A bowl of belly, the woman died!Many people in Changsha eat in summer …

Recently, the two women in Henan’s dying in Liangpi caused a great attention to the death of one person.According to testing, the two belong to the poisoning of rice yeast acid.Poisonous disease caused by rice yeast toxin is urgent. At present, there is no special effects detoxification drug. Once poisoning, the mortality rate is as high as 40%.Yesterday (July 19), the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued reminders that foods in summer are easy to deteriorate, eat foods such as cold skin, cold noodles, cold vegetables, etc.

What is rice yeast acid?

What is the toxic?

On July 15, a family member of Henan told the media that relative Xiao Lan (pseudonym) and Xiao Lan’s aunt bought Liangpi on July 3. After eating, I felt a bit wrong and suspected of deteriorating.The next morning, Aunt Xiaolan was sent to the hospital with a problem, and Xiao Lan had discomfort at night.After hospitalization, Aunt Xiaolan died unfortunately. Xiao Lan was still under treatment in the intensive care unit, and the situation was not optimistic.The doctor told his family that the two were poisoning of rice yeast acid.

Rice yeast acid poisoning, this is not the first.In July 2020, a beeflytic acid poisoning incident caused by eating nicotya in Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province.11 customers had symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, and diarrhea after consumption of noodles in the intestinal powder shop, and one of them died of ineffective treatment.

According to disease control experts, the disease caused by the toxin caused by the toxin of rice yeast is urgent. After eating food contaminated by rice yeast acid, patients generally begin to show poisoning symptoms in about 30 minutes.The first is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and dizziness, and further developed to severe liver function damage, unconsciousness, and even death.

For this toxin, there is no special effect detoxification drug. Once poisoned, the mortality rate is as high as 40%.

Disease control experts remind that if suspected poisoning occurs, suspicious foods should be stopped immediately, vomiting as soon as possible, and excretion of stomach content to reduce the absorption of toxins and damage to the body, and send it to the hospital for treatment in time to treat symptomatic treatment.

"Even boiled with boiling water at 100 ° C or cooking with a high -pressure cooker cannot destroy its toxicity." Disease control experts said that fermented corn surface products, long blister fungus, sour soup, stinky rice noodle dumplings, river powder and other wet rice noodlesAfter fermentation, it contains rice yeast acid.These foods have a common feature in the production process, which need to be fermented or soaked for a long time.

Pay attention to the following points

Stay away from rice yeast acid

Summer temperature is high and humid. Liangpi, river powder, intestinal powder (rolling powder), rice noodles (rice noodles) and other wet rice noodles are easily contaminated by coconut poison and pseudo -bacteria under high temperature and humid weather.Acid toxin, consumption is easy to cause poisoning.Coconut poisoning and fake monolma generally exists in nature, and the risk of increasing the risk of poisoning of rice yeast poisoning of rice yeast acid toxic poisoning by its contaminated food is not properly stored or exceeded the shelf life.

Therefore, selecting food such as wet rice noodles should choose regular channels, and carefully read the product labels, pay attention to the sensory characteristics and shelf life of the product, check whether the product meets the requirements of the packaging label, and clarify the key elements of the manufacturers, production date, and shelf life of the products purchased.EssenceIn addition, wet rice noodles should be stored at low temperature, protective protection measures, and consume as soon as possible within its shelf life, and resolutely abandoned the expired food.

How to prevent rice yeast poisoning?Disease control experts remind everyone to pay attention to the following aspects ↓

○ Try not to make and eat fermented noodles such as sour soup in summer;

○ Do not eat black fungus that soaked overnight;

○ Buy fresh and near -production ingredients;

○ Try to choose small packaging when buying food, do not hoard the food;

○ Choose low -temperature drying and ventilated environment to store food to avoid direct sunlight;

○ Moral foods are treated in a timely manner, and they must not be rinsed or removed after removing the mold.

These foods also have risks

Be wary when eating

Unexpicious bean horns

Bean horn and lentils with insufficient heating can cause diarrhea and other poisoning symptoms.This is because bean horn and lentils contain plant red blood cell condensate, which must be fully heated to live.

Drunk crab and drunk shrimp

Consumption of drunk crabs and drunk shrimp may cause parasitic infection, causing symptoms such as epilepsy and speech.Wine does not effectively kill parasites and pathogenic bacteria.


The egg yolk is not fully cooked, and the eggs may contain Salmonella, and symptoms such as diarrhea will occur after consumption.

Too bright melon seeds

In order to improve the selling, bad merchants use talc powder to polish the seeds of melon seeds.Talc powder has chronic toxicity, and long -term consumption has a great impact on lung function.

Self -brewed wine

If the wine is processed properly, it will produce harmful by -products such as methanol.Try to choose wine sold by regular malls. Self -brewed wine should choose wine for wine and control the fermentation temperature.

Reporter: Yang Yunlong

Source: Changsha Evening News

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