After 3 years of unhappy dumping, the egg tube was severely blocked. After learning the reason, she and her husband blushed.

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Many women believe that as long as they have menstruation, there is no problem of breeding.But for a few years after marriage, I didn’t see a little movement.In fact, in addition to ovulation, the infertility caused by fallopian tubes has accounted for 25%to 35%of women’s infertility, and in recent years, it has shown an increase in year by year.The fallopian tube is also called "the tube of life", which plays an important role in transporting sperm, ingestion of eggs, and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity.The blocked fallopian tube will hinder the passage of sperm and fertilized eggs, which will lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Zhang Mei has not been pregnant after marriage. At first she and her lover were immersed in the beauty of the two -person world, but after almost 3 years passed, the two talents found that their friends and classmates who were about to marry at the same time were parents.Prepare pregnancy.According to the prompts of the ovulation test strip, I exercised their bodies, my lover quit tobacco and alcohol. The couple who thought that everything had been prepared for many months was unsuccessful, so I realized that I was already a member of the infertility.

Zhang Mei went to the hospital to monitor ovulation for two months. Everything was normal. The lover also had a related inspection, and it was okay.The doctor suggested that Zhang Mei checked the fallopian tube, but Zhang Mei strictly refused.She believes that she has never been pregnant, nor does it flow, and there is no problem with the fallopian tubes.She was also afraid of the first -time tubes that would be damaged after being filled.

The doctor explained that the fallopian tubal angiography is a means of examination, which will not cause any damage to the fallopian tube itself. If the blockage is seriously blocked in the process, it will have different degrees of pain, but they are within the tolerance range.In response to Zhang Mei’s three -year unhappy situation, after excluding ovulation disorders, the next factor to be excluded is the fallopian tube.If you want to solve infertility, you must make up your mind to check the fallopian tube.

At first, Zhang Mei, who had a firm attitude, decided to do tubal angiography after another two months of pregnancy.She thought it was a routine business, but at the moment of the inspection results, the inspection results showed that Zhang Mei’s bilateral fallopian tube was seriously blocked.Because I heard that many miscarriage can easily cause fallopian tubes, and Zhang Mei, who has never been aborted, was completely covered this time.

Seeing Zhang Mei’s puzzlement, the doctor asked her details of her life. When asking "whether there is a business during menstruation", Zhang Mei was a little vague.One of the reasons for blocking. "After listening to the doctor, Zhang Mei and the lover of the accompanying clinic blushed. Zhang Mei admitted that there was it, and more than once.

The doctor further explained: "Women will fall off at the endometrium during menstruation, and the blood sinus in the cavity is open. If the menstrual period does not pay attention to hygiene during menstruation, the flow of bacteria will cause the fallopian tube and the uterus to cause a series of diseases.Can’t be in the same room. "At this point, Zhang Mei completely figured out that there are many reasons for the blocked fallopian tube, and abortion is just one of them.Generally speaking, there are no obvious symptoms of fallopian tubes, so there is no too much taboo in the same room in the same holiday, which is obviously wrong.

You know, the blocked fallopian tubes are mostly caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, and there are many factors that cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Among them, vaginitis is quite common.Frequent abortion can also lead to fallopian tube blockage. In addition, the main primer of the clogging of fallopian tubes is the infection of sexual transmission such as mycoplasma and chlamydia.Essence

Knowing the above reasons, effective measures must be taken for prevention.First of all, the menstrual life must be taken for a cross, and the cleaning and hygiene of the reproductive system should be paid to the reproductive system. Avoid multiple flows, abortion surgery, and releasing the in -palace for birth.Museum operation; once women suffer from attachment disease, they should actively treat to prevent the development of the disease and affect the fallopian tubes.

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