A college student cried: 50 -year -old mother remarried 58 -year -old uncle, and 6 months pregnant, what should I do

For many children who divorce their parents, what they do not want to face is the remarry of their parents, but they also know that this is not something they can stop.

After all, in terms of humanitarianism, or from the actual economic situation, whether to choose to remarry is their personal rights, and as children, what they can do is bless them.

In fact, remarriage is not terrible. The terrible thing is that parents forget their age, or blindly pregnant and have children regardless of their age and physical condition.

This is not just a matter of parents. It will more cause trouble to children, and even a burden on other children. It is extremely unfair for other children.

Just like Aunt Gao, a 50 -year -old, remarry with her age is also an unusual thing. After all, there is a companion around her life than her own.

However, she conceived her child after remarried, which made her daughter who was studying in college very angry. Her daughter felt that her mother was too wayward, and she could not consider whether her body could bear it, nor did they consider the child in the future in the future.what to do?

After all, from the age of Aunt Gao and the remarried husband, this child’s future is really worrying.

Aunt Gao is an ordinary rural woman. Perhaps because she was too angry when she was young, she was not pleasing to the eye. She picked it up. Those who did not look at them were not only married, but their children could make soy sauce.And she is still on a blind date.

But time did not wait for someone, she also changed from a young and beautiful girl to an old girl who was unattended. In the past ten years, she may not even know how many objects she was in the end.

Perhaps because there are too many objects of her blind date and too long, I do n’t know when, the negative rumors about her are circulating around.

Many people are talking about her, saying that she is constantly dating everywhere, nothing more than to deceive, deceive, and cheat red envelopes.

Because in the local area, the woman is basically a blind date to the man’s house, and the man must be very enthusiastic and hospitable to entertain the woman. Moreover, no matter if it is unsuccessful, the man must give the woman a red envelope according to customs.

This is not the most critical. The key is that every time Aunt Gao loves to bring one more, sometimes he obviously does not look at the man but gives the man a hope, and he has to make an appointment with the man. This is tantamount to making the man spend more.

Besides, among the villagers in the villagers, she can basically say that people in Shili and Eight Village have known her with the age of her blind date. Even if she doesn’t know, she has heard of her name, she is famous for her blind date.

Gradually, because she was "infamous", even the matchmaker was unwilling to ignore her. The matchmaker said that because of her, her character was suspected by others, and many people were unwilling to ask her to help.

Later, Aunt Gao, who became an old girl, became very passive, because the young man who was younger than her looked down on her, and the people of the same age were either a family or some crooked jujube left.

Seeing that you are getting older and bigger, you can no longer have time to make herself tossing. Aunt Gao had to marry his classmates who had secretly loved himself in junior high school.Classmates.

When Aunt Gao got married, she almost made the people who knew her stunned. No one would guess that she finally married such a not excellent family.

Some people laughed at her "the heart is higher than the sky, and her life is thinner than the paper", and some people say that she had done too much lack of virtue before, and now it is her fruit.

Perhaps her luck was really exhausted when she was unmarried. In the second year after the marriage, her husband fell off the stairs, and his left leg was fractured.

Since then, her in -laws have been very unhappy with her attitude, and even often refer to Sang Huai, saying some very mean words.

At that time, Aunt Gao was so angry, and immediately proposed a divorce. The in -laws were scared by her trick. They just vent their dissatisfaction, but never thought of driving her daughter -in -law away.

Besides, their son was not so easy to marry a wife. If it became a second marriage, marrying a wife would be even more hopeless. This realistic problem made the two elderly people have to stop attacking their daughter -in -law.

In fact, what the parents -in -law didn’t know was that if it wasn’t for the child who was pregnant with her child, Gao Gao was really divorced. For her, this marriage was originally a helpless compromise.

Today, not only did her husband lie on the bed, but what disappointed her was her in -laws’ attitude towards her. She returned to her mother’s house more than once and told her parents about her thoughts.

But they were denied by her parents. Parents advised her: People cannot be too realistic, let alone make things, especially at this festival (husband bed). If you are divorced at this time, how can you be able to afford your conscience?

After the parents persuaded again and again, Aunt Gao gradually accepted the reality and no longer proposed divorce. Slowly, the family calmed down.

