After being green for so many years, she finally divorced?

Hello everyone, I am a deep fans who eat melon.

How difficult is it to divorce now?Even Ke Yirou, who has a good economic situation, still holds the ex -husband’s derailment several times,

It took four and a half years to finally worship with her ex -husband Guo Zongkun a few days ago.

As soon as the verdict came out, even her mother was happy to dance in the live broadcast.

After all, nothing is more refreshing than getting rid of a more than ten years of nightmare.


To say that Ke Yirou is also an old acquaintance of many Kangxi audience.In his early years, he was called a fruit girl because his parents opened a fruit store.

She used to make soy sauce in "Lavender" with Chen Qiaoen.

At that time, it is estimated that many people did not expect that in the past, they did not want to marry a giant unwilling to find Xiaokai, and could even calmly reject Ke Yirou, who was willing to transfer a 300,000 diamond ring to the Bay Bay and buy her 300,000 diamond ring.

In the end, it took half a year to marry the bald head of the restaurant.

In addition, he gave him three children in one breath.

Now that I want to come, Ke Yirou can fall so fast, I am afraid it is because the "fat head fish" play is almost fine.

Before the two were together, he had begun to be infatuated in front of everyone.

Almost everyone around knows that he is a loyal fan of Ke Yirou, collecting her photos every day.

After that, when Ke Yirou was hurt, he finally entered and found a chance to give warmth.

At this time, the unscrupulous appearance and background are likely to become Guo Zongkun’s mate selection advantage.

Because, many girls may relax their vigilance to a man -———

After all, a rich and handsome man is so infatuated to me like a daydream; but a man with a good condition has always been so good to me, that’s more reality.

Moreover, Guo Zongkun also played this pet wife to the extreme.

At the wedding, he swear to everyone:

"Although I am not a giant, I am specially good, I am waiting for softness."

After getting married, Guo Zongkun has been showing himself in front of everyone for a long time.

Not only have photos that make people call "flowers inserted on cow dung" are not only always showing affection in crazy:

Life is also sticking together every day in addition to work.

When Ke Yirou became pregnant, he also did the intimate care of 24 hours a day.

At the same time, Guo Zongkun also emphasizes his humbleness and honor on each program:

Being able to marry the lover in the dream, Erou, wakes up every day and feels like dreaming.

Although there is no house or even no diamond ring, sweet life can be used with pets.

As a result, a well -known ten husbands came into being to use the rules of the use of codes–

What to take a bath to measure water temperature, eat crabs to help pick crab meat, buy things courageous to pay, insomnia must be accompanied all night …

However, it turns out that the more I know the humble and ugly man who sells miserable, the more likely it is, the more likely it is a water ghost with eight legs and stunned.


For only four months for Ke Yirou’s second child, Guo Zongkun was shot to go out to watch a movie with a girl. The two were still alone in the car for more than 20 minutes.

After more than a week, he took a walk with the girl, and finally returned her home.

As soon as the news came out, the entire network was shocked.

However, the reporter’s elder brother did not capture the real physical contact, and gave Guo Zongkun’s space to quibble.

He fought on Kangxi to find a supplement for himself: I said what day to watch movies with all employees.

The woman who was traveling was just a frequent visitor to eat in their shop.Although I did something wrong, I was not derailed, but I should not send her home.

I have been, and I haven’t forgotten to continue to maintain my infatuated lover:

"But I think Ke Yirou should mind, that means she cares about me."

Under the explanation and blindness of his water, Ke Yirou really believed in his words, and clarified on various occasions for him.

As a result, I thought that the dog couldn’t change it.

Two years later, my elder brother who never gave up, finally caught new evidence-

Guo Zongkun brought the girl to Japan with the girl again.

Seeing the news, Ke Yirou rushed to Japan quickly, and flipped from the girl’s room to her husband’s passport.

So Guo Zongkun cried again:

She came over with me just the translation of the day, and there was no other relationship.

If it wasn’t for the exposure of another wave of photos, it is estimated that Ke Yirou would worship it under the tears waterfall of his ex -husband–

Big Brother reporters gave a package of evidence that Guo Zongkun and the girl had three weeks of secrets through unremitting efforts.

In addition, they also took pictures of Guo Zongkun and the girl upstairs.

