A girl in Shandong bumped all day during pregnancy, and the tobacco and alcohol continued, claiming: I don’t know who the child is

The women’s post -00th woman bounced through the day during pregnancy, and the tobacco and alcohol continued, and finally gave birth to malformations.When asked about the child’s father, the woman bluntly said: I don’t know.

What’s more outrageous is that the husband’s family chose to forgive this. What is going on?

After 00, Li Meng, only 21 years old this year. At the age of school, she chose to drop out of school to work. Not only that, she also became a mother early.

Two years ago, Li Meng, who was jumping in the Di Hall, suddenly felt uncomfortable, so he went to the hospital for a examination.It doesn’t matter if you don’t check it, this investigation surprised Li Meng, and he turned out to be pregnant.

Discover pregnancy unexpectedly

But because she was young, she didn’t know who the child’s father was.After thinking about it, Li Meng took the hospital test form and found his ex -boyfriend Zhou Di, lied to him that the child was his.

The honest Zhou Di heard the news, although shocked, but soon accepted the fact.After all, the two had a skin relative before breaking up, so Zhou Di did not doubt too much.

Then he returned to the house with Li Meng, and told his parents about the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy.When the Zhou family’s parents heard Li Meng pregnant their grandsons, they put down her alertness to her, and did not know her character, family background, and so on.

Zhou Di mother

Because Li Meng was very young, the Zhou family was also very tolerant of her. Judy’s mother opened a stall selling cakes and earned some daily living expenses by setting up a stall.

Li Meng has developed the habit of spending money and a big foot, and has not improved after marriage.Zhou Di’s mother made money a day, and she was not enough for Li Meng to go out to eat a hot pot. She did not complain about this Zhou family’s parents. She felt that her daughter -in -law was older and considered to be considerate.

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But Li Meng’s next move made the old couple and Zhou Di completely chilling.When the child was more than one year old, Li Meng suddenly took the child away from the Zhou family, that is, after his wife left home, Zhou Di knew that the child was not his own.

It means that he raised a baby for more than a year for other men, and the Zhou family and his party were deceived by Li Meng’s lies.

Later, with the help of the reporter, the Zhou family met with Li Meng.Faced with the fierce questioning of the Zhou family’s parents, Li Meng’s face didn’t matter, she said that these were trivial matter.

Obviously she was wrong first, why did she show it more rationally than Zhou Di’s parents?

Li Meng drank, smoking, and jumping during pregnancy. She did not fall. She was afraid that the child was abnormal when she was born, so she discussed with Zhou Di to kill the child, but Zhou Di insisted on asking this child.

Li Meng believes that the reason for today is because Zhou Di insisted unrealisticly.

Hearing Zhou Di here, if Li Meng told him that the child was not his own, there would be no bad care in the back, so Zhou Di blamed everything as Li Meng’s fault.

After the incident, Zhou Di and the child made a parent -child identification. The medical results showed that he was not the child’s father. Who is the child’s real father?

When the reporter asked Li Meng, Li Meng claimed that when he was playing in the bar, he was drunk by others and didn’t know anything.So she didn’t know who the child’s biological father was, let alone find him, and made him responsible for the child.


The Zhou family was even more angry when they heard it. They did not expect that their daughter -in -law who was holding in their hands was such a person.

Under the forced question again and again, Li Meng’s mood completely collapsed. She cut her fingers with a fruit knife, and the blood flowed for a while.She wants to threaten the Zhou family from asking her any more questions through self -harm.

Li Meng cuts her fingers

After more than a year of getting along, the parents of the Zhou family also admitted that they had feelings with Li Meng and the little grandson who had no blood relationship.

In front of the reporter, Zhou Di’s father put forward a request that everyone was surprised: as long as the daughter -in -law Li Meng was willing to come back and agreed to marry his son, then they could not blame in the past and forgive what their daughter -in -law did.

In the eyes of the old people, they don’t want to make things too big, and they don’t want to stir up the daughter -in -law who are in their hands.

Regarding the requirements of the Zhou family’s parents, Li Meng said that she would be able to go back, but the Zhou family was responsible for one -year -old son and was willing to pay the child’s medical expenses. So what is the medical expense?

After further understanding of the reporter, it turned out that it was abnormal that the child was born as Li Meng was expected.

As a mother, no matter how bad the previous behavior is, now she just wants to cure the child’s illness. I did not expect that the Zhou family and his party refused to pay the medical expenses after knowing that the child was not his own blood.

Li Meng, who was forced to be helpless and had no financial source, could only ask for help for his good friends.In an interview with a reporter, a friend said that she was unwilling to control Li Meng’s break, but she was so pitiful to see the child, so she borrowed 100,000 yuan to Li Meng.

Li Meng friend

In the process, friends were under great pressure, which can be described as benevolent.

After borrowing some money, Li Meng went to the hospital to give a whole body check for the child, and found that the child had serious obstacles in listening, intelligence, and language. The doctor judged that it should be caused by Li Meng’s smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

Test results

Now the fruit has been made, and it is not available to regret. Li Meng can now only work hard to raise money and treat the one -and -a -half -year -old son.

For the request made by the Zhou family’s parents to let her go back, Li Meng said: Either the Zhou family took out a medical expenses of 100,000 yuan or not to come to her again.

In addition, Li Meng also said that if the Zhou family was aggressive, she jumped in the lake and committed suicide to let the people of the country see how the Zhou family had to force people to death.

Facing the threat of Li Meng, the parents of the Zhou family were very angry. They bluntly let Li Meng jump when they have the ability to see who would save her.At this time, Li Meng, who couldn’t stand the Fa, jumped into the lake, and the scene was confused, and the people present quickly went down to rescue.

Salvation personnel

Unexpectedly, Li Meng, who was fluttering in the water, still did not stop the abuse in his mouth, and made people not save her.After some efforts, everyone finally rescued Li Meng, but fortunately she was not a big deal.

Li Meng in the lake

In order not to intensify the contradiction, the reporter decided to let Li Meng and Zhou Di talk alone. They were tense when they met, and no one allowed anyone.

Li Meng accused Zhou Di of being a mother, and listened to the words everywhere.When suffering from abuse, Zhou Di never stood up to help himself, and only told himself in private.

Facing his wife Li Meng’s accusations, Zhou Di once again avoided silence, and waved his hand and said that he didn’t want to discuss some of these.

He said that it is not easy to come now. I don’t care about the history of Li Meng’s past ghosts, nor does it care about who is more than one year old. I just hope that Li Meng can go home with himself and live a solid life.The Zhou family gave birth to a healthy child.

However, Li Meng did not seem to "eat again", and he had to break his heart with the Zhou family. He also hoped that he could get together with Zhou Di.

Seeing that Li Meng had no willingness to reconcile, Zhou Di changed his face again.Because the Zhou family raised their children for more than a year, Zhou Di asked Li Meng for a raising fee of 10,000 yuan.

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