A pregnant woman in South Africa insists on giving birth to no arms. Netizens: What should I say?Boast of her greatness, or scold her selfishness?

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According to the British "Mirror" reported on May 19, recently, a couple in South Africa insisted on giving birth to a no -arm fetus and caused heated discussions on social media.Last year, when the 25 -year -old Marian Strauss was told by the doctor that the fetus was born abnormal and had no arms, and it was recommended to abort.At that time, Marian had been pregnant for 13 weeks. Despite this, she and her husband Hendric still insisted on giving birth to the child and said that it was the "best gift" they received.

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It is understood that Marian works in a bakery, and her husband Hendrik is the department manager of a freight company.Recently, she said in an interview with the media that although she and her husband felt that it was difficult to raise a disabled baby, both of them did not want to abandon and insisted on giving birth to the child.

In June last year, Mary’s son Hendrio was born. When he was born, he weighed 6 pounds and 1 ounce (about 2.7 kg). The moment he saw the child, the Mary and his wife cried excitedly.

Mary’s admitting that after her son was born, she had been depressed because of worrying about his future. "(I thought at the time), society was cruel, would our children be accepted? Will he be ridiculed and bullied? What did the doctor say before?I have been echoing in my ear, ‘If you do not have an abortion, then you are too selfish. You must think for your child, he will never live a normal life.’ ""

But when Hendrio was three months old, he learned to turn over, "I learned to roll from one place to another." Maryan said that this made them aware of the children.Also disappeared. "

The Mary and Hendrio (source: "Mirror")

"If he wants to take the toy on the other side, he will (use) rolling (to turn over), or put his calf under him." Hendrick said proudly.

Today, Marian’s son, Hendrio, has been 11 months old, but due to the slow stomach development, he drinks 30 ml of milk at a time.The Maryan couple told reporters that except these issues, Hendrio did not have fibula. "On the second day after he was born, his right leg was plagiarized because his feet were turned over."

Nonetheless, the family of the Maryan couple has always supported the two of them and helped them take care of Hederio.The Marian couple said Hederio was the "best gift" they received and planned to put him over prosthesis in the future.

In this regard, most netizens think that this is a great mother, but some netizens have expressed the same views as the above doctors. They believe that the decision of this pair of parents is selfish.Normal life! "

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