broke through the threshold, but my dad refused one by one.

It seems that there is nothing to make him happy except for collecting money. Every time the person who comes to give gifts, there are only us two of us after giving away, but he always silently falls.And regret.

I know my father is blaming himself.

In fact, I didn’t care about this.

After walking out of my dad’s study one day, I couldn’t help it when I listened to the sighs in the room, and broke into the door.

"Dad, it’s just a disabled son, I am married!"

I knew that the arrival of the prince was not a coincidence, but that nobles were secretly traction.

And the nobleman who can pull His Royal Highness is not ordinary wealthy, but the regent king who is not today.

The regent Wang Ken helped my father a condition.

That was to marry me and his only son, Xue Yulou.

I heard that Xue Xuanlou was a young general on the battlefield. At the age of six, he entered the army camp and was lonely into the enemy forces. He was praised by the emperor as a rare talent for 100 years.

However, when his young man was proud, a battle suddenly fell from immediately. Since then, his legs have been unable to stand. The future has ends and has become increasingly violent.

He is two years older than me. Because he is disabled, he is unwilling to marry his daughter with a little more door.Essence

At the moment my Feng Guanxia entered the palace, my dad rushed to me in front of me, grabbed my hand and said:

"I, if I was wronged, although I went home, my father would protect you after fighting for this old life."

I responded with tears, and when I arrived in the main hall, there was a hazy red gauze in front of me. I couldn’t see the expression of the people around me. Only after a while, I heard someone shouting: "The son of Shizi is here!"

For a moment, Guangyong entered the house, and a man sitting in a wheelchair slowly entered, bringing a hint of cold.

I only saw that his facial features were the best, and his face was clean and fair as good as white jade. It was not like a general who had been fighting the wind and the sun.

He was red in red, his legs were long, and he went out after worshiping me without a word.

I sat in the cave and my legs were numb, and I waited for the right to lift my head.

So I simply lay down and fell asleep, staggered in the middle of the night, and only faintly listened to the door. It seemed that several people hurriedly stepped back.His hand gently picked the pole.

I bumped into those deep and clear eyes.

Four eyes are opposite, but his eyes became cold, and the light in the bottom of his eyes faded down.

I think that I am not bad. This is not my self -confidence in Beijing’s first noble girl, let alone my father bought it for me?

At first, such a notorious man was willing to worship me with me. I thought he had any ideas for me. I didn’t expect that he picked the hijab, but it was such a disappointment.

"World -Fujun, I seem to be not satisfied with my body?"

I have changed my mouth by myself.

He disgusted his sleeves from my hands, and he wrote all the four characters of me.

He pushed the door and left, and he didn’t return until dawn.

The next day I used the rules to Feng tea from my father -in -law. He was not there. Mrs. Wang Wang was very satisfied with me.

I cope with one by one, and my eyes were still looking for his trace.

Until a girl hurriedly rushed to report: "Shi Zi is crazy again, this time he has to wave his knife!"

My mother -in -law and I changed their faces and went straight to the past.

Inside the house was a piece of wolf, mixed with blood, the man sitting in a wheelchair was messy, his eyes were dull, his forehead was raised, but he was still handsome.

He raised his eyes and saw me, sneered and put his eyes on his mother -in -law: "I listened to you marrying her, so what about it, can she let her enter the house?"

The mother -in -law shouted, "Heart!" The old tears rushed over and hugged him, and he couldn’t say a word.

When I thought of it, I only asked for it on time. It seemed that there was a girl who asked her mother -in -law to take a look with a word that was held to the Qinglou.

Xue Yulou was only dark under his eyes.

"So mother is going to talk to the baby?"

He looked at the mother who was lying on his knees expressionlessly, raised his dagger suddenly, and aimed at his throat!

"Shizi is slow!"

I don’t know how courageous the courage said: "That girl girl, this will usher in you!"

The dagger was dingling on the ground, and he and mother -in -law looked at my eyes.

The advantage of a traitor dad is that the industry is rich in the name. The green tower in this city is now under my father’s name, which is convenient for him to eavesdo various news from DPRK.

A few days later, the girl who was like a jade was greeted by me.

I often suspect that her name should be "嘤 嘤 嘤", because she is too crying, and everywhere she goes, the eyes are slightly swollen and crying.Crying, I didn’t doubt that she could carry it in the next second.

The night when I passed the door, Xue Yulou came to my room.

He smiled rarely to me and said, thank you.

I hooked my lips silently.

In fact, when I was willing to help him marry another woman, I would no longer treat him as my husband.

I rejected what he left.

