Action guide for pregnant women in Seoul: Before leaving the basin, remember to prepare the diet and change of laundry in the family

[Text/Observer Net Guo Xiao] "When 35 weeks pregnant, remember to prepare the diet of the family, don’t let your family feel inconvenient", "(Before going to the hospital) remember to see the family people who want to change the clothes in the next few daysAre you ready? "These contents are from a guide to pregnant women in Seoul.

According to the South Korean Central Daily reported on the 5th, starting from June 2019, Seoul opened a "pregnancy and childbirth information center", which mainly provided relevant persons with some suggestions. The website can be directly found from the official website of the Seoul Municipal Government.

However, some netizens have recently discovered that this has appeared in these so -called suggestions:

For example, when pregnant women are pregnant at 19 weeks, "don’t delay housework, so that even if you don’t do any exercise, you can manage weight."

What about a 22 -week pregnant woman?It is best to hang a small piece of clothes in a conspicuous place, so if you want to eat, you can stimulate yourself.

For 35 weeks, the guidelines for pregnant women who are about to be facing are more outrageous:

"Remember to check the amount of daily necessities before going to the hospital. Don’t make your family feel inconvenient."

"Throw the remaining vegetables in the refrigerator and prepare some side dishes and fast food, such as curry, fried sauce, soup, so that you can get the husband who is born to the housework immediately."

"Remember to prepare underwear, socks, jackets, etc. that your husband and children have to change within 3-7 days, and put them in the drawer …"

Finally, there is another "intimate" tip: "Before admission, remember to care about your family."

These contents suddenly ignited the anger of Korean netizens. "It is difficult to breathe, and you have to prepare side dishes and change clothes for your family?" "That’s it, who would still want to have children?" "This is the newly came out of the Seoul government.Reward not marriage policy? "

Over the past 10 years, the birth rate of the Korean population has continued to be sluggish, and the total population growth has grown extremely slowly. In the late 2019, the total population has decreased.

At the end of last year, the South Korean government also released a plan to deal with low fertility rates and aging population. It is mentioned that it will issue a new parenting subsidy to families under 1 year old from 2022, as well asDistribute maternity subsidies.

However, at this "critical" moment, the Seoul government had such a guide, which was highly complained.

At present, the Seoul Municipal Government has deleted controversy from the official website.

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