A woman in Henan stealing affection, watching her husband too young, and ridicule: I’m not afraid, what are you afraid of

A woman in a village in Yucheng County, Henan Province was derailed in marriage and gave her husband a result.

After that, she was daring with the adulterer every day.

When the two were preparing to plan the murderer, the treacherous man fell back, and he was a little scared. Then the female murderer encouraged the adulterer and said: "I’m not afraid, what are you afraid of."

What is the matter that makes an ordinary rural woman doing this kind of thing?

Li Yuhuan and Zhu Shangsheng are villagers in the same village. The two met and began to fall in love when they were young. They were their first love.

When he was young, Zhu Shang grew very handsome and became the object of the villagers.

Zhu Shangsheng grew up under the care of his parents since he was a child. His parents gave him high hopes and loved it. Almost Zhu Shangsheng would satisfy him as much as possible.

That is, in such an environment, Zhu Shangsheng has developed a particularly strong and selfish personality.

However, Li Yuhuan was very obsessed with the handsome Zhu Shangsheng at the time. He even told Zhu Shangsheng to hope that he would go to the house to be relatives, and she would persuade her parents not to gift.

Zhu Shangsheng was originally interesting to Li Yuhuan. In addition, Li Yuhuan’s frank voice was naturally not stupid. After all, he could marry such a beautiful daughter -in -law without spending any cost.Nature is together.

It didn’t take long for the two parents to officially host a beautiful wedding under the operation of both parties. Since then, the two have officially settled into couples.

However, the good times didn’t last long, maybe it was too easy to be happy. After the marriage, Zhu Shangsheng began to dissatisfied with his wife.

Originally, she planned to live well with Zhu Shangsheng, so she tried her best to handle her living expenditure at home, and tried to satisfy his wish to Zhu Shangsheng, and kept silently at him.

However, Zhu Shangsheng, who has been loving his parents since he was a child, reached out his mouth since he was a child. Therefore, Zhu Shangsheng was disapproved of his wife. He still felt that his wife was not good enough for himself, and even began to feel that his wife could not make money and began to dissatisfied with his wife.stand up.

However, Zhu Shangsheng became more and more let go of himself, and he began to "play mahjong" such an illegal and criminal behavior.

In order to fight mahjong, he often ignored his family, and his wife Li Yuhuan sometimes advised him not to fight mahjong. They should fight for a happy life, rather than obsessed with the enjoyment in front of me.

However, Zhu Shangsheng couldn’t hear it at all, and even did it.

Therefore, Li Yuhuan began a long -term patience. At first, she could still endure it. She hoped that she would use her love to move her husband and let him change his mind.

Later, Li Yuhuan found that she was pregnant, so she had to endure her husband.

Whenever she was uncomfortable, she couldn’t express it to her husband. She could only go to the big tree in the village entrance to a daze and talk to comfort her injured heart.

Seeing that her husband saw that she was still pregnant, she still went out to play mahjong every day. She disappointed her husband and regardless of her family. At the same time, she complained to her husband at the bottom of her heart.

Later, Li Yuhuan was about to come, and Zhu Shangsheng still played mahjong day and night.

One day, Li Yuhuan found that her amniotic fluid was broken. She was frightened and immediately called her husband. After a long time, she waited until her husband returned.After the husband sent her to the hospital, he did not accompany his wife, but continued to go back and play mahjong.

It is also this incident that Li Yuhuan lost confidence in Zhu Shangsheng.

Later, the child was born. In order to prevent her husband from playing cards outside, Li Yuhuan began to propose to let Zhu Shangsheng bring the child, hoping to use the child to change him.

But under the contact of the brand friend, he quickly abandoned his child and went to play cards outside.

So Li Yuhuan completely lost confidence in her husband.

Later, Li Yuhuan told her parents that she was treated by Zhu Shangsheng coldly.

So this day she came to the big tree at the entrance of the village to tell the tree to tell the tree.

But this time there was one more person behind her, and he was Liu Feng, another protagonist in the case.

It turned out that Liu Feng had always been admired by Li Yuhuan, and even when he was young, he did not dare to confess to Li Yuhuan.Because his family is very poor, and he knows that Li Yuhuan has a favorite person.

Because of his poor family and various reasons, Liu Feng is still single now, which also makes him deeper about Li Yuhuan’s feelings.

Then he saw that Li Yuhuan’s marriage was not happy or even bad, so he felt that he had a chance.

So this day he saw Li Yuhuan showing his heart at the big tree in the village entrance, so he opened his mouth to comfort Li Yuhuan, and Li Yuluan had almost comforted her inner pain after marriage, which made her have to Liu Feng.Different feelings.

So under the big tree in the village entrance, Li Yuhuan exposed Liu Feng’s experience and pain in his heart.

