A set of high -definition process chart tells you: How did the fetal treasure grow in the mother’s womb?Life is amazing

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The great philosopher Plato, raised three important questions in his life: Who am I?Where do I come from?Where am I going?

Where do I come from?When the child is two or three years old, the child often asks the mother’s question.

When I was a kid, my mother and brother would also ask my mother’s question: Big brother picked up by the river, the second brother was picked up on the street, and I went to the ground to pick it up.

It turned out that the street was full of baby!Some parents will tell their children in the first ten years that you are delivered by the phone, you are redeemed by the credit card points, and you are drawn by the shopping mall raffle.

Slowly the education of parents has high education, and the education of children will be more scientific and correct.

For example, buy a related picture book for your child and let your child understand how he spent a pleasant ten months in his mother’s belly and came to this world.

We can only see the mother’s abdomen gradually bulging. How did the baby grow in the belly?In October, is its growth rate balanced?These basic knowledge, even some pregnant mothers don’t know much about themselves.

We said that we were pregnant in October, and each month was four weeks in October, only 28 days, and the baby was free of one week to two weeks of pregnancy. It was not until the three weeks of pregnancy that the sperm prince and the princess of the eggs met.

It can be said that we will officially enter the pregnancy at the time of three weeks of pregnancy.

3 weeks of pregnancy

After a long journey, the sperm prince finally saw the princess of the egg, and the brave prince was overwhelmed by the thorns, and finally won the favor of the egg princess.

After the combination of the two, they slowly changed their two, four changes, and eight changes.

72 hours after fertilization will become 16 cells, also called mulberry embryos, which are early embryos.It is also rolled to the uterus when it is constantly changing.

4 weeks of pregnancy

The fetal treasure began to go to bed, and began to split the embryo plate and the body.

5 weeks of pregnancy

The bed is relatively stable and starts to form placenta. After the placental formation is formed, the genetic velvet gonadotropin is raised, and the mother will feel less comfortable.Or when I went to the hospital for blood testing, I found that I was pregnant.

6 weeks of pregnancy

The neural tube of the fetal baby is developing rapidly, and the nerve tube will become the brain and spine.

At this time, my mother could not eat random, not to be polluted, and she could not smoke and drink.

7 weeks of pregnancy

The baby’s head looks very large. There will be a round yolk sac under the buttocks. At this time, the liver of the fetal treasure has not been generated, which is mainly to generate red blood cells for fetal treasures.

8 weeks of pregnancy

The small embryo has begun to have a humanoid, but it is still very small and very fragile. At this time, the mother will still feel tired, feel sleepy, and feel like vomiting. This is actually the self -protection behavior of fetal treasure.

9 weeks of pregnancy

The facial features of the fetal treasure began to develop. There was amniotic fluid in the placenta. The small fetal treasure moved inside, but because the strength was too small, the mother could not feel the fetal movement.

10 weeks of pregnancy

The fetal treasure is about three centimeters from head to hip, and the head is still very large.

11 weeks of pregnancy

The baby is officially advanced from the fetus to the fetal treasure. Many mothers’ pregnancy vomiting will be alleviated, and the children’s organs have grown.

The transparent layer of the neck begins to appear, and then it will become the lymph nodes of the baby.

12 weeks of pregnancy

For the first time, my mother would see her fetal treasure, but she was very small. She couldn’t see the facial features. She only saw a small creature and moved in her belly.

The B -ultrasound this time is mainly for NT examination. Measuring the thickness of the rear of the fetus’s neck, it is normal to be less than 2.5 mm.

13 weeks of pregnancy

Formally entering the middle of pregnancy, the growth and development of Xiaodou Ding began to enter the fast period.

14 weeks of pregnancy

The fetus has 25 grams, the facial features are also obvious, and the little doll looks clearer.

15 weeks of pregnancy

The movement of the baby is getting more and more powerful. The urine in the bladder has begun to have urine. The fetus’s urine is actually amniotic fluid. On the one hand, drinking amniotic fluid, and pulling out the urine on the other side, and becoming amniotic fluid.

16 weeks of pregnancy

The growth of children’s weight has accelerated, and it has increased by one or two in just two weeks, and it has 75 grams.

Some mothers can already feel the slight fetal movement, and the stomach feels like a small fish swimming.

17 weeks pregnant

The fetal treasure began to swallow the amniotic fluid, forming its own unique fingerprint, and the nails on the fingers slowly grew out.

18 weeks of pregnancy

Children’s heads are still very large, because we human beings eventually rely on the brain to think, and the ability to think is very important. Therefore, the baby will give priority to developing our brain. The brain is normal.

