After 10 months of pregnancy, the baby originally grew up in the mother’s belly.

How did the baby grow from an embryo into a cute baby in the mother’s belly?

When the baby is moving, what is he doing?

Today, let’s take a look at the wonderful journey of the baby.

1 month

At this time he was still germ, and he needed to continue to split and bed. His central nervous and heart began to develop.

Second month

Now, he has begun to be beating like a small bean, and the organs have obvious characteristics. At the end of the month, his eyes, ears, and lips have begun to appear, but the bones are still cartilage, and the eyes are still on the two faces.side.

This is the stage of his crazy growth, so his mother must prepare sufficient nutrients to make him look better.

3 months

At this time, he had begun to take care of the human shape, and his body and legs grew up, but he was still a big doll. He was separated from his fingers and toes. His eyes, nose, and face were clear, and his hair and nails all grew.

Also, at this time you can tell whether he is a little princess or a little prince!

Fourth month

At this time, he can clearly perceive the outside world. His mother’s tension, anger, and happy, he can feel it, and even some sensitive mothers can feel that he started to move!

5th month

Now, he can already kick his legs smoothly, eat his fingers, and can grab the umbilical cord around.He can not only hear his mother’s heartbeat, but also hear the sound outside, so at this time you can talk to him more, he will be very happy.

6th month

At this time, he could open his eyes to see the environment in his mother’s belly, and his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes can be seen clearly, but because of less subcutaneous fat, the body is still thin, just like a little old man.

7th month

His brain has been developing relatively mature, and he began to think, and he also had a fixed law of sleep.

The thickness of the skin begins to increase, and it is no longer transparent, but becomes rosy. Although it looks ugly, it has been much better at the beginning.

8th month

At this time, because he looked faster, his mother’s uterus became a little narrow, so he was not as lively before.

At this time, he had prepared for the life after birth. For example, subcutaneous fat began to generate, just to cope with changes in the outside temperature.

9th month

He will soon meet you. In order to meet this time, he is prepared. The wrinkles are reduced, the five internal organs have been developed, the body has become round, and the face value has improved a lot!

And he started to move his body slowly, his head facing down, his feet facing up, and some anxious babies were ready to enter the pot.

10th month

The long journey is finally over. He may meet you at any time, and all organs are developing and mature. Mom must be prepared!

Wow crying, indicating that a new life comes. In order to wait for this meeting, the mother and baby are suffering from the hard work of growth, but as long as they are safe and healthy, everything is worth it, isn’t it?

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