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Wu Yue

This is a rare and cool day in Shanghai.Those arrogant hairs on the sycamore trees finally returned to dust after a heavy rain.The Guangya Lan blooms, the green leaves are bright and oily, the flowers are white and large, and they look at a large clean white handkerchief from a distance.The trees are full of green oil and the trees of the tree, which is the scene of Shanghai most familiar with Shanghai.

As a Shanghai native, the words "hometown" before the age of 20 were not so strong in my heart, and in my opinion at the time, "Shanghai" was "left" at my core word.After leaving, you can grow up. When you grow up, you have the opportunity to be free.So as soon as I graduated from college, I opened the road to rushing.For young people, the crew life is happy.But now it seems the happiest is at that time, young parents are young.Also, it can’t be used up by how to waste a lot of time.One year and a year, my rivers and lakes are calm and quiet, and I have become a real professional actor.Sometimes I hear such a voice: "You from Shanghai? Unlike it, the personality is very northern!" Every time I hear such an evaluation, I will be very happy, and I feel that the farther from Shanghai, the more independent, the more successful.

Of course, Shanghai doesn’t mind, it is still what it looks like.It appears deeply in my suitcase. In the phone call, in the inadvertent snacks, Zhang Ailing’s prose collection of the bedside table, and the bowl of amaranth in the table occasionally …

Also familiar, strange, alienated, and inseparable.

About performance

Being an actor always has some luck for me.During the college entrance examination, I only filled one in a long string of volunteer tables -the Shanghai Academy of Drama and I was admitted.After graduation, the first scene was "The Story of Beijing Late Autumn". The director was Teng Wenji. Many stars came to help with friendship, and the stars shone, and I was the female No. 1.I remember Director Teng said: "When I took her at the airport, I fixed it when I saw the girl in the crowd. Wu Yue was Xiaofeng I was looking for." The past is vivid. Now think that luck is really good.But as an actor, I am a bit strange.Because I will always be anxious one day before turning on, I am nervous in front of the first shot, and I have no sense of security at all, until now.It’s really painful and tortured.

But some cognition brings me unlimited longing for me.For example, art comes from the feeling, whether you are "famous" in the world of feeling.The important thing is that you feel the expression you feel and feel the same.And feeling this thing comes from the soul. It is honest and not lied.Therefore, whether a performance is moving depends first on whether it comes from sincerity.Then, bring respect and enthusiasm, have nothing to do with packaging, stay away from arrogance and bias, so that it is beautiful all the way from beginning to end!

The actor’s job is to create beauty.So I often feel satisfied for myself as an actor.Therefore, the anxiety before starting will always be released with the shooting of a show, especially after shooting those big emotional dramas, always sleep well, relax and depth at night.The "enrichment" brought by this kind of satisfaction is not disturbed by those "data" that created anxiety.

About actor

The era of the Internet is here, and I clearly know that the age of watching TV watching TV from house to the house has passed.Each era will be born of their own art, just like every time there are their own TV series.So what does the Internet era mean?I am not sure!But I know one thing very well that as a middle -aged actress, it must be embarrassing if you don’t pay attention to the world of "value theory".Because in this world is anxious, collagen is supreme, and aging is the biggest enemy. If a "not good -looking" face is still old, it will be a great sin.

Fortunately, in the winter of 2016, in Shanghai, I filmed a TV series.Looking back at this play now, the growth it brings to me is incredible.Its name is "The First Half of My Life". That year, I was 46 years old."Shanghai" that year was not as simple as "leaving" and "freedom" for me that year.Because of the trouble, I started to realize that my parents would be old and sick.My dad stacked on November 4, 2016.The days between the crew and the hospital were described in four words to describe "soldiers and horses."But I am lucky, what do you say?In the summer of 2017, "The First Half of My Life" was broadcast, and my fate was arranged to quickly understand what is called "hot search" in the shortest time.

"Why is this actress so old and so ugly and so haggard?!"

"Such old and so ugly and so haggard women dare to grab other people’s husbands?!"

Yes, it was like being pushed into the river before he had time to buy a lifebuilding. Before he could struggle the river, it drowned the head.Although it is sour, it is also happy!A middle -aged actress was worried about everything, so he was uninstalled by a TV series he made by himself.Really, I did n’t think of dreaming. Those spitting stars that a actress was most afraid of leaving me at the fastest speed. Those who I used to do n’t want to leave and did n’t have the courage to leave.

Later, the word "leaving" began to become wonderful.As when he was young, it gave me freedom again.But their difference is that the former is "starting" and now "go home".There is also a pleasant thing. I started to realize how free and happy it was to throw away the performance of the thoughts and lights.

I did not expect that when I was young, I kept looking for it. When I stopped, I saw it.

Nothing is more important than getting growth.

Performance is so, art is so, this is the case, life is like this.

I wish all their peers insisted on the road of art and walked freely and freely.

I also wish my love in Shanghai that can give birth to more excellent, warm and popular TV works.

(The author is a well -known actor, the 28th Shanghai TV Festival White Magnolia Award Best Actress winner)

Editor in the formation: Wang Yan

Source: Wen report

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