51 days of pregnancy, no fetal buds and primitive heart tube beating. Is this normal?

Pregnant mother Juan Zi is an older pregnant woman. Because of her wedding late, she was pregnant at the age of 35. After learning that she was pregnant, Juanzi was so happy.

At more than 30 days of pregnancy, Juanzi went to take a B -ultrasound, without fetal heart buds, and he went to take a B -ultrasound at 51 days.The situation is very abnormal. It may be a dead fetus. After hearing it, Juanzi felt that the sky collapsed.

Generally speaking, 51st days of pregnancy. If the B -ultrasound is checked, only the gestational sac is seen, and the germ and primitive fetal heartbeat are more common. At this time, the size of the gestational sac is about two centimeters.description of.Some of the fetal buds will be manifested, and the fetal heart is generally appeared around seven weeks of pregnancy.No fetal buds without primitive heart tube beating, do not mean no hope.

And everyone’s situation is not exactly the same. For example, the menstrual cycle is different, the follicle period is different, and the ovulation time is different.The healthy babies that are also born, as well as the growth of the growth of pregnancy sacs, is closely related to the physical fitness, follicle quality, and diet, nutritional intake after pregnancy before the pregnant woman themselves.

Under normal circumstances, the fetal buds and fetal hearts will appear in about 50 days. If the fetal fetal heart is not detected during the B -ultrasound examination, it may be because of the late bed.The time does not exceed 63 days, so after this situation occurs, you should wait for 63 days to go to the hospital for review. When reviewing, if there is still no fetal buds, you should terminate your pregnancy according to the doctor’s suggestion.

After the early pregnancy, the B -ultrasound is generally after the eight weeks of pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstrual period) (some people need to be nine or ten weeks of pregnancy) to see the original germ and fetal heart blood vessels.Generally, the B -ultrasound of the abdomen can display germ and fetal heartbeat time around 7-19, and vaginal ultrasound will be earlier. Generally, the fetal buds and original fetal heart beating can be seen at about 6-7 weeks.In the future, the original fetal heart beating can be seen in most of the week.

51 days of pregnancy, in addition to doing B -ultrasound, you should take a blood test and check to see the blood HCG, estradiol, and progesterone level. If you do not see the fetal buds and primitive fetal hearts, these three values have always been the three values.If the regularity rises, it means that the embryo is developing normally. Don’t worry too much. You can do B -ultrasound for another one to two weeks. It is likely that you can see the powerful fetal heart beating at that time.

Specific mothers should not give up lightly. Don’t see others in more than thirty or forty days in the fetal heart buds and suspect themselves and the baby. As long as there is no bleeding, the hope is great.Therefore, sisters who have no fetal buds must wait. In fact, doctors may not say that they are absolute. The baby is stronger than we think.Don’t take the B -ultrasound too early, so as not to see the psychological burden early and increase the psychological burden.

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