A 28 -year -old woman, in May, forced her boyfriend to break up and kill her child.

But at this moment, Mu Ping suddenly proposed to break up to Jiang Han, and there was no room for discussing. Even she strongly asked Jiang Han to sign the hospital to remove the child.

However, Mu Ping’s parents were unwilling to let Mu Ping and Jiang Han break up. They were even more reluctant to kill the children, and even asked Mu Ping and Jiang Han to marry as soon as possible.

Facing the parents who strongly asked to get married, Mu Ping had no way for an instant, and she left her home alone.


This morning, Mu Ping, who was pregnant with Liuga, woke up from the seat of the hospital corridor.

When she saw her family members accompanied by her family, she was sad in her heart.

But even so, Mu Ping would rather sleep at the corridor of the hospital. Even if she did not guarantee three meals, she would not go to Jiang Han, and she would not go home.

So the local reporter found her to find her in order to figure out why Mu Ping was tortured.


Mu Ping told reporters that she had a boyfriend who had been talking about for 4 years, and she had been pregnant for 5 months, but now she only wants her boyfriend to sign the hospital for signing. She wants to kill the child and then live again.

But her boyfriend is reluctant to come anyway. His parents support her boyfriend’s approach, and even they want her to marry her boyfriend.

Therefore, she was helpless and didn’t know what to do for a while, so she could only wander outside.

The reporter was very puzzled that Mu Ping was pregnant.Why do you still break up with your boyfriend?Is my boyfriend doing something sorry for her?

If this is the case, Mu Ping’s parents should support their daughter’s approach. Why do you still try to maintain his boyfriend?

The reporter continued to talk to her in order to better help Mu Ping.

Mu Ping said that he had to kill his child anyway. In fact, his boyfriend Jiang Han could not support it after he was born.It can even bear the responsibility that a father should bear.

It turned out that Jiang Han was not working, but Mu Ping had abandoned his salary of only 2,000 yuan per month, and he couldn’t raise himself at all, let alone raising children in the future.

In addition, Jiang Han does not ask for progress. Although there is a lot of time every day, he would rather swipe videos and play games at home and did not want to go out to find other things.

How do you live in such a delicious and lazy man in the future?How to support their families?

This made the reporter wondering.After talking for 4 years, why I have n’t broke up earlier, and now I have to break up before I am pregnant. This makes reporters noticed that things do n’t seem to be simple.

So in order to understand the ins and outs of the matter more clearly, the reporter found Jiang Han to understand the situation under the leadership of Mu Ping.


Jiang Han told reporters that he would never go to the hospital to sign, nor would he agree to break up with Mu Ping.

During this time when Mu Ping was pregnant, most of her living expenses depended on her own expenditure.And Mu Ping did not work.

In the past four years, Mu Ping has been eating it by herself.

Mu Ping has no work during pregnancy, but Mu Ping did not work before pregnancy.Most of the time, they make money to raise two people.

So occasionally I am tired of getting off work, and there is nothing wrong with playing games to brush the video.

But he didn’t know why Mu Ping had to break up, and even the child had to kill?

These words made Mu Ping very angry. She rushed up and said that she spent her own money.If the other children are left, Jiang Han can’t afford it at all, because the money he spends now is loan.

Mu Ping’s words deeply hurt Jiang Han, but she still did not intend to miss any opportunity to get a breakup.

The more she said, the more excited, and finally she couldn’t help but say that she had to kill the child and then break up.


It turned out that during Mu Ping’s pregnancy, Jiang Han had implemented a serious domestic violence.

And to the point where Mu Ping’s nose was swollen, even his eyes were swollen to the level of invisible things.This is unbearable for anyone, let alone a woman who is pregnant with the six.

Therefore, Mu Ping had to break up with Jiang Han, and he had to kill the child anyway.

But why did Mu Ping’s parents do not support her daughter’s approach?Even do they want their daughter to marry their boyfriend earlier?

To understand this mystery, the reporter followed Mu Ping and Jiang Han to her parents’ house.

When Mu Jianguo, 65, saw his daughter go home, he was not very happy, and even impatient.

Facing the attitude of Mu Jianguo, the reporter did not know what to do for a while.

Finally, with the patient inquiry of the reporter, Mu Jianguo finally said why he did not agree with his daughter to kill the child.

It turned out that they were very surprised when they knew Mu Ping was pregnant.

Because the couple of Mu Jianguo reminded her daughter two early early, they should be cautious about Jiang Han’s feelings.

And because the daughter was not the first time that her daughter was broke up in the family, but every time the husband and wife persuaded her to break up, Mu Ping always had a scar to forget the pain and reconciled.