But can Guo Zongkun give up the struggling person like this?

He always has countless reasons for untenable to defend the reporter’s iron certificate-

You said he was going upstairs, he said he was going to move something.

You asked him why he couldn’t get off the lights when he went upstairs?

So, a more ridiculous answer than the luminous script appeared -I quarreled with my wife in those days, and I was lying on the top of the building. Can’t I cry in the staircase?

The neighbors were angry when they saw this response:

Our staircases are usually locked and we can’t get in.

With the spirit of empirical, the reporter also deliberately went to this building to try the taste of sleeping in the staircase.

The result was nothing surprising: it was too painful to sleep.

After discovering that I did not have room for quibble, those who were willing to be humble before became his misery tool-

Do you know how miserable I am?I also ligated for my wife.

My wife didn’t take care of me at all. I was so pitiful that I had to wash my own clothes by myself.

The employees who rumored the scandal were also very pitiful. Obviously it was her and my wife, and her mother was really sad.

The reporter talked about my voice at the moment: Then you haven’t thought about how sad your wife is?

As a result, this man’s face is not needed. Not only must he justify himself and his lover, but also splash dirty water to Ke Yirou:

But have she thought about how sad I and the girl and me?

She killed a good girl and harmed my shop.


As soon as this attitude came out, Ke Yirou finally recognized the true face of this fat -headed fish-

It turned out that at first glance, the so -called talent that she paid attention to was fake.

It was all foam who made her miss for so many years.

She initiated a divorce lawsuit with Guo Zongkun, accusing him of derailment and even domestic violence.

But at this time, Guo Zongkun didn’t do it again.

He began to dress up in front of the camera, wiped tears in the reporter crazy and said that he did not want to divorce.

Even taking his parents out as a shield.

What’s even more ridiculous is that Guo Zongkun also took out the medical records and said that he had a serious heart disease and lived in the intensive care unit.

It didn’t take long for the reporter to take a picture of him playing in the shrimp farm. On average, he ate a shrimp on average.

The reporter called him quickly and asked him what he was doing. He really opened his mouth and was a lie:

I saw a doctor at the hospital, and then I had to perform a surgery.

Oh, do you want to use your own teeth to perform surgery for shrimp?

In this way, Guo Zongkun kept appealing and selling miserable, and entangled Ke Yirou for four and a half years.

She even spoke to the reporter madly: she couldn’t do without.


Fortunately, although Ke Yirou invested 100 % of his relationship with this marriage, it was clean and neat when it was time to pull away.

She said that letting go and let go, and resolutely said in the live broadcast: It was not my family who did not live with me.

Even if Guo Zongkun, who had forgiven countless times, attempted to recover the marriage again and again, she didn’t have any sympathy, but there was only one sentence: impossible to reunite.

In fact, Ke Yirou is a smart person, and he understands that Guo Zongkun has no ability at all.

Therefore, even in the marriage, she never expects him to support this home.

Instead, she made a lot of money by her own online shopping sideline, and she had a good job of family life.

Therefore, after discovering that Guo Zongkun couldn’t even pay out the parenting gold and houses that had been agreed, she immediately asked him to sign the property separation book.

Because of this, the house she spent money was preserved.

It turns out that after leaving the stinky man, Ke Yirou became better–

In more than four years entangled with Guo Zongkun, she has never stopped pursuing a better self.

She turned around from morning to 17 hours from morning to 17 hours, and grasped her job in one hand.

The other hand also took care of the children very well.

When she is idle, she will enjoy life with her family, or form a sports bureau with friends.

Everything is what she said in the live broadcast:

Although this way is very hard and suffer, the final result is indeed beautiful.

Indeed, even if a woman who is savvy and cautious, it may not be able to see the nature of a man at a glance.

Human nature is very complicated and many noodles -those who have the right to grow handsome are not necessarily bad people. They are loyal and honest, and they may be just a fat -headed fish that is good at disguising and selling miserable.

Even if he was a good person, he might be an unforgettable mistake when his head was hot.

We may not be 100 % to prevent ourselves from meeting the scumbag, but at least we must be like Ke Yirou. Even if you devote yourself, we must leave a back road that we can rely on.

After all, it is not as reliable as it is.


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