6 times pregnant and 4 tires. Now she is going to divorce when she goes out of the house. What did she go through?

After ten years of repairing the same boat, a century -old repairs were used to sleep together.

Persevere, grow old with his son.

In the heavenly wisdom, wing birds, the local willingness to be the same.

What good verses can not express the kind of sincere emotions that are difficult to distinguish between husband and wife.

However, in reality, it is easy to love each other and it is difficult to get along. Not every marriage can come to the end, nor every couple can be equal respect and respect for each other in marriage.In good marriage, respect and care are the most important prerequisites.

Emotional mentor Tu Lei once said: "Good love has three elements, respecting each other, understanding each other, and needing each other."

What I want to tell today is a real story.

The hostess is my friend. She is very virtuous and hardworking. She always feels that she has endless energy every day.Speaking of her, none of the family and relatives and friends did not thumbs up for her.There is a well -organized well in the family, not dragging on things, and super clean, it is difficult for me to do every time I go to her house.She is also very kind, and she will try her best to help her neighbors.

She got married at the age of 21. Because of the rural areas, girls would get married early without studying in college, and she was no exception.However, she was lucky. After she got married, her husband had a lot of money to her, laundering and cooking, and made money to make money alone.But she will not be free to go out and go to work every day.After marriage, they gave birth to two cute daughters.With the long -term hard work of the couple, although the days are not rich and expensive, they have also boiled from rural people with poor and two whites to urban people with cars and houses.There is no problem with the relationship between the two people.

But recently, my friend told me that she did not hesitate to go out of the house and ended this marriage, and even used a hunger strike to force herself.

He also said, "I would rather sit in a tricycle and laughed, and I didn’t want to sit in BMW."

Faced with his wife’s sudden divorce, the husband was overwhelmed and could not understand. He tried many ways to persuade his wife to change his mind and hoped that his wife would return to her.Even mobilizing the ideological work of his family to do his wife, but his wife’s intentions were decided and could not be recovered.Husband couldn’t understand, and began to doubt that the wife was derailed?Facing the suspicion of her husband, his wife had to tell the true thoughts of divorce.

Because she gave birth to two daughters, she received some white eyes in the eyes of the rural mother -in -law who was a young and daughter.In the sarcasm of others chatting, her heart was faintly painful.She can only choose to endure all this.She also imagined that the children of other families were dual, and she paid a lot of money for this.Because her husband is the only man in the family, the in -laws have always wanted a boy, so during 15 years of marriage, she was pregnant 6 times, she gave birth 4 times, and gave birth to two daughters.

The worst one was 6 months pregnant. I accidentally learned that it was a girl. She had an induction of labor under the urging of her mother -in -law, so that her body was weaker.Everyone who is married knows how big the fetus is to a woman’s physical damage.After repeated induction of labor, her thin body had fallen into a lot of sickness.Can’t eat cold food, you can’t stand for a long time, you can’t sit for a long time, and sometimes you can’t even control urine.For a long time, the torture of various gynecological diseases, and the pain in the body and mind, is never made up for her husband.

In the opinion of outsiders, the two husbands and wives are loving, her husband cares about her, and her husband’s good image is impeccable in front of relatives and friends.But for his wife, divorce is the greatest liberation.

In her opinion, she was tied up by her husband for so many years, and she couldn’t bear to continue her life.But all this is an excuse for her husband to divorce. He made money to make money on the outside and gave his wife’s material infinite satisfaction, that is, the best love for her.He didn’t know that in his wife’s heart, what he wanted was a respect and love.The husband has never really respected love to protect his wife, but only treats his wife as a fertility tool. The thoughts of men and women are deeply fixed, which has made his wife completely hurt. He is no longer full of expectations for this marriage and has any fantasies.

In fact, there are a lot of selfish men like a male lead, and this "self -righteous dedication" marriage also accounts for many.The moral kidnapping partner "I have paid so much for the family, why are you not satisfied?" It is just considered from your own perspective, but you do n’t understand respect and care for your partner.

If the partner cannot be respected, the relationship between the two people is not equal, this relationship is also unbalanced, and this imbalanced relationship is often difficult to sustain.

This is especially true in marriage. Respecting is more important than love. Only the relationship between husband and wife that respects each other can be happy for a long time.

In fact, most women are born to feel a creature. The more her husband respects her, the more she will feel happier.

The so -called husband and wife did not receive a certificate. They lived together were husband and wife, but that the husband had never been able to respect his wife from his heart.Don’t be slack because you are familiar, and you cannot perfunctory because you are close. Except for material satisfaction, you have never given your wife’s real equality, respect, care, and care.And happiness.

I hope that every husband can respect his wife.

“”””””Challenge 30 days to write a diary in the headline”

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