After 37 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may "unload" at any time, pay attention to these changes in the body

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With the growth of pregnancy and fetal development, when the process of pregnancy enters 37 weeks, the entire pregnancy will gradually enter the end.

At this stage, the physical functions of the baby’s body have basically developed, and it can be regarded as a full moon baby in medicine.

The pregnant mother started one month before entering the delivery and within the month before giving birth, the body will experience a variety of different changes, and each change is prepared for childbirth.

These changes may also be a sign of before giving birth. Pregnant mothers must understand in advance to help pregnant mothers prepare for childbirth.

1) Slight weight loss in weight

In the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that their weight growth rate is much slower, and the whole person feels a little easier.

Some pregnant mothers even lose weight.This is because the increasing uterus in the second trimester will cause compression of the stomach, resulting in the smaller appetite of the pregnant mother, less eating, and naturally the weight cannot grow.

2) Personal energy changes

With the growth of pregnancy, the fetus is growing larger, and pregnant women who usually enter the 9th month of pregnancy will feel very tired.

I often want to rest, but I am often unable to sit and lay down by babies in their stomachs, making the state of the pregnant mother even more unpleasant.

However, some pregnant mothers will have a "vigorous energy" situation, and there will be an impulse to clean up unavailable.

In fact, this situation is often called "nest instinct".This is a subconscious response of women after pregnancy, just like animals prepare the house in advance before childbirth.

3) The sense of compression of the pelvis

In the third trimester, pregnant women’s lower abdomen and groin will have obvious pain, which is affected by pelvic and rectal oppression.

In addition, most pregnant mothers will feel that there will be persistent pain above the back of the back.

4) Enter the pot, see red and amniotic fluid out of the water

2-4 weeks before giving birth, the fetus began to "enter the basin".The baby began to fall slowly to the pelvis, which is also a sign of nearly childbirth.

Before 24 hours before childbirth, pregnant women will have obvious redness.After that, the amniotic fluid ruptures and the amniotic fluid flows out, which is basically the beginning of childbirth.

Generally speaking, when pregnant women have obvious contraction pain and frequent contraction, then it can basically be determined that the childbirth time is officially coming.

In the second trimester, not only will it change in the body, but the pregnant mothers have psychologically undergone tremendous changes.1. Pregnant mothers are hesitant to childbirth, want to give birth and fear that they are difficult to give birth.2. Worried that the fetus will occur in hypoxia during childbirth. Once the fetus moves less or more, it will be nervous.

In short, after 37 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers not only have a series of changes in their bodies, but even their psychology will fluctuate.

However, nervous emotions will only make delivery more smoothly. Therefore, it is still recommended that pregnant mothers need to adjust their emotions in time, prepare for the birth package, and prepare to give birth at any time.

1. Various documents

When going to the hospital, the relevant documents should be brought well, such as the ID card of the parents, the baby’s permit, and the medical insurance card.

In addition, it is best to wear the results of the birth of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, and it will be used in some cases.

2. Infant supplies

The baby’s clothes, towels, diapers, etc. These must be brought.Although the hospital will provide clothes, I still use it to buy it.

3. Maternal supplies

After production, the maternal will be discharged from dew, so the most needed is the dedicated sanitary napkin.Like postpartum changing clothes and daily necessities, they must be brought well.

Written at the end:

Physical discomfort is very intuitive, but psychological discomfort is the most troublesome.It is hoped that pregnant mothers can actively adjust their mentality and face childbirth in the sun.

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