After listening to Li Yuhuan’s complaint, Liu Feng showed his indignation and expressed his hope that he wanted to help her.

Later, the two talked a little about other topics, and the relationship between the two people became closer as the relationship between the two.

Later, the two often traveled privately, and once Liu Feng secretly came to Li Yuhuan’s house.

On this day, the two had a relationship.

Since then, the two have become real lover, and both agree with each other.

At this time, Zhu Shangsheng, who did not know at this time, was still playing with a group of Ma friends outside.

Later, Li Yuhuan also discovered that although Liu Feng’s family was poor, he was very practical and capable. It was completely different from her husband who was delicious and lazy. This made her develop more with Liu Feng.Essence

Under Liu Feng’s care, Li Yuhuan felt the true love from the opposite sex. She seemed to feel what true love was, so she was very satisfied in her relationship with Liu Feng. She firmly followed Liu Feng in her heart to follow Liu FengGo on.

And Liu Feng did care about Li Yuhuan very much, and he even told Li Yuhuan that he was willing to take out his heart.

One day Zhu Shangsheng lost his card. After returning home, he began to drink, and then he treated Li Yuhuan drunk.

Li Yuhuan couldn’t stand it anymore.

Liu Feng and Li Yuhuan have been with each other for several years. No one has discovered them, but Li Yuhuan feels that it will not work for a long time.

Li Yuhuan hopes to be with Liu Feng forever.

With the birth of this idea, she thought uneasily day and night.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing your own happiness, but it must be within the scope of the law.

Until the day in August 2002, Li Yuhuan’s family had a cold outside after eating. Li Yuhuan and her children were sleeping inside the room. In the confused, she suddenly found that someone lay on her bed.husband.

The man began to manipulate Li Yuhuan’s feet, and Li Yuhuan suddenly woke up and looked at the man. This was Liu Feng.

Liu Feng compared her gesture to her.

In this way, the two began their behavior.

But the voice of the two alarmed the children next to them. The child cried when he saw this. Zhu Shangsheng outside the outside hurried in, but Liu Feng’s eyes quickly turned to the bed to hide.

After Zhu Shangsheng came in, he didn’t notice the situation under the bed. After asking what Li Yuhuan was, Li Yuhuan casually compiled a reason to obscure the past, and seeing that Zhu Shangsheng was about to leave.

Li Yuhuan and Liu Feng finally relieved, but coincidentally, when Zhu Shangsheng was about to walk out of the house, a metal bracelet came on the bed.

Zhu Shangsheng looked back at Liu Feng under the bed.

Zhu Shangsheng didn’t know what happened, so she pulled Liu Feng out of the bed with anger, and then in the face of Li Yuhuan in the face of Li Yuhuan. The two saw that they could no longer explain that they had to admit that they had to do.

Zhu Shangsheng was very angry and began to lose his temper again, and even Liu Feng didn’t let go.

Zhu Shangsheng may never think that it was him who caught his wife and the adulterer in bed, but eventually led to the tragedy.

After this incident, Li Yuhuan thought about how to follow Li Feng.

But she didn’t go to the right way.

The day before the incident, Li Yuhuan found Liu Feng and said that he was ready.

However, he did not expect that Liu Feng, who was usually performing very boldly, and supported his own plan, he retreated, but when he was in the end, he was afraid that he had never dared to agree.

So Li Yuhuan said to Liu Feng: "He is my husband, I’m not afraid of what you are afraid of."

So Li Yuhuan asked Liu Feng to assist himself, and Liu Feng reluctantly agreed.

The next night, Li Yuhuan’s husband drank a cup of "soy milk", and then the two were ready to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Shangsheng’s stomach began to hurt, shouting painfully on the bed.

It wasn’t until she saw her husband’s movement that she would pretend to call the 120 emergency call.

At the hospital, Zhu Shangsheng had lost his life signs, and the doctor announced that he had died.

Everyone in the village believes that Zhu Shangsheng has eaten something toxic, and he did not doubt Li Yuhuan at all.

After Zhu Shangsheng’s death, Li Yuhuan and Liu Feng were together smoothly.

Later, the rape of the two was discovered by Zhu Shangsheng’s parents. Then the old couple felt that their son’s death might have another strangeness, and they suspected that they had daughter -in -law.

So the old couple reported the case and asked the police to invest in the investigation.

After investigation, the police finally found clues, and then arrested Li Yuhuan and Liu Feng. The two had no choice but to confess to the law and tell the crime process.

On April 22, 2004, the People’s Court of Yucheng City sentenced the Zhu Shangsheng’s poisoning case, sentenced Li Yuhuan to the death penalty of intentional homicide, and sentenced to the life imprisonment of Liu Feng.

In prison, Li Yuhuan looked at the daughter outside and finally left the tears of remorse.

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