A woman in Jinan has not been adjusted to take Chinese medicine after taking Chinese medicine but found that she has to give birth.

Wireless Jinan, June 29th According to Jinan TV News Channel "20 points tonight", Ms. Liu, who lives in Zhangqiu, said that she was working in a pharmacy called Jiansuo Medical Museum because she did not have menstruation for two months.Therefore, the doctor of the medical hall had the lower pulse and took a few Chinese medicines, but Ms. Liu did not know at all. At this time, she was pregnant.

Xiao Liu told reporters that she had just introduced labor three days ago, and the children in her belly had been 18 weeks at that time.What happened, let Xiao Liu make such a decision?Everything starts from a month ago.

Xiao Liu said that she has not come to the holiday since February. She has been a salesperson in this Chinese medicine store. After her body has a problem, she finds a doctor with a medical qualification in the store to take the pulse. Then, the other party opened her to her.Fangzi.

In this way, Xiao Liu Zun took the medicine on time every day in accordance with the doctor’s order, but a month later, Xiao Liu’s body had a condition.

Xiao Liu suddenly started his stomach pain, and then saw blood. When he saw that the situation was not good, Xiao Liu went to the hospital. After finishing the color Doppler ultrasound, he confirmed that Xiao Liu had been pregnant for 18 weeks.

Xiao Liu said that before that, she didn’t know that she was pregnant, so this result made her unexpected, but with her current physical condition, the doctor no longer suggested that she leave the child.

Ms. Liu said that she had just been engaged with her boyfriend, and she was originally prepared to get a certificate in August. However, the accident caused the two young people to be deeply painful, and the marriage period was back.

Ms. Liu told reporters that because the doctor in the pharmacy had a medical qualification certificate, she took Chinese medicine on time according to the doctor’s doctor’s advice.

The fiance said that this traditional Chinese medicine is a mediocrine and must give them a statement.

Is there any relationship between Ms. Liu’s induction of labor and pharmacy doctors?Later, the reporter came to this pharmacy with Ms. Liu’s sister, but the staff said that the person in charge was not here at this time.Moreover, the doctors in the diagnosis room are not in the store, and the profile of the doctor has been withdrawn.

After half an hour after the reporter, the person in charge of the pharmacy finally appeared, but for the details, the pharmacy was inconvenient to disclose.As for how to resolve the disputes between the two parties, they said that they would actively negotiate with Ms. Liu’s family to strive to resolve contradictions as soon as possible.

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