Activating blood circulation medicine: motherwort

"Compendium of Materia Medica" comprehensively summarizes the functions and attendance of motherwort, and believes that it can "eliminate water and blood", "promoting blood circulation and breaking blood, regulating menstruation, detoxifying.Dedicated, hematuria, diarrhea, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stasis blood stasis, stools and urination. "

Motherwort was began in "Shennong Materia Medica", and was originally affiliated with the Weizi strip, and the stem was used for medicine.It is said that "a mother -in -law, a Yiming, a big Zha, and a raw seaside pond." Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "This grass and the son are full of denseness, so the name is 茺.Yu women and Mingmu Yibi, so it is known as the mother and Ming. "In addition, aliases are beneficial to mother Ai, Kuncao, bitter grass, Motherwort, etc.

Fresh Motherwort Porridge: Motherwort 60g (30g of dried products), 50g of japonica rice, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.First remove the motherwort to remove the residue, and then cook it with japonica rice and brown sugar.Together as an angelica porridge.Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, qi and qi.Used for qi and blood stasis dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and postpartum lochia.

Motherwort cooks eggs: 30g of Yawao, 2 eggs.Boil the above 2 flavor with water, go to the shell after the eggs are cooked, and cook for a while.Daily once a day before menstruation, take a few days in order to eat eggs and soup.Blood replenishment.For those who have chest and abdomen pain in early menstruation.

Motherwort of Chinese medicine is the fresh or dry ground part of the motherwort of the lip -shaped plant.Most parts of my country are produced.Fresh spring seedlings are mixed from early summer flowers; dry products are mixed when the stems and leaves are lush, the flowers are not opened or opened, and they are dried or dried.This product is slightly slightly strong and slightly bitter.It is better to use tenderness, many leaves, and color gray green.Fresh, or use.

This product has a bitterness, Xin, slightly cold, and belongs to liver, pericardium, bladder meridian.It has the effect of promoting blood circulation, diuretic swelling, and clearing heat and detoxifying.

Note: Avoid taking yin deficiency and blood less."Materia Medica" means "those who are blood fever, blood stagnation, and difficulty in fetal production; if they are deficient in blood gas, and they are not solid, they are not suitable."

Motherwort.A 茺 茺.Pass blood stasis and give birth to new blood.Hard and cold.Start, foot Jueyin (pericardium, liver).During the water eliminating blood, removing stasis and new, regulating menstruation and detoxifying.

Treatment of blood and blood dizziness, blood pain and blood, tire pain and difficulty, collapsed (with pulse across the waist, the disease is here, hence the name of the belt.

Red is blood, white is qi.Those with qi deficiency, supplement the qi and rise and fall.Those with blood deficiency, nourishing blood and nourishing yin and qi).In order to produce good medicines, the swelling of swollen breasts (also takes its stasis and detoxification), and urinate.Of course, Xin San’s medicine, Tongzi San is not taken.

The mother and child are the same, regulating the menstruation, and the good eyes (those who are blood stagnation are suitable) to promote blood circulation.Treatment of headache (blood deficiency and blood fever), the fetal production belt collapse, which has a child (with the merit of yin.

Shi Zhen said: The roots of the mother’s roots can be used with flowers and leaves.If the sore sores are swollen, and the blood should be used, it should be used together;The roots of the roots of the roots are dedicated to the line, and there are supplements in the sub -line."Production Treasure" Jiyin returns to the soul -Dan. On the summer of the summer or Dragon Boat Festival or June 6, the mother’s stems and leaves are solid."Near -Effective Fang": Pin the ointment is also good).Avoid iron.Sub -fry.

Motherwort, spicy, sweet, slightly warm, non -toxic.It can be used before and after birth. It is the most effective to go to death.Its name is beneficial to the woman.However, the return of no return, Xiong, ginseng, and technique, the single taste failed to win.The predecessors said that the fetus had no stagnation before the fetus, and there was no fallacy after giving birth, which means that there are supplements in their behavior.However, the pupils are non -tonic.About about the supplements, with three money as the rate, it can be reduced from it, and it is necessary to increase the other.

Or ask Motherwort, named after the mother’s mother, it is beneficial to the mother -in -law.It is used before the people who are not produced today.Said: Motherwort, it is not only beneficial to the mother -to -produce mother.Every woman who has a prolazed can benefit.The disease of the mother herbal herbal herbal herbal herbal herbal herbaldies, lived in 10 seven, and cured the mother’s disease, which is no more than three.Women who are inlet can be used more, and women who produce should use less ears.

Or doubt Yiyu’s ancient and modern reputation, and why is my son uniquely derogated?Said: My motherwort is supplemented with medicine to collect merit, which is the strange ears of motherwort.What is derogatory?

Or doubtful motherwort, the ancients used to use it alone, and my son must say to make up for effectiveness. Why?I do n’t know that Motherwort is used to collect merit.

Motherwort of Chinese medicine mainly contains alkaloids: Motherwater -alkali, water and sulfenine, motherwort, etc.It also contains two categories and volatile oil.

Motherwater decoction, ethanol extract, and the contained pods are excited to the uterus, and have a certain effect of resisting bed and early pregnancy.Motherwort has the effects of strong heart, increasing coronary arterial flow and myocardial nutritional blood flow, which can slow down the heart rate; it has the effects of narrowing the range of cardiac -muscle infarction, reducing the degree of lesions, and protecting the super -micro structure of myocardial muscle.Motherwort has a direct expansion effect on the vascular wall, which can increase the blood flow of the femoral arteries, reduce the resistance of vascular resistance, and show that it has a short -voltage reduction effect.It has inhibitory effects on platelet agglomeration, thrombosis, fibrin thrombosis, and the aggregation of red blood cells.Motherwort can improve renal function, and motherwort alkali can significantly increase urine output.

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