Abortion and fetal stops 26 times and finally pregnant. No one bless the entire network this time

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A few days ago, a news was exposed on the Internet: 37 -year -old maternal, experienced 26 pregnancy, fetal stop, abortion, and finally fulfilled the mother’s dream.

After watching it, I can’t help but sigh. A pregnancy abortion makes people feel that they can’t eat, not to mention more than 20 times, making people shudder.

I don’t know how the heroine in the news endured and suffered?

Fortunately, the story is a non -bad ending.

I can’t help but ask: If the twenty -sixth time is not successful, how will the ending of the story go?

37 years old is already an age of childbearing. Will she persist?Will it succeed if you persist?

If it is not successful, will it be abandoned by her husband and disliked by her mother -in -law, and finally the end of the body collapses and the mental collapse?

It is this series of questions that let me re -examine and treat the social phenomenon reflected by the news and the cruel truth behind it.

Unprepared pregnancy repeated abortion, is this love?

In real life, many girls have many unprepared pregnancy before becoming a mother.

Once, twice, three times, … it seems that each situation is roughly similar.

The man around him said loved you with a whisper, and after a sweet words, when you came to your time and let them bring a condom, they had all kinds of words:

"Baby, that thing is uncomfortable."

"Just this time, there will be no problems. I’m responsible for problems."

"You are not just clean, I promise that there is nothing, believe me."


Men selfishly believe that condoms have affected their sensory enjoyment, and most of them refused to use or are reluctant to use.

Women either hindered face, or avoid disappointment, or to find out, and "indulgence" brings countless unplanned pregnancy again and again.

In the end, the heavy responsibilities of the consequences all fall on women.

The man who claimed to be "guaranteed that nothing would happen."

Can you change the facts?

cannot.No matter which man your man belongs to, it is impossible to replace the physical and mental damage caused by accidental pregnancy.

Unmarried women are either helpless abortion or unmarried pregnancy first; married women either bear the burden of pregnancy or abortion.

Medical research shows that multiple abortion can cause complications such as major bleeding, endometrial injury, and uterine cavity infection.

More than three artificial abortion can easily cause habitual abortion and secondary infertility. Even if you are pregnant again, it is prone to serious adverse consequences such as placental implantation.

A neighbor in his hometown, four daughters in the family, his eldest daughter dropped out of junior high school, and then she was careless after making friends.

When I was in my thirties, I found a husband, but I have been in my children for many years.Various methods have been tried. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and test tube technology have no effect.I heard that I also divorced not long ago.

A gynecological outpatient for many years of experts lamented: "The endometrium after many abortion, some are thin as a layer of paper, and the soil breed by the fetus is gone. How can I get pregnant?"

Many such women still want a child at the right time, who will bear the consequences of many people?No one except women.

I want to ask, as the other half of the men, your picture for a while, without taking security measures, causing so much harm to women, do you think this is love?If you love her, please take care of her.

How many women have the right to speak of fertility

In this world, women are often ignored.

British writer Caroline mentioned in the book "Invisible Women" and mentioned: "Women’s possibility of minor injuries in a car accident is 71%higher than that of men, the possibility of serious injury is 47%, and the mortality rate is 17%."

You want to ask why?the answer is

"—— Because the car is designed according to the male figure, the collision tests are based on men for decades. Even if the female dummy test is used in recent years, the physiological differences between women’s muscle quality distribution and bone density are not considered."

Do you feel incredible?But this is the fact.

Back to the topic of having a child, do you want to know why you want a child?

Do you really want a child, or is it stressed by the husband, in -laws and elders?

In real life, women often have children not to say it by themselves, but that my mother -in -law lets you have a birth, and your husband will have to give birth to you.

If you don’t want to give birth, they will use the older generation of experience, blood and tears, and "Which woman in the world does not have children?"

You are a word like you do n’t have a child. "Pua you.

Over time, you slowly shaken, and began to persuade yourself "to have a child to be a woman."

If you meet a family of light men, even if a woman has a child, she is because she is a girl, her husband or mother -in -law forced the woman to desperately chase her son, the second child, the third child … until the son was born.

She saw a girl on Douban, saying that her mother bleed when she gave birth to her, and had to remove the uterus.She also has a sister.

Dad and grandma are serious men and women, especially wanting sons.Later, his dad went outside to find a junior, and he really gave birth to a son.

My mother has since been depressed and her home is scattered.

There is still a woman who has given birth to a child.

The first year of postpartum is the most difficult. It is the most difficult for postpartum depression.It doesn’t make people feel tired and mentally exhausted.

Back to the workplace, the promotion and salary increase and affected career future for fertility;

Because there will be a drag of a baby, they will be treated differently, facing tutoring, departure, and even being tailored … Who can help and resolve it?No, these are all women who suffer themselves.

Women love themselves, so that they can love their children better

Women like children, and they are willing to pay for their children to work hard and fight for children.

I must be clear that my relationship with the child is that my mother has giving birth to the child and the child has become a mother.

I heard my colleague say a story of a college classmate.This girl suffers from serious congenital heart disease, and the doctor suggested that she cannot have childbirth in the future.

Later, she got married, and she never dared to have children in the beginning.

Once an unexpected pregnancy, the doctor strongly suggested to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible.She hesitated and decided to take risks once.

The middle situation is frequent, but they are all shocked.

For more than 24 weeks of pregnancy, she suddenly felt abnormal chest tightness and uncomfortable one night. She was rushed into the rescue room and rescued all night. Finally, she did not keep her life. The child failed to survive.

One year later, her husband remarried.Only the pale and white parents were alone.

Medical miracles do not always happen.Even if there is a miracle, it may not happen to be you.Please consider the women who have a child in danger and danger.

Many mothers are born to love children, but they often ignore them. Only love themselves can love their children better first.

Moms can also have their own life. Don’t blindly pay for children and family. They are obviously very hard and tired. They must also fight alone and abduct themselves with the identity of my mother.

I have been dedicated for a long time, and it is easy to move by myself. Once I am not understood, I often get angry and out of control.

Mom is a independent person first, and then the role of mother.

Take care of you first as an independent individual, try to live as much as possible in the way you want.

Only when you reach the state of self -consistent and really feel the beauty of love and self -realization, can you be a good mother.

At this time, you will want to share your love and don’t ask for rewards.

Instead, you feel incomplete, you feel unprepared, unconsciously seek comfort and satisfaction in parent -child relationships, and even demand your children to achieve the goals you want.

Only when the mother is healthy and happy, can we better take care of the children and accompany the child.

When Mom, I hope the child is healthy and happy, do you know?Children want to be happier than anyone else.

While we pay for our children, don’t forget to love ourselves, so as not to disappoint our children’s love for us.

No matter where you are, who you are, no matter what you have experienced, don’t forget, the world is really responsible for you in this world.

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