With the accompanied by his children, Xue Yulou’s body became better every day, and he could even stand up.

Every day I eat alone in the front yard, listening to the laughter from the backyard, and say nothing.

The people in the house laughed at me. It was not as good as a woman from a blue building. Obviously I was a concubine. There was something in the house to choose from the backyard.The one.

Half a year later, I saw Xue Yulou’s days. At the beginning of the month, he was extremely politely dressed as a model husband and wife to ask his parents -in -law. The regent that the regent was happy to improve his mind, and gradually acquiesced the existence of his child.

Xue Yulou is grateful to my generous sensibility. Occasionally I come to the courtyard to find me in the evening. I always do not see it.

I am my daughter’s daughter. No matter how people all over the world misunderstand him, in my eyes, he is always the hero who has been interrupted with legs and still laughed.

The feelings of his Xue Yulou’s alms, I was so disdainful!

The belly of 天 was bigger day by day, but he and I didn’t even have a round room.

In the face of countless rumors, I don’t mind.

I know that I just unfortunately appeared in the story of others and became the vicious female partner that hindered the loyalty of the male and female masters.

Since the big mountain of the regent king, the whole family of the sister -in -law has also reached the Huang Teng.

She was born in a flower girl. Her father was a alcoholic. She met Xue Yulou in the market, and she was associated with a flower.

Xue Yulou couldn’t forget the sweet smile of the girl who saw the flower girl who saw the flower on the street when she first opened, and she vowed early. In this life, she would not marry.

It’s not ridiculous, in the end he married me.

The father’s father quickly exposed the mountains in the middle of the Chaozhongzhong, and his style was vulgar, but he was covered with Xue family.

One day, when I was passing by the backyard, I accidentally heard it, and I said to Xue Yulou crying: "My father wants the position of the prime minister."

I didn’t listen to what Xue Yulou said, but just speeded up and returned to the front yard.

I spread out the paper and pen, and thought about whether to inform my father immediately, and someone hit his head.

On this night, the long figure wrapped the cold wind into my door.

It’s rare for a hundred years.

Before I mocked my opening, he had dropped a breath pigeon to my bed.

"What’s this?"

He didn’t have a trace of feelings.

I replied faintly: "That’s what you see."

Xue Yulou smiled suddenly: "Shen Yan, when did you eat and wear here shortly, why should you do this?"

"Isn’t the son of the son who intend to give the Laozhang’s position to the father of the concubine?"

He didn’t answer, it was default.

After a while, he said deeply: "This is what my family gives your father. It is the position of the prime minister I used to change with my great achievements and my dad with the reputation!"

I know what he wants to say. He wants to say that if he leaves the big tree of the regent, according to my father’s greed, he has been prison and asked how many times he was sinned, but I just felt irony.

"Do you know how much my dad has flowed into Guifu?"


I vomited these two words very clearly, announcing our clear Chu River and Han Realms.

He stared fiercely at me and smiled suddenly: "Very good, very good!"

A moment before going out, he seemed to think of something and sneered back.

"Shen Yan, I give you a chance, you are sitting in the son of this son, or your father’s Miss Qianjin."

I made a choice without hesitation."I am not rare at all of this concubine, although let your sister -in -law sit!"

He laughed three times and fell away.

I was also placed under house arrest that day.

Can’t leave half a step.

One day, I felt a little bit of my heart, dizzy and weak, and was lying in the bed with confusion, and a voice came in from the yard.

"See Liang Liang!"

Okay, no see for a few days, I can do good.

I smiled bitterly and watched her block my nose with a Paizi, and walked into the door like something dirty.

"I see the concubine who is dead."

She was very polite, but she sat directly on the main seat with her buttocks, and she didn’t take me at all.

I barely supported, I didn’t want to be seen by her, and laughed: "How does the noble people walk around, such a big belly is going to give birth, or don’t come to my obscure place to find myself."

She touched her belly with a smile: "There is a son of the son of the sons, and this blessing is naturally thicker than the next.

My eyebrows jumped.

"What good news?"

I had poured a cup of tea for myself by itself, and slowly spit out a few words.

"Naturally, I congratulate the father’s father and the official worship the prime minister."

"boom".There was something exploded in my head for a moment.

I never thought of it, Xue Yulou was so ridiculous, and this is cruel!

For the beauty, he actually pulled my father from the official position he asked for life!

This is my father’s hard work for a lifetime!

"Where is my father now?!"

Xieer exposed the tea and smiled: "The former prime minister Shen Qing, the crime of corruption and the law was extremely evil, and the people had harmed the people to the socialist.

