Actor Chen Wei: I was pregnant unexpectedly when filming, and the husband ignored her one week after hanging up the phone

Once, Zhang Guangbei filmed in Xinjiang.

At that time, the weather was particularly cold, and the hands and feet were cold after the filming.

He complained with Chen Wei on the phone too cold.

After Chen Wei knew, he took the initiative to knit his sweater.

She went to buy a wool and went back, but she didn’t know how to knit sweaters.

So I asked the people who woven sweaters around and slowly learned sweaters.

She woven for more than a month and finally woven it, and sent him it.

Zhang Guangbei said with a smile to Zhang Shan: "Chen Wei woven me sweater, she is too good to me."

Zhang Shan was envious: "Yeah, Chen Wei is really good to you." Why no girls woven sweaters.

After the filming, Zhang Guangbei pulled Zhang Shan to get a sweater together.

After arriving at the crew, Zhang Guangbei couldn’t wait to try it.

Zhang Shan couldn’t help laughing after seeing his sweater on his body: "Are you a sweater or a vest?"

The sweater was a bit short and went to his waist.

However, Zhang Guangbei still likes this sweater.

Because it was woven by Chen Wei, a sweater was fixed.

Chen Wei was born in an ordinary family.

Since childhood, she has been a beauty embryo, which is very delicate.

Chen Wei likes literature and art, and has learned to dance since he was a child.

She is also a little actor of the Xiaohonghua Art Troupe and occasionally performs.

Chen Wei fell in love with exercise for a while, and she was still practicing badminton for 4 years.

I also went to participate in a lot of competitions.

After graduating from high school, Chen Wei was admitted to the Chinese Opera again.

At that time, Zhang Guangbei was already a junior.

At a campus event, Zhang Guangbei met Chen Wei.

Chen Wei was so beautiful, and he was stunned by her at a glance.

At a sports meeting, Chen Wei reported high.

She was a athlete before, and her jump was still very simple for her.

She is confident in herself.

Her legs are long, and that column can definitely cross.

However, Zhang Guangbei has been teaching her how to jump.

Chen Wei saw him always turning around him, thinking why he would not teach others.

When she jumped, Zhang Guangbei was still stunned, and she was very confident in herself.

I don’t know why it was a bit nervous. He asked her to speed up and she accelerated.

As a result, the bar was knocked down.

Chen Wei was so angry.

Can’t eat dinner.

Zhang Guangbei knew that she was angry again.

In order to coax her, Zhang Guang NATO went out to eat delicious.

At that time he had no money, but in order to chase Chen Wei.

He takes her to eat very expensive restaurants every time.

Chen Wei was too angry and ignored him, and he kept waiting for her downstairs in the dormitory.

My friend saw him waiting below for more than an hour.

I can’t help but say to Chen Wei, "You really can’t go down? I think he has been standing there for a long time." In the end, she was still soft and went to find him.

Although Zhang Guangbei didn’t have any money, he was very good for Chen Wei.

It is a person who has ten dollars in your hand and is willing to spend twenty dollars for her.

What she likes will buy her.

If you are good at one person, the other party can feel it.

Chen Wei was moved by his sincerity.

So he agreed to his confession.

Everyone did not expect that the school flower of Chinese opera was with a poor boy.

Several wealthy second generations fell into contemplation.

Shortly after the two were together, Chen Wei went to make a movie "Unforgettable Middle School Time".

The two just broke up before they were together.

Zhang Guangbei was reluctant to send her to the crew.

The two said a lot, and the people over there urged her to let go of her.

When I left, I didn’t forget to tell: "Remember to call me." Later, the two also cooperated together.

There was a kiss scene in the play, and the two kissed for 5 minutes.

After the filming, the two never took the kiss scene again.

Because he didn’t want her to make a kiss scene, she didn’t want him to make a kiss scene with other women.

After many years together, the two finally got married.

The brother also gave the two a set of furniture.

After marriage, the two of them lived happily.

Zhang Guangbei is very good to Chen Wei.

Every time she filmed home, she smelled the scent of the meals as soon as she entered the door.

Zhang Guangbei’s brother was a chef, and he learned to cook with his brother.

Therefore, he also burned one hand.

They were busy with their careers after their marriage, and did not plan to have children so early.

Once, Chen Wei and Chen Baoguo filmed together.

She suddenly found that she was pregnant in the crew.

At that time, she was still filming in the crew and received a good drama.

The director said he asked her to play the heroine.

Chen Wei also likes this script.

If she gives birth to this child, she may gain weight.

After giving birth, she has to take care of her.

She couldn’t make a show, she liked to filming so much.

If this child becomes fat, she can’t accept it.

At that time, many people in the crew advised her to be young, and the child could regenerate in the future.

This child does not want it, filming is important.

Chen Wei also shaken.

So she called Zhang Guangbei.

Tell him that he was pregnant, Zhang Guangbei hadn’t had time to be happy.

He heard her again and said, "I don’t want this child."

This is like a pot of cold water splashed on his body.

After hanging up the phone, the husband ignored her for a week.

Chen Wei did not answer several calls for him.

Chen Wei fell on the chair, thinking that her child was gone.

The husband is gone, and the home is gone. Such a life does not make sense to her.

Chen Wei sighed.

She went back to Zhang Guangbei, Zhang Guangbei was still very angry. Her child said that he would not want it, but the children of the two of them.

Chen Wei said to him, "I want this child, don’t be angry."

Even if her career is gone, she can’t shoot in the future, she has to give birth to the child.

As soon as she heard her, Zhang Guangbei disappeared.

She was pregnant and still insisted on filming the show.

However, she was surprised when she was filming, and she almost gone.

Once, Chen Wei was bitten by a dog while filming in the crew, and suddenly had a lot of blood.

Chen Wei was also shocked and his stomach hurt.

The people in the crew were startled and rushed to the hospital.

As soon as Zhang Guangbei heard his wife entered the hospital, he rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, neither Chen Wei and their children were.

Zhang Guangbei accompanied her for several days, and she was almost good to see her before she went to filming.

Soon after, Chen Wei gave birth to a daughter.

The mother -in -law brought children at home, and they were busy filming.

However, she will take her daughter to the crew as soon as she is free.

The daughter has a good personality and is familiar with the people in the crew in a few days.

Everyone likes her very much and brought her a lot of delicious food.

When the daughter came home, everyone was reluctant.

Chen Wei couldn’t help asking: "When did you have such a good relationship with the people in the crew."

"Because I am cute." When Zhang Sile grew up, he also went to be an actor and made a lot of scenes.

Today, Chen Wei and Zhang Guangbei have been married for many years.

A family of three is actors, and life is happy.

Chen Wei still looks good. When she goes out with her daughter, she will always call her sister by her daughter.

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