The two couples naturally don’t want to care about their daughter anymore.


It is not the first time that Mu Ping’s domestic violence is not the first time. So why not separate before pregnancy, but to wait until now?This makes reporters have to be curious?

It turned out that in 2014, the two met each other on the Internet. After a few months, they determined the relationship between the couple.

At first, the two of them got along very well. Like most couples, they were tired and crooked all day.Soon after they lived together.

However, as the time gets older, the relationship between the two has undergone tremendous changes.

One morning, Mu Ping removed the shoe rack at home, accidentally let Jiang Han’s shoes roll to the ground, Jiang Han, who was sitting on the sofa on the sofa, shouted a few times, letting her put her sherself.Pick up the shoes.

Mu Ping glanced at it, but Leng Bing’s answer did not pick up.

Later, Jiang Han didn’t know what happened, and he fired in the anger and rushed towards Mu Ping, who was sorting out the shoe rack, and then hit him.

Faced with this man who suddenly beat herself, Mu Ping lost his resistance in an instant.

Afterwards, Jiang Han realized that his excessive behavior hurt Mu Ping.

Moreover, he also took the initiative to bow his head to admit his mistakes. It may be a freshness that was just together. Although Mu Ping was injured, he chose to forgive.

But in the next few years, Jiang Han hit Mu Ping several times. Until Mu Ping was pregnant in 2018, she was still beaten by Jiang Han, so she finally made up her mind to leave this to love with herself.Four years of men.


His daughter was so cruel, why did the Mu Jianguo couple support her daughter’s approach?

Faced with this problem, Mu Ping told reporters that parents did not agree with their own practices, and they were indeed good for themselves, and the other was for another important reason.

Mu Ping is not Mu Jianguo and their biological daughter.

This news will soon

It was confirmed by Mu Jianguo, but although Mu Ping was not born, they had never treated her.

It was just that Mu Ping had been weak and sick since she was a child. The couple considered this, so at the beginning of Mu Ping, she had taken Mu Ping to see it.

Mu Jianguo also told reporters that they did not want to let their daughters be killed, but if the child was killed, the daughter might not be pregnant in the future.

For any woman, the ability to lose as a mother is painful.

Therefore, they did not want their daughters to make their own moves because of impulse, so they tried to hope that her daughter could return to her boyfriend and even get married as soon as possible.

Although her daughter often said that Jiang Han’s temper was irritable and even family violence, when Jiang Han came home, Mu Jianguo’s husband and wife felt that Jiang Han’s performance was indeed much better than in the past.

So when they knew that their daughters were pregnant, although they were a little angry, they still hoped that her daughter could find her destination as soon as possible, so they hoped that Mu Ping could marry Jiang Han.

But the couple of Mu Jianguo couldn’t think of, how to persuade the daughter who had to reunite with each other, but this time she said that she had to break up, and even the children had to kill them together.

But the husband and wife are old after all, and they don’t have much energy to control Mu Ping.With such a tossing and tossing, Mu Ping and the husband and wife had a gap.


At this time, the communication between Mu Ping and his parents fell into a deadlock, and the reporter had to put the main thing to solve the matter on Jiang Han.

After all, this is something between the two young people.Parents are old and have to be involved in the emotional life of their children.

When the reporter asked Jiang Han what he planned, Jiang Han still said that he was unwilling to sign and kill his child, but at the same time, he acknowledged that he had hurt Mu Ping before he was wrong.

However, when Mu Ping heard these words, she just answered coldly. She insisted on killing the child and broke up with Jiang Han completely.

In the end, under Mu Ping’s insistence, Jiang Han and Mu Ping came to the local women’s federation mediation room.

Under the mediation of the Director of the Women’s Federation, Jiang Han agreed to go to the hospital to sign the child to remove the child.But at the same time, he also made his own request.

He said that he can sign or break up, but Mu Ping must guarantee that a free agreement must be signed.

Jiang Han believes that he actually said that he had to kill the child, and he could only sign it. Do n’t find himself after the operation.

Mu Ping couldn’t hold it instantly in the face of Jiang Han’s injured move.

She couldn’t think of it, she would blindly look at such a ruthless man.

After never expecting the operation, Jianghan is responsible for taking care of his other things, just signing a word.Unexpectedly, he was worried that he had to ask himself to sign the liability agreement.

After Mu Ping cried for a while, she finally calmed down a low mood.

At the same time, the reporter also learned that in the process of Mu Ping’s recovery after surgery, local communities will have some policy assistance.Therefore, Mu Ping can not worry too much about some expenditures in life.

At this point, the four years of Mu Ping and Jiang Han’s four -year feelings have completely ended.


Then in the next day, I wish them peace of mind.

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