I don’t know how she later.

I just felt that I couldn’t hear anything, and my ears were buzzing.

I watched my white bedroom stained with a large beach, and I realized that it turned out that this was flowing from my mouth.

After the autumn, ask chopping.

After autumn …

I lost my consciousness.

In the coma, I seemed to fall into a hard embrace. Someone kept shouting my name in my ears. I don’t know who it was, but when I woke up, I saw Xue Yulou’s iron face.

He didn’t seem to have a good rest, his eyes were dark, and the neat crowns were loosened.

"My father and him-"

Before I asked, he suddenly pulled his hand out of my arms.

"Shen Yan, you are a crazy crazy woman!"

I was like a knife in my belly. I don’t know what happened. He yelled at me scarlet at his eyes: "Do you know, you killed the child’s child, you killed our child!"

Shocking made me speechless. He had a cold look and looked down at me, just like watching a stranger who made him extremely disgusting.

"I promised 沉, Shen Yan, I will let you pay the price for today."

He waved his hand, and I was proudly picked up and dragged out of the door from the bed until the broken cloth was generally discarded in the corner of the sky.

In the cold and humid place, the rice is stingy, the straw is wet and cold, I shouting "Where are you!" "Dad !!!"

What he got was the impatient scolding of the jailer, and the mouse ants bite madly.

I received a confession book, asking me to admit that the son of the good man in the tea, if I recognize it, it would not die.

I laughed and torn the confession.

Why do you have no rhetoric?Intersection

What do I do, why do I recognize!

I suddenly felt that I was a father who had become a dad ten years ago, and was put into the iron prison in a sloppy manner. Obviously I was the victim, but I was abused, beaten, and forced to recognize a charges that did not belong to myself.Essence

I’m so disgusting, it’s really disgusting!

I just want to laugh crazy.

If my father is really dead, I will not let go of Xue Yulou and 璎 when I do ghosts!

I cried for a while and laughed madness until the middle of the night. It was blurred, and the door seemed to open. A pair of slender hands put on my pulse, sighed slightly, and stuffed a pill in my mouth.

The import of the pill immediately, I swallowed unconsciously before I reacted.

Opening your eyes is a gentle and clear face, which is always different from Xue Yulou’s one with dark colors. This one looks clear and clean.

"Weichen Tai Hospital is Chen Ming, and meet the prince."

Chen Ming.

I seem to have listened to my father’s name.

It is said that he is a rare juvenile wizard of Tai Hospital, and his promotion to him is also a rare to do with his own mind.

"Is my father who let you come?"

I said weakly, holding a hint of hope.

He hesitated and nodded.

My brows opened immediately.

"That’s good, that’s good …"

That’s it, it means that my father is still alive.

I asked again, then my father was really detained in the jail and asked after the autumn?

He shook his head and didn’t know.

I asked Her Majesty’s attitude towards my father?What about the regent?

He shook his head again.

In the end, I asked many questions and said silently. I was tired and turned over and lying on the grass pad.

He walked to me and retreated slowly.

Outside the cell, I unexpectedly heard Xue Yulou’s anger.

"Oh, she really only had her father’s traitor!"

"In order to get revenge for her father, drinking poison should be exhausted with the good son of the son, and there are such lunatics in the world!"


Drinking, all of them.

It’s really a loss.

I had already made up her nose and lying on the body of Xue Yulou crying. The eggbeat was probably soft, and promised her to unload me eight.

The next night, I was cold, and it seemed to get into a very warm place in the blurred consciousness.

Very warm, like Dad’s embrace.

He hugged me lightly, and his fingers were soaked with cold sweat for me with cold sweat, and every move was very gentle.


I curled up in his arms greedily, but tears fell off.

He wanted to coax me in his hands, but I just cried and louder.

"Dad, I shouldn’t marry him. He is really a bad egg. Xue Yulou doesn’t love me at all. He never glanced at me …"

"He always helps others to bully me, and deduct my cost. I always wrapped last year’s winter clothes in a hot day. In winter, only summer clothes can be worn. My room is so cold that there is no charcoal fire.Can throw a lot of it … "

"I am not rare to pick up others, I just, so wronged. I don’t want to stay there, dad, can you pick me home?"

I cried intermittently, but he hugged me tighter.

I heard a familiar voice sticking to my ears, and my forehead was printed and kissed."Well, he is a bad egg, and he has long recognized the wrong person. He is really the most muddy egg in the world! …"

There are also cold liquids dripping on my forehead. I cried and asked my father to take me home. He breathed a hot breath in my ear, and he was almost crazy about hate.

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