However, a wave of unrest and waves rose again. When her daughter just finished her 8th birthday, her husband had a traffic accident and people went on the spot.

After finishing her husband’s funeral, Aunt Gao received 380,000 compensation.

Because of the 380,000 compensation, Aunt Gao torn his face again with his in -laws.

The reason was that the in -laws believed that the compensation for the order of his son should not be handed over to his daughter -in -law, but should be given to them to keep it.

The reason given by the in -laws is: they can’t watch the money of their son’s life in exchange for the money.

The in -laws also said that at the time, it was clearly stipulated that this compensation was a support for the granddaughter. The daughter -in -law had no right to automatically embezzle. If the daughter -in -law was unwilling to pay, then they would promise that their granddaughter could not remarry before.

In addition, regarding the use of this money, they have the right to supervise, that is, they can only be used for granddaughter, and each expenditure must be transparent.

Regarding the proposal made by the in -laws, in order to calm down the family contradictions, Aunt Gao can only accept it, but in order to contact the in -laws, she directly lived in the town with her daughter.

Only on the New Year’s Eve or her in -laws’ birthday will she return with her daughter.

In this regard, although the in -laws intentionally felt that Aunt Gao just spent the money from his son, he would not be distressed, but they could only talk about it. In fact, they also knew that they could not stop their daughter -in -law.

And Aunt Gao moved back to the village until his in -laws died, and when his daughter was in high school.

Maybe the town’s soil and water in the town is more adopted. Maybe these years have been more comfortable. Although Aunt Gao is also a rural woman, she is obviously much younger than her peers, and even has a taste of a group of chickens.

Many women in the village envy her, and some people even sarcastically said: We have a woman with husbands, but we still can’t live a woman without a husband. What is going on in this world?

Aunt Gao just faced the eyes of most people in the village and lived leisurely.

Maybe there are many or wrongs in front of the widow, maybe Aunt Gao’s charm is really too great. Not long after she returned to the village, her door was lively again, and her threshold was almost by the matchmaker or some people who came to a blind date.Step.

In fact, after her husband left, Aunt Gao just wanted to pull his daughter to grow up, and never thought about remarried.

Especially after finding a job in the town, she was very satisfied with her daughter’s life when she went to work, and she didn’t want to cause trouble anymore.

However, after her daughter lived in school, she felt very lonely, especially when she returned to the village and guarded the empty house, she felt very depressed, and even had a creepy feeling.

Especially when he encountered thunderstorms, the lightning and a gust of gusts, and the thunder that seemed to fall beside her ears, scared her all night and opened all night, dare not meet.

She always feels that as long as she meets her own eyes, there will be some invisible things around to peep at herself.

It is this psychological effect that she has to turn on the lights every night to find a sense of security.

After her daughter knew, she felt very distressed by her mother, but her daughter also knew that some things needed to overcome themselves, especially loneliness and some psychological suggestions that outsiders were incompetent.

After her daughter struggled for a long time, in the end, she still couldn’t bear the old mother who was so lonely. She made suggestions to her mother, hoping that her mother would find another companion.

When Aunt Gao heard her daughter’s words, her heart was full of movement. She looked at the daughter who was higher than herself in front of her. Aunt Gao cried. She felt her daughter’s concern and concerns about herself, and also felt her daughter’s embarrassment of her daughter’s embarrassmentEssence

After all, her daughter is still a high school student, a white paper -like girl, but she knows how to care about her mother and worry about her mother’s future. This makes Aunt Gao very pleased.

However, her daughter may not have thought that her advice smashed her feet. Why did she be so soft -hearted more than once?

With the advice and encouragement of her daughter, Aunt Gao first carefully considered looking for his wife.

Maybe it was the charm of Aunt Gao, or maybe fate. A 58 -year -old first marriage of the village next door to find Aunt Gao, showing that he was interesting to Aunt Gao and hoped to meet with Aunt Gao.

Aunt Gao felt that the other party was equal to himself. The most important thing was that there was no family burden. Among the many blind dates, Uncle He’s conditions were relatively satisfied with Aunt Gao.

