A princess of the Han Dynasty went to Persia and was pregnant. Why can the child become a king when he grows up?

The years are leisurely, history for thousands of years, in this long years, ancient my country and many countries around them have exchanged.Record each other’s stories on the history books and spread thousands of years.

Maybe it is each other.

Maybe it is supporting each other.

Maybe it is quarrel with each other.

He is one of the means for the ancient dynasties and surrounding dynasties in ancient my country.

He began in Han Gaozu Liu Bang, and the Han Dynasty was one of the most relatives.In the history of the 407 years of the Han Dynasty, the daughter of the royal clan was recorded after the glory of the princess, leaving Changan, married to various countries in the Western Regions, and began his new life and mission.

In the Han Dynasty, there were many princesses with relatives, and there were many stories about He relatives.In addition to the well -known "Zhao Jun", there is also the legend of "Han and Japanese".

The legend of "Han and Japan" is recorded in

"Biography of the Three Tibetan Master of the Great Ci En Temple"

Among them.This book is the monk of the Tang Dynasty and the notes of Yannan and Yannao, which records Xuan Zang’s deeds.It tells about Xuanzang’s monk and seeking Fa in India. It also records the cultural and religious situation centered on Chang’an in the ancient Western Regions, India and the early Tang Dynasty. It is extremely valuable historical data and has a very high authenticity.

According to records, when Xuan Zang returned from India, Lu Jingxian Pan Tuo was stayed here, and he stayed here for more than 20 days. He carefully inspected the ancient western country, and told the connection between this small country and the Central Plains.

The book says: King Pan Tuo claims to be the same as Na Ti Pan Luo, that is, "Han and Sky".

It is said that the king of Polis (that is, Persia, Iran today) in the Western Regions married the Han princess and passed the place.

At that time, I happened to meet the war, the road was blocked, and I couldn’t go to Persia smoothly.

The story of "Han and Japanese" happened in this case.

"Then the king daughter was placed in the lonely peak, the peak was extremely dangerous, the cliffs went up, and Zhou Wei was set up.Fear, it is said that the apprentice said: ‘The king welcomes the woman, belongs to Si Kou chaos, Nobita Arakawa, and the dynasty is not trying. My king’s morality, the demon is still quiet. Today, it will return to the country., I do n’t know how to die, it is advisable to push the first evil, or afterwards. Ask the noise, do n’t he study. "

Why did the princess suddenly get pregnant on the way?Who is the child of the child in the belly?

The princess’s personal maid said everything: "Don’t be particularly good, but God will talk about the ears. Every day, a husband will take this from the sun (the sun)."Sin must be seen, and you will come to discuss it. If you advance and retreat, why should you do it? "佥 said:" … to be crime, and push it. "SoJiangong was built."During the current production of men, beautiful appearance, mother to take political affairs, Zi Zun, flying void, mosquito controlling the wind, the prestigious quilt, the vocal teachings, the neighborhood is exotic.Among the big mountain rock rooms in the southeast of the city. Its corpses are dry, and they are still bad today. They wins the barren people like sleeping. Shi Yi clothes, constant incense flowers, descendants, so far.Out, the mother is the kind of Han and soil, and the father is the seed of the day and the sky, so he claims to be Han and Japanese species. However, the royal family, the appearance of Huaxia, the jewelry, the clothes, and the clothes. "

Later, the child became the first king of the Pan Tuo Kingdom and the ancestors of the Tajik tribe.

This legend is not a legend, because today’s Xinjiang still has the Solitary Peak Castle site where the Western Han princess was placed.

From the perspective of today, we know very clearly that the so -called "Han and Japanese Seeds" cannot really exist, and the children in the princess’s belly are not the so -called sons of heaven.

Maybe, in the long road, the princess fell in love with the envoys or officials who sent themselves to relatives, thus having children.

In the final analysis, the reason why this child can become a small country is in the final analysis because of the strength of the Han Dynasty, even if it is a child with unknown origin, but because it is the son of the princess of the Han Dynasty, he can build a small country and is highly respected.

Of course, no matter what, no matter what the princess happened on the road with her, she was a poor person, a victim of politics, and a bubble under the game of power.

Poor and sad.

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