Actress Wang Ziyi was raped in bed by the original duplication of the Japanese man’s pregnancy, and responded to:

Recently, some netizens broke the news on the Internet and accused the actress Wang Zizhen who played "Abao" in "Rugao Biography", which involved the marriage of others.In the article, Wang Zizhen and his Japanese husband suspected to live illegally, and also exposed the video screens on the spot.

The news of the girl’s surname was Gao. She went to the actress Wang Zizhen’s house on October 10 to catch her husband in bed.When she saw her husband’s half -naked upper body, she couldn’t beat it out, and wanted to beat Wang Zizhen.Unexpectedly, her husband had always guarded Wang Zizhen, and her behavior made her extremely chilling.

It is reported that the woman named Gao married the Japanese bartender husband in 2017 and was pregnant for 5 months.The husband does not admit this marriage now, and he does not want to be responsible for her and her children.Since then, the woman has announced the entire process of her husband and Wang Zizhen on the social platform.The scene was chaotic. Wang Zizhen was wearing pajamas, and her hair was slightly messy. She couldn’t help wondering if she was really involved in other people’s marriage.

On the evening of October 16th, Wang Ziyi, one of the parties, posted a post to respond to the marriage of other people’s marriage.Wang Zizhen said that the videos circulating on the Internet are not the whole process of the matter, but just a small part of it.The reason why she looked unexplained in the video was coerced by women with the surname of Gao and accompanying people.The group forced her to sit on the bed in a pajamas to shoot a video with her husband’s husband. Afterwards, she learned that the woman posted the video online.

On the same day, due to the police intervention, the woman named Gao had a peacefulness on the grounds of pregnancy and wrote a understanding of an understanding.The Japanese husband also denied derailment with Wang Ziyi, saying that he was just borrowing the woman’s house for the time being.In order to clarify the facts, Wang Zizhen also showed this understanding.At the same time, she said that at the time, the woman named Gao promised not to publish the false videos to the Internet and would delete related videos by themselves.

But what made her unexpected was that the woman named Gao finally spread the video and distorted the facts.However, he did not derailed with the man. At that time, because the man had no money to stay in the hotel, he left the man to live in his home because of the help of friends.She also emphasized that everyone was separated from the room at that time.

For women’s behavior, Wang Zizhen said that he would take legal means to maintain his reputation.

Nowadays, both parties have their own rhetoric. Before the truth is falling out of the stone, you should still eat melon carefully!

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