A self -report of a young mother: How do I get from weight loss to pregnancy

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The self -report of a novice mother: How do I get from weight loss to pregnancy

The warmest MDT series story of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital

"To be honest, I feel like rebirth." Talking about the weight loss treatment experience in the third hospital in Beijing, Xiao Yu’s joy was overwhelming."If I didn’t see Yi Labao that day, I might still be the fat child of more than 200 pounds now."

This is a self -report from a young mother.More than 2 years ago, she came to the Beijing Medical Third Hospital for problems with infertility and metabolic syndrome.

The MDT team of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital has performed a laparoscopic cuffy gastric removal for Xiaoyu. Under the guidance of the team for more than 1 year, the weight has been reduced from 110kg to 67.5kg, BMI value(Body quality index, the normal range is 18 ~ 24kg/m²) from 43.0 before surgery to 26.4, not only develops a healthier lifestyle, but also has a cute baby.

Due to weight

Today is April 10, 2022.

The girlfriend who was 4 months immediately slept in her small bed. Looking at her fleshy face, I said to myself that we must control the weight of the girl and grow up healthily.

Figure 1 Daughter full moon photo

To say why I care about weight is because I used to have a lot of situations because my body was too fat.

When I was a kid, I was not a fat girl.At that time, because I was too thin, my family was worried. I made me eat for me, and I did n’t like sports. I really had a lot of meat.

As a result, the family members slowly didn’t worry, and I was worried.After getting married, I was frustrated for a long time because I stopped the fetus once, and I used to eat to relieve the suppressed emotions. This also made me more and more heavier, soaring from 140 pounds to 200 pounds.My body began to have back pain, unable to sit for a long time, or inconvenient activity.

In order to conceive my baby, I chose to come to the Reproductive Medicine Division of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital for help.However, he was asked to lose weight because he was too fat.Dr. Yang Shuo told me that the metabolic disorders caused by obesity may cause unable to get pregnant.

In order to lose weight, I have tried various methods such as diet, food replacement, and exercise. Not only are they not thinner, but they also rebound up as soon as they stop, and even fatter than before …

Occasionally, I saw Yi Labao in the outpatient hall of the Beijing Medical Third Hospital, and I found Dr. Li Zhifei.I didn’t understand it at the time. I went to know that it was weight loss and metabolic surgery clinic.

When I first met Dr. Li Zhifei, I was hesitant. I would worry about the effect of surgery, postoperative complications, whether the body would be unbearable, and so on.Unexpectedly, Doctor Li patiently explained the patience and meticulous explanation, completely dispelled my concerns, and learned that this was a very healthy and scientific way.

After returning home, I discussed with my family. At first, I didn’t support me at home, and I didn’t dare to do it.About a month, I also did a lot of homework and learned the science popularization knowledge of stomach weight loss surgery.

At that time, it was catching up with my sister’s child.When I saw a child, I suddenly cried … I like the child so much. When I saw a new life, I decided to perform surgery. I want to be thin. I must be sureYou can also have such a cute baby.

After careful consideration with the family meeting, my family and I decided to find Dr. Li Zhifei to see.Unexpectedly, this decision really helped me realize my dream, and now it is worthy of thinking about it!

My journey of weight loss

This experience gave me a new understanding of obesity and weight loss surgery.After being hospitalized, the weight loss team, including Dr. Li, was seriously responsible. The thoughtful care of individual management divisions and nurses quickly relieved my tension and anxiety before the operation.

What surprised me was that, like me, experts from many departments in the third house would consult me collectively to discuss my condition together.Later, I learned that this is called MDT multidisciplinary collaborative diagnosis and treatment. They formulated an individualized, safe and suitable diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient’s actual condition to ensure that each patient has the best effect.

Figure 2 Discussion on the weight loss and metabolic surgery of the North Medical Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital

MDT team introduction

The MDT team of weight loss and metabolic surgery in Beijing Medical Hospital adopted through the hospital in 2019. In response to patients with severe obesity and type 2 diabetes, a personalized diet, lifestyle, drugs and other methods were implemented.Each organ dysfunction caused by disorders was conducted in -depth assessment, and a reasonable perioplastic treatment plan was formulated.

