Abdominal pain after the same room, what’s the matter?

Some women said that after the same room with Mr., abdominal pain will cause discord in sexual life and affect the relationship between husband and wife.Abdominal pain may be physiological factor or pathological.

Causes of abdominal pain after sex after sex:

1. Physiological pain:

In sexual life, women’s vagina and cervix will be stimulated to a certain amount, causing pain. However, due to the state of sexual excitement at the time, women can’t feel it. When calm, this pain is obvious.Usually physiological pain is not too severe, can tolerate, and can fade by itself.

2. Pelvic organ congestion and spasm:

When stimulating the vagina, neighboring pelvic organs such as urethra, bladder, uterus, etc. will also be stimulated and congested, causing stress reactions, contraction and spasm, causing abdominal pain. This occurs after the first life, and it will gradually relieve in the future.

3. Bladder urethritis:

Because women’s bladder urethra is adjacent to the vagina, during sexual life, if the bladder urethra itself has inflammation, it is vulnerable to stimulation and pain, especially when changing the position and pressing the bladder.

4. Vaginal cervical pelvic inflammatory disease:

If women originally had vaginitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease, their lower abdomen would have continuous pain, and sexual life would cause local stimulation to cause pelvic congestion and increase the symptoms of pain. This pathological abdominal pain.It is easy to distinguish with the physiological abdominal pain mentioned above. This abdominal pain lasts for a long time, and it will not subscribe by itself after the end of sexual life. Most women go to the hospital for gynecological examinations can be clear.

5. Lutenal rupture:

If in the process of sexual life, severe abdominal pain occurs suddenly, it may be that the luteal can rupture after receiving squeezing and vibration, causing hemorrhage in the abdominal cavity and causing severe abdominal pain. This is a critical condition and needs to be a doctor immediately.

6. Ovarian cysts to reverse:

If women have ovarian cysts, and the process of sexual intercourse is too severe, it may cause ovarian cysts to reverse and cause severe abdominal pain. If there is no attention, the ovary may be ischemia and necrosis, so the situation is serious, so it is necessary to immediately need to be right away.Go to the hospital for treatment.

7. Abdominal pain during pregnancy:

In the same room during pregnancy, the prostaglandin in semen may cause uterine contraction, cause abdominal pain, and severe may cause abortion and premature birth.

8. Allergy:

Few women are allergic to men’s semen or contraceptive tools, which can cause allergies of the whole body and abdominal pain. When the contraceptive method is replaced, this abdominal pain will disappear.

9. Rough action:

The movement of the same room is too rude, the pressure of the female abdominal cavity rose sharply, the position of the pelvic and abdominal organs may change, involving surrounding tissues, causing abdominal pain, and stimulating the intestinal tube, retrograde, cause abdominal pain, this kind of abdominal pain, this kind of abdominal pain.It will relieve it by itself after rest.

Abdominal pain after the same room needs to be clear. If abdominal pain suddenly appears, it is very severe. It may be that the luteal rupture and ovarian cysts are reversed above.It can be relieved by itself, it is likely to be a physiological pain, occasionally, no need to be too nervous.

If it is not only after sexual life, there is also a hidden pain in the lower abdomen on weekdays, and it is necessary to consider whether there is inflammation of the reproductive tract and urinary system. If necessary, go to the hospital for examination and timely treatment.

If abdominal pain occurs during sexual life, you must pay attention to whether abdominal pain can be relieved by itself. If abdominal pain is pain, you need to be a threatened abortion or aura premature birth. Of course, we still recommend reducing sex during pregnancy.Life.

In addition, in sexual life, the movement should be too rude. If women are allergic to men’s semen, they should adopt appropriate contraceptive methods.

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