Moreover, under the fan’s fan, Aunt Gao became more exciting. Later, she followed the matchmaker to Uncle He’s house.In the building, Aunt Gao was a little bit more exciting.

After two or three hours of exchanges, both of them were very satisfied with each other. They both felt a feeling of meeting each other. They agreed with each other to meet with each other to meet in detail.

Aunt Gao and the matchmaker went straight to the mother’s house after walking out. She couldn’t wait to discuss her blind date with her mother’s family, and she couldn’t wait to get the support of her mother’s family.

As for Uncle He, everyone has heard of him, and basically understands him. He feels that he is a more reliable person, and the reason why he hit a bachelor is that he heard that he was injured by love, and he planned to die alone.

However, it may be more and more lonely. The more I want to have a decent home, especially after the parents leave, he hopes that there can be a companion around him.

At the same time, before that, he had a good opinion of Aunt Gao, but he had always lacked a little courage.

Later, with the promotion of the brothers, he took the courage to invite friends to help.

Three days later, the two determined the relationship. One month later, the two received a marriage certificate and applied for a simple banquet.

Since then, the two have been considered a warm home.

Regarding my mother’s remarriage so soon, her daughter is not only happy for her mother, but also feels a faint loss. Thinking of her mother’s focus in the future, she feels sad for a while.

What made her unexpected was that her mother told her on the phone that she would have to have an extra brother or sister of the same mother.

She was so scared that she couldn’t hold the phone. She couldn’t believe it anyway. Her mother, who was already in their early 50s, was pregnant and she was almost 6 months old.

The first reaction was that her mother was older. Why did she have a child? Is she not worried about her body at all?

Also, that man knew that his mother was not suitable for regenerating children. Why did he let the mother adventure?

She was angry. She couldn’t wait to wake her mother across a phone line, but now it is useless to say anything. After all, it is 6 months.

Besides, from her mother’s actions, she can see her mother’s determination, she can’t stop it.

After putting down the phone, her daughter’s heart was mixed.

After calming down, her daughter thought of a very realistic question, that is: mothers and stepfathers are ordinary farmers. What do they take to support this child?

I am still studying in college, and the tuition is loan. As for living expenses, most of them rely on diligence and study, and basically do not need to worry about my mother.

In terms of their age, can they grow up to raise their children?

The daughter couldn’t help thinking whether her mother and stepfather had made up their minds early in the morning, and then let themselves help take care of their children. They can even say that they pin their hope on themselves, so they will have children so fearlessly.

Thinking of this, her daughter could no longer calm down, and she didn’t want to bear the responsibility of raising children before she got married.

She quickly asked the school for leave, and she rushed back from the school overnight. She could really think about it until she got on the train.

When I saw a mother with a stomach, her daughter said nothing, and quietly returned to school, because she knew that no matter what or what she asked at this time, there would be no change.quarrel.

However, she couldn’t help but call her mother’s phone again. She asked her mother how she planned it in the future?

The mother was silent a lot, and then said to her, "It’s too deserted to have no children in the family. My uncle and I hope to have a child. Besides, your uncle not only has a door craft, but also has a deposit. We can take care of the children."

After a long pause, the mother went on to say, "In case we are old, I hope you can get a handle. After all, he is your brother or sister, and you have half of your blood relationship."

After listening to my mother’s words, the daughter hung up silently. There were some things, so no need to say, everyone knew it.

Although her daughter was very angry, she also knew that she and her mother had their own positions. As for future things, she could only stay later.

After thinking about it, her daughter put aside her mother’s affairs. She did not want something that could not be changed and then continued to affect herself.Think about the things that make you unhappy.

In fact, if you get pregnant at the age of 50, it is indeed a very dangerous thing, and it can even be said to be an extremely irresponsible thing.

It is understandable that the daughter in the text will be angry to find a mother’s theory. After all, such things cannot be calm no matter who happened to anyone, let alone a college student.

Because no one knows the real situation of her mother better than her, and her burden is completely reasonable. The fact is in front of her, and she is worried about the age of her mother and stepfather.

This is a disadvantage of an elderly child and a very unfair thing for other children. In addition, in the future, they may be abducted morally.

From the perspective of the above points, the middle -aged elderly people really need to be cautious.

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