A woman in Guangxi was pregnant for several months, and the fetus was in the abdominal cavity!The situation is very dangerous

Ms. Huang, 41, is from Fusui County, Chongzuo City. She has a daughter with her husband.After the state liberalized the two -child policy, the couple always wanted to ask for another child.In September this year, Ms. Huang found that she was pregnant.

Two months later, Ms. Huang went to the hospital for a pregnancy test. The doctor couldn’t find the fetus in her uterus. After further examination, she found that there was a fetal that was about 15 weeks outside her uterus.Due to the rare situation, the local hospital suggested that she move to a large hospital in Nanning.

Zhao Renfeng, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, introduced that Ms. Huang’s situation is a rare abdominal pregnancy.

Normal women are pregnant, sperm and eggs are fertilized in the fallopian tube. After the fertilized eggs are formed, the mucosal layer in the fallopian tube will start to move a little bit, like a boat, and slowly push the fertilized eggs into the uterus.But if the fallopian tubes are inflamed, this "rowing" action is gone.

The fertilized eggs cannot slide into the uterus, so they can only move freely, or flow out of the fallopian tube out of the direction and slide into the stomach.The placental implantation is very strong. Wherever you slide, where is the rooting, which is equivalent to "planting" on it to absorb the nutrition of the organs. If it is planted on important organs, it will be fatal once major bleeding occurs.

After examination, Ms. Huang’s embryo slipped into the abdominal cavity from the fallopian tube and fell into a gap called "Douglas Wo" between the uterus and the rectum.

Multi -disciplinary cooperation for surgery, the patient’s ultimately danger was dangerous.方 方 方

On December 6, Ms. Huang underwent surgery in the hospital.Due to the complex and dangerous condition, the obstetrics and gynecology department jointly carried out a series of emergency rescue, and finally successfully removed the lesion and stopped bleeding, saving Ms. Huang’s life.After a few days of observation of ICU, Ms. Huang has now returned to the general ward and her body is gradually recovering.

On December 17, Zhao Renfeng, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, handed over the more than 10,000 yuan in love models donated by the medical staff of the department to Ms. Huang.Photo by Zhang Ruofan, a reporter from the South China Morning Post

It is understood that the economic conditions of Ms. Huang’s family are not good, belonging to the poor households, and the family’s annual income is only about 10,000 yuan.Her body is also very thin, 1.48 meters tall and weighing less than 32 kilograms. In the future, it is necessary to continue treatment and nutritional support. Economic pressure is great.The obstetrics and gynecologists of the hospital initiated donations in the department, donating more than 10,000 yuan in less than a day.At the same time, medical staff also helped them raise funds easily. At present, they have raised more than 40,000 yuan in love funds. In addition, medical insurance reimbursement has basically been paying for medical expenses.

Zhao Renfeng also introduced that 95%of the ectopic pregnancy we usually call occur in the fallopian tube.The embryo slipped into the abdominal cavity very rare, and the incidence was about 1/15,000.

Experts remind that it is necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent ectopic pregnancy, and gynecological inflammation should be treated as soon as possible.Starting from pregnancy, excessive exercise is not recommended.After pregnancy, the birth inspection should be performed on time so that problems can be found in time.

Source 丨 South China Morning Post reporter Zhang Ruofan

Editor -in -chief: Li Xino

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