19 weeks of pregnancy

The half -pound baby baby, in the mother’s belly, drove the clouds, played the umbilical cord swallowing amniotic fluid, and even making a face, the mother could already feel the fetal movement from time to time.

20 weeks of pregnancy

If we wash clothes for more than half an hour, we will find that the skin has become wrinkled. Our baby has always lived in amniotic fluid. Why won’t the skin wrinkle?That’s because the baby’s skin will have a layer of fetal fat, and this layer of fetal fat will be born around 20 weeks of pregnancy.

21 weeks of pregnancy

At 21 weeks of pregnancy, you can not only hear the mother’s heartbeat, the sound of gastrointestinal digestion, but also the sound of the outside of the uterus. At this time, the mother speaks more to the child and tells stories.

22 weeks of pregnancy

The child has nearly 20 cm from the head to the hip. Many mothers see the baby’s facial features when they go through the three -dimensional abandonment.

It can even be seen that the child is like a father or a mother. In fact, this is a narrow version of a newborn.

23 weeks of pregnancy

At this time, my mother’s feelings about fetal movement are relatively obvious, but they will find that the child sometimes moves and sometimes does not move. That is because the baby needs to sleep, which shows that he is asleep when he doesn’t move.

24 weeks of pregnancy

A pound of fetal treasures began to prepare for birth, practicing breathing in amniotic fluid every day to enhance their lung function.

25 weeks of pregnancy

The child’s skin was transparent before. It was because the skin was too thin, and the subcutaneous fat was basically not. This week, the skin’s subcutaneous fat began to increase slowly, and the skin didn’t look so transparent.

26 weeks of pregnancy

After increasing subcutaneous fat, the child’s weight will grow faster. At this time, the baby is about two pounds.

27 weeks of pregnancy

The rapid growth of the baby’s weight will support the uterus more. The mother who walks in 27 weeks is a bit stable. After all, the uterus is too large, which will make the center of gravity move forward.

However, it is recommended that when my mother walks, I still try to stand upright, which will make the body more comfortable.

28 weeks of pregnancy

In the amniotic fluid, you can open your eyes, and you can even see the light outside. When the mother uses a flashlight to look at the belly at this time, the weak light enters the placenta through the belly and uterus, which can also make the fetal treasure feel.

29 weeks of pregnancy:

In the period of rapid growth of fetal treasure, my mother should pay attention to letting you grow too fast, otherwise the fetal treasure will be too heavy.

30 weeks of pregnancy

Children’s muscles begin to develop, the skin begins to stretch, and the lungs are mainly developing.

31 weeks of pregnancy

Every day in my mother’s stomach, the baby who turns into a band of tendons slowly finds that the venue of her activity has become smaller, in fact, because the baby is getting older and bigger.

32 weeks of pregnancy

The baby’s sleep time will become relatively long. The mother’s feeling is that the fetal movement is very powerful, but sometimes it is not moved for half an hour. This is actually the child asleep.

33 weeks of pregnancy

After entering the third trimester, when the fetus may play the umbilical cord, when playing and playing, the umbilical cord is around her neck, so the mother should pay attention to the fetal movement three times a day.Even disappear, be sure to go to the hospital in time.

34 weeks of pregnancy

Most fetal treasure’s head has already turned down. If it hasn’t turned down, the fetus becomes hip or horizontal position, and the chance of delivery will become lower.

35 weeks of pregnancy

The baby’s weight enters the period of rapid growth. The fetal treasure is growing at a speed of half a day, which is 25 grams a day, and nearly 200 grams a week.

36 weeks of pregnancy

The child has 5 pounds. In order to prevent the fetal treasure from being hypoxic inside, he has to go to the hospital for check -up once a week, listen to the fetal heart, and even do fetal heart monitoring.

37 weeks of pregnancy

The fetal baby officially entered the period of production, and the lungs were developed. At this time, the baby born of the birth of the fetus did not belong to premature birth.

38 weeks of pregnancy

The child is already more than 6 pounds, and the body hair outside will slowly fade away. Because the place is not enough, the baby will be relatively quiet and not moved too much, but there will be fetal movement.

39 weeks of pregnancy

The fetus’s head was below, and the pelvis had fallen down. The mother felt that her body had a feeling of falling.

40 weeks of pregnancy

The fetus is mature, and the moment the Guaidi is falling.

From the perspective of others, pregnancy to giving birth seems to be between fingers. For pregnant mothers, when pregnant, they must bear a lot of physical discomfort, and even some feelings.

For the baby’s baby, it takes only 38 weeks to develop a sperm egg that can only see sperm eggs that can only see under a microscope. It can be said to be a model of time use.Use it well.

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The mother is really great in October, and the ten pictures understand the birth of the fetal treasure, know where I come from

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