7 symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy, have you "recruited"?

The editor of the Haikou Confinement Center recently heard someone around me saying that after pregnancy, I always feel uncomfortable. In fact, this is the effect of receiving hormones during pregnancy, which will cause changes in the body of pregnant women.

What are the uncomfortable symptoms of expectant mothers?How should we solve it?

1. Sleamed

Many expectant mothers in the early pregnancy will have physical fatigue and lethargy. In the early pregnancy, you can sleep when you face this situation. You do n’t have to force himself to do too much. By the way, he naturally responds to the normal response of early pregnancy.

2. Constipation

Many pregnant mothers will have constipation after pregnancy. This is caused by high -level progesterone that reduces intestinal muscles to reduce digestion and digestion capacity.

The gastrointestinal dysfunction of pregnant mothers with constipation will lead to poor appetite. It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in diet. After getting up in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water can help eliminate waste substances in the body. Pay attention to raisingGood habit of defecation when it is fixed.

3. lower abdomen pain

The increase in uterus after pregnancy will cause the uterine round ligament to be pulled, which can easily cause pain in the lower abdomen. This is a normal reaction in the early pregnancy.However, if there is vaginal bleeding and syncope, the symptoms of decreased fetal movement should be treated in time.

4. Dizziness

After pregnancy, the self -consuming nervous system of the expectant mother, regulating the motion nerve of the blood vessels unstable, so when the mothers’ movements suddenly change, they will cause temporary ischemia in the brain and cause dizziness.Do not stand or sit for a long time, to exercise appropriately. If it is anemia, hypotension or hyperglycemia, you need to consult a doctor.

5. Emotion

In the early pregnancy, a large number of progesterone in the body can make the mothers’ emotions unstable and moody. Some people like to cry, and some people have a strong temper.If you are in unstable emotions for a long time, it will affect the growth and development of your body and the fetus.

At this time, the prospective dad must care about expectant mothers and help expectant mothers to relax.

Secondly, pregnant mothers also need to cultivate positive emotions. You can read more books about pregnancy. You can also know some expectant mothers during pregnancy to exchange physical problems during pregnancy.Try to reduce worry and anxiety and make your mood better.

6. Picky eaters

Because early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting and nausea will cause pregnant mothers to pick up eaters. At this time, pregnant mothers, do not force themselves to eat more foods that are easy to digest and absorb. If you have food you likeAdd some other foods to ensure a balanced intake of nutrition.

7. Skin problems

After pregnancy, because the secretion of hormones can affect the skin of the expectant mothers, some expectant mothers have acne, stains and dark circles and stretch marks.

Do not abuse cosmetics during pregnancy. Pay attention to cleaning the hygiene of the face and body. Wash your face with warm water and non -irritating facial cleanser to keep the skin’s skin refreshing and clean. Try not to eat some greasy and spicy foods.Obviously improved.

Do not worry about long spots during pregnancy. After the production, the stains will subscribe to sufficient sleep by themselves, a balanced diet, and can appropriately supplement high -quality protein and vitamins.

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