The team is led by Professor Fu Wei, Deputy Dean of Medical and General Surgery. Members include multiple disciplines such as ordinary surgery, anesthesiology, endocrinology, cardiovascular medicine, respiratory and hazardous medical department, otolaryngology department, reproductive medical department, clinical nutrition department and other disciplinesExpert composition.

At present, the MDT team has helped nearly 200 patients to lose weight, improved complications and patients with fertility needs successfully conceived, and had severe complications after surgery.In addition, there are three subjects and published multiple papers.

After the consultation with multiple disciplines, I did not expect that I had a sleep and breathing suspension. When I snoring myself, I would stop at one minute.After the breathing regulation is adjusted, the operation is performed, and the surgery is smooth.

Figure 3 Li Zhifei’s team surgery

During the year after the operation, under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Li and the controller of the manager Wei Na, I successfully lost 40kg.Both have returned to normal level, and they are not snoring, and slowly find that I have become confident than before. These changes really make me ecstatic.

More importantly, developing healthier diet and living habits, I think this is a greater benefit brought by me to weight loss surgery.

Photos in Figure 4 Patients with weight tracking before and after surgery

With the decline in weight, in February 2021, I found that I was pregnant!IntersectionIntersection

Although I have been preparing, I didn’t expect that I would have my own baby so soon.When I told Dr. Li and a manager, the entire weight loss team was happy for me.

Each review in pregnancy, the doctor Wang Yongqing and Dr. Li are always paying attention to the changes in my indicators, and also thoughtfully sent me the quasi -mother’s chest card as a gift.Although the gift is small, it moves me, because I know that every staff in the hospital is very busy, and they can still be so careful and thoughtful!

In December 2021, we finally harvested the crystallization of love, seven pounds and two little princesses.When I saw my baby at first glance, it was really cute, although I looked so like her father.

Figure 5 Xiaoyu’s family of three

Now, looking at the child and seeing the smile of my family, when I think of the experience of the past in the three hospitals in the past, I suddenly had a sense of happiness.

To be honest, I feel the same as rebirth.In fact, I don’t look as exterior on the surface. Girls who are fatter may have some inferiority.If I didn’t see Yi Labao that day, I may still be the fat child of more than 200 pounds.

It is precisely because of Dr. Li and the weight loss team, and the experts who have been diagnosed with the names I will have made me have a life like this.Although the process is difficult, it is now a wonderful life experience in retrospect.

Doctor comment

Deputy Chief Physician Li Zhifei: Obesity people may merge many problems, such as high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids, abnormal uric acid, and even breathing and heart function. We call it the common disease of obesity and obesity.

The BMI value is an important indicator to determine whether it is suitable for weight loss surgery. Not everyone is suitable for weight loss surgery.Generally speaking, the BMI value needs to be greater than 32.5.If the problem of merging diabetes and metabolic syndrome, the BMI value is greater than 27.5, you can consider weighing surgery.

At present, there are two main methods of weight loss surgery: cufflinter and gastric resection, gastric cross -road surgery, all of which are minimally invasive surgery. The risk is lower than the laparoscopic gallbladder surgery or appendix surgery.

The MDT team of weight loss and metabolic surgery of the North Medical Hospital is led by the deputy dean of the hospital and Professor Fu Wei of the general surgery. Multiple discipline experts have set up a green channel in the hospital.Transfer to ordinary surgical treatment.The MDT team started from various important systems of the human body to give comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment to patients’ respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems to fully ensure surgical safety.At the same time, there is also a steward to provide full-process management of pre-surgery-during the operation to ensure effective communication and regular follow-up of the department, and promote patients to develop a healthy lifestyle.

When the patients with weight loss surgery came back to follow up, we saw that their weight decreased significantly, many complications were improved, and even some patients could get new life because they could get pregnant after surgery.We also feel a great sense of accomplishment to help patients realize their wishes.

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